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    posted a message on Looking For Peeps To Record With ( Very Generic Title ;) )

    Bro, I'm your guy

    -Chill People -CHECK

    -People that upload AT LEAST once a week -CHECK- I try to upload twice a week

    -People that love youtube -CHECK- i get jack **** from YouTube. I cant be paid cuz i live in Bosnia. Our country is so bad we dont have monetazation yet

    -Non-picky People -CHECK- im down to play just about EVERYTHING if i have that game and if i dont have to pay too much

    -People that are willing to be in series -CHECK- THIS IS WHAT I NEED! A SERIES! THANK YOU!

    -People that will record hours upon hours -CHECK- sure

    -People that don't get offended easily (TRIGGERED) -CHECK- HAHAHAHA 101% check! just watch a first minute or two of my video:

    -People around the age of 15+ -CHECK- This summer.... One guy.... against all odds..... turns 18.... so that would make me 17 which is a prime number. Which can only mean... i dont even know

    -People that have mics -check... kinda... my mic is good but you will hear my pc fan sometimes

    -People that act professional -CHECK- bro, you will have a hard time getting me to shut up. i love talking. like talking. its like my thing. like i love it. its on my top 10 list of things to do. its even more fun than typing.

    Email: [email protected]

    Steam: AnTeZiT

    Skype: theantezit

    YT channel: www.youtube.com

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    posted a message on Minecraft SMP Community: Accepting Applications - Cube Community

    Sibernathy... you must be kidding?

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    posted a message on Are you looking for video making help or for a recording partner? join Xeno Vortex and we can help you with that!

    I would love to apply, but i dont want to read the terms of service. Anything i should know about? Is there anything special or important there? Perhaps, By using our website youre giving us full permission to change your real name...

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    posted a message on EnderCraft - New Youtube Server(Hermitcraft,Mindcrack like)

    **** you

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    posted a message on Looking for someone to Collab with 18+

    im only gonna apply cuz your face (by face i mean name and icon) seems soooo familiar to me. Why? I do not know (but to be fair, my memory is ****)

    name: AnTeZiT

    age: 17

    skype: theantezit

    youtube channel: www.youtube.com/AnTeZiT

    interests: gaming, drawing, minecraft (building, playing with friends...)

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    posted a message on Hey i need your advice

    maybe ask them on social media such as facebook, twitter, forums...

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    posted a message on 10/12 slots available SMP youtube series!

    Before I do the application I'd like to point out that you didn't say we HAVE to record. I would love to join the server, to be active and to meet a lot of cool new people. However i dont think I'd want to make a new series. I might upload something like funny moments or highlights but not a full series.

    Age: 17
    youtube link: www.youtube.com/AnTeZiT
    Skype: TheAnTeZiT
    How often can you record: once a month?
    How long have you been doing youtube?: 1 and a half years i think
    Anything we should know about: Im a really good builder. Im from Europe. My english is perfect. Im really active in the Minecraft community.
    Describe yourself: I love meeting new people. Im an outgoing person. Love to try new things out. I love hanging out with friends, making jokes, having fun. You can learn more about me trough skype, if you want.
    Why do you feel you would make a great addition to the team!: Im really active, Im really friendly and Im really good at building

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    posted a message on soo....Why does this "Invalid session: Please restart your game" keeps happening?

    Its eather one of two things:

    1st You are playing with a cracked account and using a cracked launcher. Meaning = You didnt buy Minecraft and you are using a launcher where you just need to type a username. No password.

    2nd While you were in the game, someone logged in with your username and password and started playing Minecraft on another server. This could have happend if you gave your username and password to one of your friends or relatives. I would highly recommend to change your password if this is the case.

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    posted a message on UHC Event! JOIN HERE
    (for a friend)

    Age: 19

    Skype: guillian1995

    Channel: www.youtube.com/GyllieGyllie
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