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    Applying for:
    Anything, but If I have to chose Admin
    Why do you think I should hire you?:
    I love helping people, I am playing Minecraft since 1.1 realese, I will play on the server a lot and know how to handle a people. The server I was mod on a server where the comunity wasn't so great: lots of swearing and fighting, so i know my way around.
    What would you be good for the team?:
    I am a great builder, I love playing minecraft and ill be on the server like 7 hours a day. I can help you with the some build with like spawn, shops...
    I have been a mod once on a server that stoped working in 1.5.2 for 2 months, since it opend to when it closed
    Time you can be on the server a day/week?:
    Anytime, Anyday, As long as i dont have to go to school
    Any other information:
    Im 15 years old, IRL name Emin, I am from a countery called Bosnia and Herzegovina in Europe, I am GREAT in english, cuz my parents first made me learn english then bosnish, i have a mic and in free time i like to make Minecraft animations. I like football and swimming. And I am gonna start writing my own book soon (its a sci-fi).

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