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    Quote from Vechs

    I've already asked for milk in glass bottles. If they're added, I'll make all witches drop milk bottles.

    Milk buckets felt OP to me.

    I know I'm a little late, but I hope Vechs sees this: You can already do this. With custom potions, I mean. Here, just watch this video: (Skip to 2:13 if you're not in the mood for humor, or to 4:54 for the exact bit I'm talking about)

    Basically, you can make custom potions that clear all negative effects, "magic milk", as it were. Not 100% sure, but from what I understand it overrides the old effects with new ones that last for such a short time that you don't notice them. I imagine this knowledge would be useful to mapmakers. Also, that guy deserves more views, check out some of his other content, he's pretty entertaining.

    By the way, Vechs' new test world video is terrifying.
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    Aww...happy birthday Super Hostile. It feels like only yesterday when I saw the Cavern of Sky for the first time...I was blown away. Probably still the most amazing thing I've ever seen in minecraft, yet it seems so simple today. What's so special about a large cavern with a high ceiling, the newer players might ask?

    Back then...beta 1.4, 1.5...there was nothing like it. Playing Kaiso Caverns was like discovering a whole new underground world in minecraft, I didn't just think of it as "just another map" back then. There were almost no other maps out there, and the ones that did exist where either simple survival or adventure with strict rules. I've always thought that "you may not break or place blocks" defeated most of the purpose of minecraft, so while I played a few puzzle maps I never really enjoyed them...and I played the original survival island and liked the idea, but it got boring after a while. But Vech's maps...they started out as survival maps in really cool, unique locations, but then we got the victory monument and everything changed. Minecraft had a goal, it could finally be beat, and let me tell you, beating one of those four(I think? SoF, KC, BD, & ED? Or was it CC?) original maps was way more satisfying than killing the enderdragon today. Vech's maps really introduced be to a whole new aspect of minecraft. We all knew that Minecraft was amazing because of the ability to build anything you could imagine, but the ability to share it with anyone, to enjoy what others have made before you...that's what brings Minecraft to the top of my favorite games of all time list.(tied with Pokemon Emerald, anyways)

    I remember the first time I played one of Vech's maps: Sea of Flame. This was at a time when I was terrified of skeletons and creepers and considered minecraft "dungeons" extremely dangerous. If only I knew... Played for 10 minutes, got killed multiple times by falling into lava and being overwelmed by nighttime spawns. I remembered cowering near the lava, my only source of light, and getting blown into it by creepers. I quickly ragequit, believe I even deleted the map file. Thought I would never play again. I couldn't have been more wrong. I would be doing a lot of redownloading.

    So weeks later, here I was, playing Kaizo Caverns, playing Minecraft like it was new again, barely hanging on, making due with extremely limited supplies and working my way through deathtrapped claustrophobic tunnels, expecting the whole map to be like this and not minding at all, when I stumbled upon the Cavern of the Sky. Zisteau's reaction comes very close to mine:

    For reasons that are hard to explain today, it was truly epic, and I'm sure some of you remember a similar experience. Discovering what lay just beneath the "sea of flame". Literally "falling" for a trap in Black Desert and discovering a whole new world. I could go on. These moments defined my super hostile experience. So thank you, Vechs. And thank you, super hostile veterans, for it was this thread that led me to the rest if the minecraft community, many amazing let's players, and internet forums in general. Thank you.

    I don't post here often anymore because I'm finally feeling that Minecraft has been played to death by me, and that I probably won't have any moments like that again. But I'll keep watching this thread, because I'm open to the possibility that some of Vech's upcoming maps, like Inferno Mines, could still provide moments like that again.
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    See, people never actually read entire posts on the internet, they just read a few select words and immediately form an assumption about what was posted.
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    Quote from IronWill1991

    Can endermen pick up bedrock?

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    posted a message on [1.7.3] Aether Collaboration Mod - V1.02 - NEW MOBS, FIXES, ITEMS AND FEATURES!
    Time to answer some questions!

    Quote from MonkeyMan12

    this looks so cool but it dosent work for me. D:< it works fine till the world generates then it says saving chunks for a bit before becoming a black screen. plz help!
    Spawner GUI
    Recipe Book
    Aether Mod (NO DUH)
    I even deleted META-INF. WTF?

    Don't forget ShockAhPI. Also, get rid of the other mods, then test with them later.

    For anyone asking about SMP, no, it's only for SSP, at least for now.

    Hopefully bugs will be fixed soon.

    Sounds go into the resources folder.
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    Ironic that pistons have been delayed recently...oh well, I can wait...
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    It's possible, use ladders to reach the bottom(carefully), mine a big cave underneath, very quickly replace the ceilings' netherrack with glass, and done!
    :Lava: :Lava: :Lava: :|: :Lava: :Lava: :Lava:
    :Lava: :Lava: :Lava: :|: :Lava: :Lava: :Lava:
    :Lava: :Lava: :Lava: :|: :Lava: :Lava: :Lava:
    :Glass: :Glass: :Glass: :Glass: :Glass: :Glass: :Glass:
    Edited with diagram.
    Assume this is from the side, the ladders are on the edge of the lava lake.
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