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    Are you still accepting applications? If so, here's mine:

    IGN: Brusque

    Age: 17

    Youtube: Nope.

    How long have you played Minecraft?
    Since beta 1.7.3.

    Why would you like to join the server?
    I've been wanting to play survival minecraft for a while now, after a long break from the game. And survival only appeals to me when playing with other people.

    Why should we accept you?
    I have experience in private survival servers (Played in two other servers - Flamecraft and Mile High - that are inactive now). Also, I love playing with a community!

    What would you bring to the server?
    Hopefully, I'd like to use my creativity to help with making the server look nice (because building is what I mostly do).

    Who is your favorite Minecraft youtuber and why?
    I'd say VintageBeef. He has an incredible sense of taste in building and seems like a really nice guy.

    what is your favorite block?
    Definitely not sand.

    does everything i have said seem fair?

    Additional information (optional):
    Summer Vacation is about to start where I live, so I'll have plenty of spare time to play in the next couple of months :D
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    posted a message on Project FC SMP-RPG [Custom Skills & Items!] [Over 4.5 Years!] [Whitelisted] [1.11.2] [No Plugins]
    1. In-game name: caralpao
    2. What are you good at?: I really enjoy building, and that's what I spend the most time on while playing.
    3. Are you looking at Flamecraft in the long term?: Yes, playing on a community is what I like the most about Minecraft.
    4. Why do you want to join Flamecraft? (This is just feedback but would be appreciated to be answered) : Because the server I was playing on before closed (mile high server), so now I am searching for a new one that has a similar structure.
    5. What team do you want to be on? (Blue, Red, Purple, Green) : Whatever team has the least amount of people.
    6. Do you agree to abide by the rules shown above and acknowledge that they are subject to change?: Of course. Rules are what make playing on this type of servers enjoyable, and I always respect them.
    7. Give me a little about yourself to help me get to know you :).: My name is Matheus, I'm 15 and I'm from Lages, SC, Brazil. I don't like carnaval, samba or soccer ( :P ). I have been playing Minecraft since Beta 1.7.3. I am not good at writing applications, specially when they are in english (haha).
    8. How often are you willing to play? Activity is a key feature in Flamecraft: I usually play daily, after I come from school.
    9. Provide pictures/videos of builds here (optional, but exponentially increases your chances).: I once tried to apply on the WoK creative server, and that's what I built:

    and I've made this one too:

    10. Skype name: matheus.ampessan
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    posted a message on [Vanilla 1.7.4 Server] MindCrack-like server [Whitelisted]
    IGN: caralpao
    IRL Name(NickName): Matheus (You can call me Matt, It's easier)
    YouTube Channel: I don't have the time and equipment to make videos.
    When you started playing Minecraft: beta 1.7.3. good times.
    Age(13+): I'm 14.
    Maturity(0/10): I would say 9/10.
    Special Skills: I won't say I'm awesome at something, but I really like building and I do that all the time, so I guess I should know how to build something at least decent.
    Biggest Prank you havepulled: the first and only prank I've pulled, this one:

    Skype Name: matheus.ampessan
    Recent Bans: I've never been banned.
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