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    I am making a Capture the flag map and would like to be able to test and see if the flag carrier is still alive. Any ideas?

    /replaceitem entity @p slot.armor.head minecraft:banner 1 0 {BlockEntityTag:{Base:15,Patterns:[{Pattern:mc,Color:4},{Pattern:flo,Color:15},{Pattern:tt,Color:4},{Pattern:cr,Color:15},{Pattern:cbo,Color:4},{Pattern:bts,Color:15}]}}

    That is just an example using a banner that looks like a bunny.

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    Dear McBritish,
    We have never met before, from what I know. But from what I hear you are a very cared for person on the staff. I am so sorry to hear what has happened. I just want you to know that everyone is here for you. I understand you will most likely not be coming back. But we are still here.

    -Ameoch, Lr Security
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    - Active for at least a week. Done

    - Block D Or above. Veteran

    - Cannot have any permenant bans on record. None

    Guard APP Format:

    IGN: ameoch

    Time Zone: EST

    Date Joined: Not 100% sure

    Do you understand and agree with the Guard rules?: Of course

    Why should we pick you: I have experience with being staff

    Are you staff on any other server?: I have been a SuperMod(Half Admin) on a server known as Mcrossroads.tk it is no longer up and running due to the owner running out on us. I was a Moderator on a server ran by a guy Name Hunt200. Then I moved to a server ran by Alein1234(Name might be wrong) Alien was a friend on Mcrossroads, and after about a month I was moved up to Moderator Rank. I'm currently on a server known as orbismc, in Europe. I've managed to become a Admin in this time, fun people, but I can see the server heading downwards.

    Attach a photo of your current rank from ingame:

    (Picture is not as good as the last one)

    What makes you different than other applicants? (Include the hidden word in this section): -Hurricane- I think I am a pretty fun guy to be around, I enjoy having a real role on a server instead of just being there. It is much more enjoyable.

    [By Applying for the guard postition you will not request an admin to look at your app]

    Also if you are looking to contact me, please either find me on the server, Not sure if there is a mail system, never tried. Or contact me at : [email protected]
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