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    posted a message on ██████ SIN GAMING [24/7][PvP/PvE][QUESTS][10000+ MEMBERS] ██████
    EDIT: (Hopefully final)

    Well, I recently had some, ah, issues with a few players reacting violently to my warning about this server. Well, the damage has been mostly fixed now, thanks to the mod team. (in fact, some things were a tad too fixed, It'll take weeks to get my house back to the way it was before).

    Anyway, I feel that after this I can once again say that I recommend this server to fellow Minecrafters. Maybe not with quite the enthusiasm I had before, but I think that the server has become stronger for all of this.

    Still though. Stay away from Sorath. He's a nasty one.
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    Quote from Smanly

    Hey, this mod Is awesome and I use it every day.
    However, I can't seem to figure out how to use the variables in the events.
    E.g. Adding the "JOINEDPLAYER" that joined into the "onPlayerJoined" event or the variables in the "onPickupItem" event.

    Just surround them with percent signs, and make sure they are in all caps. For example: %JOINEDPLAYER%.
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    Quote from Pinky5451

    Thank you, but I actually don't own a tablet or even photoshop. (Gimp's the best I have) So it's really hard for me to make new content.

    Same here. Although, I like GIMP better than Photoshop. I'm terrible at making new content from scratch. I can do it if I have some form of inspiration or another version of the same thing, but from scratch isn't my thing at all. You might try some items, they seem to be fairly easy to make, being so small.
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    posted a message on [x64][1.18.X] Ovo's Rustic Pack: Redemption v1.12 WIP [Updated: 2022-02-04]
    Hey guys. I was bored last night and wasn't in the mood for Skyrim, so I went ahead and made a MUCH better enchanting table than the last one. And I can honestly say I made this one all by myself, I didn't just edit Gl0u0m's textures. I think it feels a lot more like Ovo and it matches his diamond block, unlike the last version. If you can think of improvements, tell me and I'll see what I can do. Enjoy!

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    Ok, I finished the other enchantment table edit I was working on, with the diamond corners. I'm not entirely satisfied with it, but my sister thinks its good, so I went ahead and uploaded it. I also have a quick enderdragon egg I made from Ovo's obsidian, looks fairly decent in-game. Tell me what you think of them!


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    posted a message on [x64][1.18.X] Ovo's Rustic Pack: Redemption v1.12 WIP [Updated: 2022-02-04]
    Hello all. Really sad to see Ovo go, this is my favorite texture pack by far! Anyway, I've made a version of Gl0u0m's enchantment table for the purple obsidian, and I'm trying to color the corners to a good diamond color as well. Its not quite done yet, and I'll repost when I finish it.

    Here is the purple enchanting table (I'll make it for the plain top alt too if you want):

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    So far, the only part of 1.9 I really like is the new nether stuff. I am ok with the giant mushroom biomes, but I don't like the mooshrooms. I think that what the OP meant with that it feels like a mod is that it doesn't feel like Minecraft. It more feels like a mod that an amateur modder would make as a first or second mod rather than something that belongs in vanilla Minecraft. Many of the new "features" don't really blend with the rest of the game.

    A few people said above that we have purchased a game in beta and are therefor simply beta testers. This is true, but the primary job of beta testers is to 1. Look for bugs in the game that must be fixed, 2. Suggest new features for the game, and finally 3. Find features in the game that don't really work or don't feel right. The Minecraft community is very good at doing the first two, but I feel that people often don't do the third, mainly because they are flamed and trolled by the rest of the community whenever they say that they don't like a feature for whatever reason.

    Also, remember that you didn't only pay for a game in beta, you also paid for the full version when it is released. People seem to forget about this frequently when posting in these threads.
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    Note to self: If I ever create my own mod, write in big bold letters at the top: THE YOGSCAST IS NOT ALLOWED TO SHOWCASE THIS MOD, BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO HAVE TO DEAL WITH THEIR FANBOYS. I wonder how Simon and Lewis would react.
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    posted a message on For all you Mac haters
    Don't buy a Mac. Want proof? Try this. Warning, this is a fairly large image.

    If you only want one for the OS, tell Apple to stop being dicks with their software. ;)

    On a related note, I don't trust software/OS's that can only be installed by the company that makes it. Seems a little shifty to me. <_<

    EDIT: That image is not mine, in case you are wondering. It is an image that gets thrown around on Mac vs. Windows/PC threads on The Flood (Bungie.net's off topic forum). I decided to bookmark it for later use.
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