About Me
Hello Minecrafters!

You can call me AmbigramMan, or Ambi for short, as my true name is unpronouncible by your kind, and its closest equivalent, BS243-96ACI17485-10087-3C3-01S97GG42CC5395-58300-1493, is rather long for intelligent conversation. I've been watching and guiding you for a VERY long time, and so far I'm pleased with the results. You will soon be advanced enough to join the -- but I've said too much already, and there are still many years before that happens. Anyway, about myself?

I enjoy quite a few of your video games, such as Halo, Skyrim, Portal, and Minecraft. I also enjoy reading, hiking and getting in massive flame wars on various forums . Oh, I also randomly speak Spanish phrases for no good reason.

Goodbye humans, and good luck in the future,

Interests Minecraft, Skyrim, Reading, Hiking, Guiding your race.

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Minecraft AmbigramMan