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    Quote from jmarioman

    Yes I have seen you around there. How's it going?

    Back on topic, wow, guess it was just that simple. Thanks, and thank you too LoRaM for that simple command. Sorry for asking so much, people..
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    Lukeys, I just finished playing this map and I have one major suggestion. It was too short! I wanted more! Some of the puzzles took some time, but there should be more content for your next map. Yes, you really should continue,I really believe in this series. Maybe make one consisting of some of our tile designs?

    Speaking of tile designs, I'm going to be posting some of mine now and then, because I believe that with some refinement, this series could become even greater. I'm shocked. This topic should be getting much more comments and attention than it is now.
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    You can go on Peaceful which will disable hostile mobs, then just kill all the animals in your building space. Without breeding, animals don't spawn often at all anymore so it should be enough. That's all I can say. And the slime on peaceful bug was fixed quite awhile ago.
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    posted a message on Does Minecraft give your computer viruses?
    If it did, so many people wouldn't be playing it. The only way is could get a virus is if you download the game from a 'ripoff' source, or if you already have a virus and it infects the minecraft file.

    Downloading it at Minecraft.net should not come with any viruses. Also, the chat is simple. It's like a live chatroom, Skype, in game text in games like WoW; you only see what is typed. As long as you don't give personal info like passwords, you're fine.
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    posted a message on An interesting idea for books and their shelves
    I am aware that many, many users and Minecraft players want readable books, but this idea is a bit different in that it's for books AND bookshelves. You know part of crafting a bookshelf is three books, but where do those books go? How about this.

    When you right click a bookshelf, a window pops up with three 'slots' each with an open book. Left click one of the books and a typeface appears in the book's papery background, and works much like a sign except there's more space and when you press 'Enter' to confirm, you can click the book again to change the text. Only the player who crafted the shelf can change the text of the books inside. The books are not 'items' and stay in their shelves, and the three books dropped when you break the shelf are normal book items.

    It's great for custom maps because it looks better than a wall of signs, you can have longer messages, and with this feature you can make a true library!

    Please leave a + and comment if you like the idea or have discussion about it!
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    posted a message on If you could remove one thing from minecraft what would it be?
    Quote from quez1

    Me, I would like to remove the end and the enderdragon.

    I would remove the Iron Golem and make it a Stone Golem, something else other than iron because I don't like iron being renewable
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    Quote from LoserDefault

    Great Journal. But I have To Ask, How Do You Post Pictures In The Forums?

    Hope you don't mind me answering, since I'm on right now.

    Default, there are a few steps to posting images like these here on the forum...

    1) Take pictures in Minecraft with the F2 key. (For most computers) *Here's a note: The images taken are usually saved as .PNG files. If you change the file type to .JPEG, it will save a lot of space. This may be tedious since if the default in .PNG, you would have to change ALL of the images. It shouldn't matter too much; the .PNG images that are taken are usually less than 100 kb.* If you have an old computer, then you might want to change it.

    2) Find the pictures you saved, then upload them to image hosting sites like Photobucket, Imgur, ImageShack, etc.

    3) View the pictures you uploaded, and find the IMG (Image) URL on the page, in the image properties, whatever, and copy it. *If you can't find the IMG URL, just find the regular location and when you post on the forums, type with the URL being the one you copied for the image. (no spaces)

    4) Paste the URL into your post. Make sure the tags are before and after the URL with no spaces. Also, you may want to preview your post, just to make sure they came out right.
    *Do the above steps for all of the pictures in your post*
    It may seem like a lot, but the steps are simple once you get the hang of it. I could have made simple steps, but this covers everything. I hope this helps!
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