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    Me and my brothers had an idea while playing on 1.14.3: why not have warrior villagers defending their village of Pillagers or players who beat villagers? Not as an iron golem, but as having a "militia" of the villagers depending on the size of the village, and on the level of it or that of other villagers with professions that influence their weapons and abilities, such as the weaponsmith or armorer. If this is not possible, there could be a system only by their level, of different levels, that would not be like the others (with exchanges) but with the blocks of profession that he had around, in this case, Training blocks, or his level evolving according to the amount of hostile mobs he kills. As the only mobs that directly attack villagers are zombies and Pillagers (in that version) these would be their hostile mobs.. A warrior villager would have a "training dummy" that would be his "profession block" and when a villager without a profession saw it he would become a warrior and take a sword to train on the doll, and with the higher levels he would gain shield and armor, and could have a practice target also, to be able to create an archer. In small towns there would be a small tower with 1 archer and 2 warriors around the village protecting the surroundings. In large towns more towers and houses for soldiers, like an army even if it is a great civilization. What do you think of this idea? Do you have any better ideas for this system, about it? Or more precisely, an idea for the way of evolution of their levels, because that was kind of incomplete. Please comment, I hope Mojang sees my idea !!

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