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    posted a message on Videos look stretched out when i remove aspect ratio
    Use Magic Launcher to make the game play windowed at 1280x720 while recording, this will remove the need to uncheck the aspect ratio option.

    There is nothing you can do really - you'll either have the black bars -or- the stretch effect... unless you record at an aspect ratio appropriate for youtube (or your choice destination for the video).
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    posted a message on Free Editing Software For Fraps Videos
    Starting out Virtual Dub or Windows Movie Maker are the most popular "free software"-wise...

    You don't need "Vegas Pro" to edit footage (the $400 one being what you'd be buying unless you plan to to DVDs, if you went with pro)... hell, most people don't even hit the limit of Vegas Movie Studio (the cheaper 'little brother' of Vegas Pro) - which clocks in at $45-$100 depending on the suite you buy (the $45 one works fine for what you'd be doing). Vegas is nowhere near as overpriced as, say, Premiere.
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    posted a message on how can you record a minecraft video
    Fraps and dxtory are what I usually recommend... though a lot of people seem pretty happy with playclaw and bandicam lately... tempting me to try them out... but yea - I have good experiences with the first 2 :) (I can give a lot more complicated answer than this if you want... just tell me more specifically what kind of info you need :P)
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    posted a message on Lets plays & Monetization?
    To address your main point:

    You can monetize, but you need explicit commercial permissions from the rights-holders, ie contact the company in question and request permissions in writing to monetize (ie utilize their material for commercial purposes). There are some games/publishers that extend this write (some conditionally, some unconditionally), but they are the exception, not the rule. You will often find this information on support pages, ToS/ToU/EULA/etc., "About" pages, etc. ( for minecraft, search for Branding Guidelines - found here )

    As far as the microphone stuff:

    - Tip #1. Just start doing it, the 'awkwardness' goes away with practice.

    - What to talk about? Hobbies, interests, news, tips/tricks, experiences, etc. Really you can talk about anything, depending on the type of LP you're going for... for example it could be very 'vloggy' like "Far Lands or Bust" where the majority of talk is about Kurt's interests, news, viewer questions, etc. Or you could go the 'infotainment' route like HCBailly's LPs - where he goes into a mix of talking/reacting to the story in front of him, and interjecting with bits of facts about how the game works/strategies/etc. for beating a specific part, very rarely delving into his private life.

    - How to fill the gaps? There's times for silence and times for words :P - in an LP, you don't have to be talking constantly, but something has to be engaging the viewer nearly constantly - whether it's a cutscene, an action filled moment, or just that silence of "I ran into something frustrating!". The awkward gaps are what are solved with your first part of the question "What to talk about?" - don't be afraid to keep a notepad of 'chat ideas', it will give you something to talk about when you run a blank.

    - You have options for recording audio, the best free option is Audacity, and truthfully, for just straight up recording your mic, it works as good as anything else (it's more a hardware issue when it comes to raw recording, only when you get to audio editing does it impact the software you want to choose, which Audacity will still do pretty good at, albeit not as good as some pay software). Some people record audio within fraps/dxtory/bandicam/etc. - this is situational, I personally don't like it in fraps because it doesn't allow for flexible editing, but Dxtory and such can record as a separate stream for your voice and the game audio, making editing easier (well, at least if you use a USB mic... non-USB mic's tend to get lumped in with system audio, which means a lot of fiddly-ness)
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    posted a message on Basic Editing Software
    The Free Software List Thread <--- a great place to start looking, it's under "Video Editing Programs"....

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    posted a message on HELP ME
    A lot of them can be purchased from c418's bandcamp page ( http://c418.bandcamp.com/album/minecraft-volume-alpha ) - there's a few not available on there, mostly the newer discs and such.

    As far as the minecraft sound effects, those are a bit different, and would require some extracting (or finding the download from people who have already extracted them)
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    posted a message on Partnership questions
    don't be afraid to use the perks they give you (some of them can be great :) ) - just be sure to read the contracts heh. Best of luck with your applications, and be sure to spread your channel around here so we can take a look too ;) (and if it's good, you may get regular viewers from here, that could improve your chances of getting on a network)
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    posted a message on Video Recording
    Don't forget DxTory (another really nice program, and very adaptable heh), has an obnoxious watermark on the free test version, but the actual program is definitely worth the money.

    There are advantages and disadvantages to each... for example, I know in Windows 7 you can capture your desktop with FRAPS (monitor aero function), where in DxTory and a several other programs, you cannot. This is handy to know, since this means you can capture games like Binding of Isaac (and other flash games) with FRAPs, but not with DxTory. While an advantage of DxTory, you have much more control of HOW the program records, meaning it can work better with various system specs. Bandicam, Playclaw, etc. all have their perks and flaws (I have yet to test them in full, so for now I still stand by my 2 favorites heh)
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    posted a message on what is the best recording and editing software for a low-end computer?
    Well, it really depends on the PC in question... the two best options are still DxTory and FRAPs 'usually' - Dxtory being the most flexible, FRAPs being the most 'plug and play friendly'.

    The tricks to improve framerate also vary on the software/hardware you're using. (a lot of varied things can be causing both 'steady lag' as well as 'intermittent lag'... ) - that's one reason it's hard to give a blanket answer to everyone :( .

    Some basic tips are always true to improve recording speed:
    - Reduce recording resolution (In fraps, you can even do 'half size')
    - Play windowed (for some games, this doesn't work)
    - Use optimization programs/mods for the game you're recording (examples for minecraft: Optifine and Magic Launcher - the latter allowing you to allocate ram, set resolution, etc.)
    - Change the recording codec (Lagarith Lossless is very nice, but not all recorders allow you to change the codec)

    Sadly this is one subject where one answer can't fit all... if you tell us your system specs, and what software you have access too (or if you're wondering which to purchase), and myself, or one of any number of other people here, can probably recommend some things you can specifically do to improve framerate. (4 most important specs: Processor, RAM, Video Card, and Harddrive setup... Operating System is pretty important too in certain cases, though unless it's something like Linux or a Mac OS, issues will get worked out as the software is updated to support things like Windows 8, though XP/Vista/7 are fairly stable for most PC Recorders)
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    posted a message on I have a case of lag
    short is fine :)

    - Try recording at 720p, 30fps (fixed), play games off of the 1TB main drive, set the recording to directory to the 750GB slave drive if possible. (My experience with bandicam is limited, but the above will help regardless of the recording software)

    If you're still having issues, download the demo of DxTory and try out the lagarith lossless codec, still using the above advice. If it's still encountering issues, we may be looking at a hardware issue or a strange chokepoint I'm not seeing. (1080p can bog down harddrives, hence the shift to 720p, especially at high framerates, 30fps is the max you'll need for youtube, since youtube uses 29.97 fps - the bog down is also averted slightly with the use of 'play off drive A, record to drive B' method, though judging by the fact you have 2 drives, you planned ahead for this already)

    if it's any consolation, your specs -should- be able to handle it without a hitch... it's comprable to the system I use for recording now.
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