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    Polyverse Modpack

    This modpack contains Technology, Dimensions and a lot of adventures! With this modpack is also an active server with active users. We are open for suggestions to add new mods to the pack.



    To run this modpack you'll need atleast 4GB of ram.

    You might be able to pull it off with 3GB and configuring some video settings.


    • Security Craft
    • AE2 Stuff
    • Applied Energistics 2
    • Aroma1997 Core
    • Aroma1997s Dimensional World
    • Auto Pickup
    • BDLib
    • Better Builders Wands
    • Better FPS
    • Bookshelf
    • Carpenter's Blocks
    • CC: Tweaked
    • Chicken Chunks
    • Chisel
    • Chisels and bits
    • Code Chicken lib
    • CoFH Core
    • CoFH World
    • ConnectedTexturesMod
    • Cucumber
    • Death Counter
    • Custom NPC's
    • Discord Craft
    • Elevator Mod
    • Ender Core
    • EnderIO
    • Ender Storage
    • Environmental Tech
    • Extended Crafting
    • Extra Utilities 2
    • Extreme Reactors
    • Fast Furnace
    • Fast Workbench
    • Foam Fix
    • Shadowfacts' Forgelin
    • Fossils and Archeology Revival
    • Galacticraft Core
    • Galacticraft Planets
    • Hunger Persistence
    • Here's What You're Looking At
    • ICBM Classic
    • Industrial Craft
    • Industrial Foregoing
    • Inventory Tweaks
    • Iron Chests
    • Iron Jetpacks
    • Just Enough Items
    • Journey Map
    • Just Enough Energistics
    • Kinetic Anti Cheat
    • LLibrary
    • Malisis Core
    • Malisis Doors
    • Mantle
    • McJtyLib
    • Mekanism
    • Mekanism Generators
    • Mekanism Tools
    • Micdoodle Core
    • Minecolonies
    • More Libs
    • More Overlays
    • More Plates
    • No More Recipe Conflict
    • Nuclear Craft
    • OMLib
    • Open Blocks
    • Open Mods Lib
    • Open Modular Turrets
    • OreBerries
    • Phosphor
    • Ping
    • Plethora Peripherals
    • Plustic
    • Power Adapters
    • Quick Leaf Decay
    • Reauth
    • Recipe Manipulator
    • Redstone Flux
    • RF Lux
    • RFTools
    • RFTools Dimensions
    • Secret Rooms Mod
    • Stargate Network (SGCraft)
    • Tinkers Construct
    • Tesla
    • Tesla Core Lib
    • Thermal Dynamics
    • Thermal Expansion
    • Thermal Foundation
    • Tinkers Addons
    • Tinkers JEI
    • Tinker Tool Leveling
    • Tweakers Construct
    • UniDict
    • Valkyrie Lib
    • Vanilla Fix
    • Wanion Lib
    • Warpdrive
    • What Are We Looking At
    • Zero Core

    Server Details

    IP: polyverse.mc-node.net

    Info: The server is PVP so yes you may use ICBM to destroy bases. But the server does have certain rules. We hope you will accept these rules.


    1. Max team size = 2 players Teams may have allies
    2. The only way to get to the moon is by using warpdrive technology or stargates. (So don't waste time trying to craft the NASA workbench cause you can't)
    3. When any problems occur please discuss these in the discord.
    4. Have any suggestions please send these in the discord.
    5. Don't exceed the world borders.
    6. No windturbines in Space.
    7. Do not use custom npc's for unkillable enemies you may only use it for wandering or npc's that stand still (THEY MAY NEVER ATTACK ANYTHING).
    8. Don't set droprate of custom npc's to anything and don't use the respawn timer!



    By AlwayzPatrick

    By _Dracious_

    by Doobig10

    by Doobig10

    By Doobig10

    By AlwayzPatrick

    This pack is made possible by Modtopia founders and the community. The community where mods are vanilla.

    Join our discord

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    Killer Sunrise Pack

    Killer Sunrise Pack is a mod pack focused on technology, adventure, weapons magic and dungeons.

    I made this pack to play with friends and others that enjoy all of this.

    The modpack link is https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/killersunrisepack

    There is also a list of all the mods that are in this pack and the server IP.

    I hope to see you all around in my pack :)

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