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NOTE: As of August 2023 I'm no longer active on this forum. If you have anything you need to say to me, feel free to send me a DM but know that I may never reply. Sorry about that, but I just don't feel like spending a lot of time here since I don't actively play Minecraft anymore.

Here's a small but growing collection of stuff I've created, or helped to create. Hopefully you'll find something worthwhile. :D

Resource Packs
These are the Texture Packs that I have personally created. Each and every pixel is my own work, and I'm very proud of what I've done. Hopefully you'll like them too!

Sadly they're all discontinued, however if you like any of them they're all released under permissive licenses so you can continue work if the fancy strikes you.

From time to time I like to write a tutorial regarding a facet of Resource Packs that I understand well, but other people seem to be having issues with. Here's a collection of such tutorials for you perusal.

These tutorials are also somewhat outdated as I haven't had the interest in updating them. Perhaps someday I'll get around to it...


Art, Video Games, World Building, Roleplaying, and a load of other stuff.

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