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    posted a message on Kowmmuity Server 1.18.1 [SMP] Three Lives Then You're Lost (Harcore like Challenge) [Economy/Survival]

    Username: Alveta


    Do you have Discord(Recommend): Alveta#9950

    How long have you been playing Minecraft: 2013; 1.4.10

    What do you think you would bring to the server: Railroads and Logistics Lines, that won't be use for sabotage.

    Why would you like to join the server: I can only get active in Minecraft if I'm around a community instead of playing with myself, also I thought the twist with this SMP is pretty cool and wanna join in.

    Any Questions you have for me: Nope

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    posted a message on Adult SMP seeking fellow gamers to join!

    1. What would you like to be called?


    2. What is your IGN?


    3. What is your discord?


    4. How old are you?


    5. Country of origin?


    6. What is your favorite aspect of Minecraft?

    Automatic Farms

    7. What would your playing schedule roughly look like?

    I'm GMT -6 and due to collage and work, I'll only be active in the evening.

    8. Tell us one interesting fact about yourself?

    I got a pre-engineering scholarship for this year of collage.

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