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    Quote from GUMMANDO

    This is an upgrade, and also an expansion to the already diminutive ranged side of minecraft. Bows are nice, but can they zoom? They have a set range, and it would be nice to have something better. Take a look at the gold crossbow: it is a completely different from your average bow.

    So the point of adding them is to be a total upgrade to the bow? I believe the proper terminology for this situation is "imbalanced."

    Quote from GUMMANDO

    This is the better alternative to guns.

    Not really. A lot of gun suggestions actually attempt to make them have some kind of downside compared to the bow. This makes them a straight-upgrade. Neither type of weapon (gun or crossbow) is needed for the game. Adding new weapons would not make ranged combat in this game any better. In fact, I bet it would be worse. Part of the challenge/fun of the bow is the thrill of monsters rushing towards you while you charge it up. But these would let you roflsnipe them without any risk.

    Quote from GUMMANDO

    And why not be able to run like hell after you take a potshot?

    The slow reload encourages tactics of annoying the enemy, basically sitting real far away, taking a shot, and then hiding while you reload and watch the poor fool you just shot try to figure out where it came from. The bow makes you have to get closer (because long-range targets would require you to basically aim at the sky, which makes accuracy very difficult).
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    I don't care for any new ranged or melee weapons, really. This is because our current weapons do everything that we would ever need how versatile they are. If any new weapon was added, it would end up being either overall weaker than what we have now or overall stronger than what we have now. In other words, making a "sidegrade" would be damn near impossible, it would either be a downgrade or an upgrade.

    Being able to snipe things isn't that great, because only Ghasts have a long range and those are perfectly killable with bows. This just seems like something that people would use to take potshots at people and then run like hell.
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    This is just a random idea that probably makes no sense and is completely retarded:

    How about the dragon egg can be used as a potion ingredient for a "super jump" potion? Basically you could jump really high vertically and even longer horizontally (you would be given falling damage resistance so that you don't kill yourself from average jumps). I'm thinking along the lines of the super jump power from City of Heroes/City of Villains.

    Or more realistically, we should be able to pick it up without using a piston and just use it as a trophy.
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    Quote from CycloneX5

    There's only 2 weapons in the game!

    More weapons wouldn't fix the combat system. Things will still die just as quickly if you left click/right click madly in their direction long enough.
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    posted a message on What New Content do you want?
    Let's see...

    1. Modding API.

    2. More slabs and stairs, why the heck has this been neglected for so long?

    3. Enchanting rebalancing/updating.

    4. Something worthwhile in the Nether that doesn't involve Fortresses or Blaze Rods.

    5. A new ore or two.

    6. More randomly generated structures, such as ruins.

    7. Make pigs not obsolete to cows. Seriously, cows give milk, leather, and meat. A pig gives only meat. Cows drop a minimum of 1 meat per kill. A pig more often than not drops nothing per kill. Cows can/often do drop 3 meat per kill. Pigs rarely drop 1, much less even 2 meat. Steak is equally as effective as a cooked porkchop, but easier to collect en masse. I think that cows should not drop more than 1 meat per kill, and that pigs should not drop fewer than 1 porkchop per kill.

    8. Increase the cow's leather dropping rate to match its current meat dropping rate.

    9. Cosmetic lanterns that DON'T MAKE TORCHES BURN OUT. They would simply look cool and probably give off higher light, as well as being placeable on ceilings and in water.

    10. Other stuff that I'm too lazy to remember.
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    posted a message on Thirst bar Good or Bad?
    In short: More bars =/= more fun.

    And your poll needs an option for "No."
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    posted a message on Unbreaking armor
    A number of the enchantments really ought to apply to multiple tools. For example, Fortune on an axe would let you get more than 3 books when you break a bookshelf. Fortune on a shovel should be updated to give more than 4 clay when you break a clay block. Fire Aspect on sand would let you get glass blocks instantly from sand (or a pickaxe would let you get iron/gold ingots instantly from an iron/gold ore). Unbreaking on a sword and/or bow (and armor, I guess).

    PS: Your avatar is disgusting. No offense, but a lot of people don't like looking at mantits every time they view the suggestions forum.
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    There seems to be a "revolution" of some sort going on with basically every program and website in existence right now. Basically everyone is having an orgy/fetish of making their layouts nice and shiny and fancy looking in an attempt to make it "easier to use."

    In reality, those layouts make things harder to use. A clean, conservative (as in, modest and well-organized) layout is far easier to pick up on and use daily.
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    posted a message on More ways to obtain exp orbs
    Quote from redsand

    Farming takes hardly any effort at all...

    Farming a zombie spawner takes hardly any effort either.

    And I dunno about farming, but things like mining a rare ore (such as diamonds) could drop an orb or two. It's a heckuva lot harder to find a diamond than it is to kill a zombie or a chicken. And I guess there could be xp bottles in dungeon/mineshaft/stronghold chests as well to encourage people to actually explore those areas.

    Quote from werty8472

    That's dumb. You're dumb.
    tl;dr: That's dumb, you're dumb. Shut up.

    While I would certainly like to see some non-combat methods of xp gathering, you don't have to call him stupid. Calling the other person stupid makes viewers less likely to feel you are credible and worth listening to.
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    posted a message on Do you thin Jeb may add thirst to the game?
    In one word:

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