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    posted a message on OnlinePictureFrame v1.2.3 #simplebutpowerful - the tool to add pictures to your world

    Cool :) I look forward to seeing what you decide

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    posted a message on OnlinePictureFrame v1.2.3 #simplebutpowerful - the tool to add pictures to your world

    First off I would like to thank you for this mod. As it is now, it is a huge help for my server. It allows greater creativity, better signage, and improved aesthetics.

    That said, I have a couple suggestions/feature requests.

    1. Redstone #1. Could you have an option for the picture frame to react to a redstone signal? I:E redstone signal detected the frame turns off etc..

    I think some interesting builds could be done with this.

    2. Redstone #2. If you can activate it with redstone, would it be possible to use variable strength redstone to activate multiple images?

    I:E The # for the picture would correspond to the # of the redstone signal strength.

    This could be used to make dynamic signage, as well as other interesting builds.

    3. No repeat. If a redstone signal can turn on/off the picture frame, how about allowing the picture frame to play an animated gif once?

    That way an animated message can play once when a button is pressed. This would allow you to have animated instructions that play on demand, instead of a player catching the animation randomly in the middle somewhere.

    4. Redstone #3. If Request #3 works, how about the idea of the picture frame sending out it's own redstone signal when the animated gif ends?

    Imagine a series of animated gifs going off one by one activated in turn by the preceding one. You could do things like animated/automated gif tours with text, arrows, or if your skilled enough an animated character. It would be awesome.

    5. An optional transparency slider? Yes this would be useful.

    6. I suppose adding video support would be too hard?

    7. Maybe an animated radio block? supports online mp3s or radio streams?

    There used to be a mod that added streaming radio, but I can't find something that works for this version of minecraft.

    (I know I'm pushing it)

    Yeah these suggestions are probably annoying. Still, I had to try :)

    Anyway, thank you again for the mod, it is greatly appreciated.

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