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    I can't wait for this to update! Enchanted Pack has been my favorite for ages now.

    (though I do know that Steelfeathers is busy with their other packs, I hope we Victorian Builders get some love too...)
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    - General Questions -
    1. How old are you?: 23
    2. What is your minecraft username?: Alice_Arcana
    3. Are you a donator.. if so what rank and what server did you donate to?: I am an Elite of Survival and a VIP of Skyblocks
    4. How often are you on the server?: Nearly every day
    5. How often can you be online?: Quite a bit really, I don't have a job, so I cn be online most of the day most days.
    6. Which server are you applying to be staff on?: Survival Server
    7. Do you vote for the server every day ( this is required )?: Nearly every day

    - Advanced Questions -
    1. Can you provide your experience with moderating? Give examples: I was a Creative builder and staff for a PvP server a few years ago, I stayed on til the server died about a year after my joining it. I've assisted staff with both building projects and dealing with inexperienced players in every server since then.

    2. Have you broken any rules of the server? (This can be checked): I don't believe I have, though maybe I might have a few too many animals per chunk in my cow pen from time to time.

    3. Do you have any experience with forums/forum moderation?: I do not

    4. Do you understand the punishments that coincide with the rules?: I think I have a fairly good grasp of which punishments pertain to which rules.

    5. Why do you think your best for this position out of all other people that have applied?: I am expirenced in AEM, MineCraft and in staffing. I am patient and out going, and always willing to lend a hand.

    - Hypothetical Questions -

    1. You are the only moderator on and you have 10 people that need you at the same time.: I would try to help the ones who came to me first unless one of the people was reporting greifing, dupping or another high damaging problem. I would try to help each of them as well and quickly as I could, and see if some of the issues couldn't be resolved while I was helping someone else.

    2. Two players are arguing, one of them has been griefed by the other. The victim is threatening to grief the player who didn't really grief but mistakenly broke a block. You are the only staff member online: I would try to be a voice of reason and calm the situation down. The one threatening the other I would warn to not grief the other as intentional griefing is a bannable offence, and if I felt that he(or she) might go through with their intended grief anyway, would watch them closely. The accidental griefer I would also warn, and remind them that griefing is a bannable offence and that they should watch what they punch.

    3. A player comes on the server and is advertising and spamming chat: If they were advertizing, I would mute them. if they were simply spamming chat with nonsense however, I would warm them up to three times before also Muting them.

    4. A player needs help with something that requires you to do something you aren't comfortable doing: I am pretty easygoing, and the only thing I would be uncomfortable about, assisting players wise, would be replacing stolen or griefed items as those are situation responsive and usually decided by a higher power (like Alex, Ethan or a SuperMod). If it was something that I felt was out of my jurisdiction or one of the grey zones around the rules, I would see if another staffer was on and ask them what they might do in this situation, if the staffer was not busy.

    5. You see a moderator abusing their powers banning players for no reason at all. What action do you take?: I would write down what they were doing and to who. I would inform the abuser that I do know what they're doing and ask them stop it. I would also quickly inform a high power of the abuse while keeping an eye on the abuser and the abused in case the abuser turns on me.

    6. A new player is in spawn and constantly complaining about not knowing what to do: I would go help them out, give them a tour of the spawn area and explain the way AEM works using small easy to understand words. I would also most likely follow them a bit and keep them safe from monsters while they started out.
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    posted a message on AEM-NETWORK [1.7.2] [SkyBlock] [PVP-RAID-FACTIONS] [HUNGER GAMES] [CAPTURE THE FLAG]
    I just love this server! the world guard and the ability to lock my island means that I can branch out to others and not have to worry about griefing.
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