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    I'm sorry, but me posting a simple youtube channel link isn't naming and shaming. It's simply pointing out where I found it, and it's to show that I'm not making things up. Not to mention, it's obvious something has been done, so I fail to see why you'd remove it. Have you watched any of the videos at all? Did you check what my skin is with that fancy url?
    Which kind of brings me back to the copyright. I'm 100% sure I never accepted anything regarding relinquishing rights on the skins I upload to MC.net. Which at the same time is the -only- way to get your skin to work in the game itself, there's no other local alternative as far as I know, and there definitely wasn't one back then.
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    Now I'm not sure how support will exactly be able to help me, but with during my annual "let's see who all uses my name"-search I ended up with finding my name and my minecraft character/skin used. This is found on -- mod snip --

    Now besides the fact that impersonation like this kind of really makes me sick and I'd rather not be seen as some 10 year old brazillian brat that doesn't have the imagination to think of something new, I'm just baffled that he's somehow using my skin. I know that as soon as images are set up on the net, they can be practically found by any and everyone. But seeing I never uploaded my skin to ANY other website than MC.net itself, I wonder how this kid got my skin in the first place. And yes, I know that inevitably this skin doesn't look impressive in the slightest, but it's still my skin and it's disturbing that someone else is going around as me.

    I found this other topic while searching how he could've gotten my skin and it was something that kinda of startled me. But as far as I know this couldn't have been the case seeing those videos were made late 2012 and I haven't played MC in forever, especially not on other servers.
    I know for a fact that my account hasn't been hacked, seeing I use a unique password, it's still the same and I can still play on it, so my account hasn't been hacked in a way that I lost control over it.

    First off I'd like to know if anyone can use my skin, seeing I only put it on MC.net and I'd also like to know if it's still possible to impersonate someone's MC account.
    And second off I'd like to ask if anyone has any clue what I can do to take those videos down. I've already send a message, but I reckon a 10y/o brazillian with portuguese tongue doesn't speak english. Inevitably I guess I haven't got a foot to stand on, which is why this bothers me even more.
    One might ask why this is so important to me, but it still just comes down to impersonation. Taking a name is one thing, but taking my name, my face and my identity in MC is just... weird? I can only wonder what's next.
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    I kinda regret bringing this topic up over and over, but the reason I didn't put each and every idea in their own topic is because they're not GREAT ideas, just small improvements, I don't think they even deserve their own topic, though I suppose that's not possible anymore with the community we have now. So I might just perhaps make those topics.
    I just thought it'd be possible to address all of the ideas, but when looking at your signature I kinda see why it ain't.

    As to the fact that we could get infinite obsidian, I'm fairly sure that the reason for infinite lava being taken out is because of the fact that we can make infinite obsidian, something that shouldn't be easily obtainable. (Also lava floods, which I find a shame, added difficulty)
    Besides that, just giving the residents of your server what they want is lame and you might as well host a creative server.
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    No, but Lava from the Nexus can be taken to the real world, where water CAN be placed.
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    Inb4 "DID YOU GET PERMISSION"-posts; yeah, I'm perfectly fine with all this.
    The new sprites look pretty damn amazing, good work on all that, I hope you'll get as far as finish this completely, would love to see it then. Oh and feel free to replace anything you think could be better.
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    You're completely right on the buckets thing, I overlooked that, let's hope it's one of the few things. Besides that however we could still stack signs and perhaps doors.

    Mining wooden staircases with a pickaxe goes faster than with an axe. Axes are for wood and pickaxes are for rock as we all know. So it doesn't make sense it goes faster with a pickaxe. That was my annoyance, should've explained it better. But besides that I still think you should be able to get back your wooden stairs with an axe just as fast, if not faster than a normal wooden block, same goes for cobblestone stairs.

    And thank you for the comments.
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    I know it has been stated in the rules and many topics that you can only post one suggestion per topic, but I figured I'd try posting this anyway seeing the main reason I'm posting this is to improve what's already in Minecraft.
    Second to that, I've taken quite some time with these suggestions and am fairly sure a lot of people with agree with, they also weren't random things that popped in my head like some of these;
    I also find it spamming to post a new topic for every suggestion I make.

    I'm fully aware that these suggestions may have been suggested before, just ignore them if they have. If I stole the idea, I'll state it. If you had the same idea and I didn't state it, it's because I thought of it as well.

    I have put my suggestions in 4 categories:
    -Features: Completely new things to make and have in the Minecraft world. A few of them silly and none of them required, but would make the gameplay surely more interesting. (Seeing this is the piece that's obviously not by the rules I'll remove it if said.)
    -Gameplay: The reason I made this topic; ideas to change existing things in Minecraft, usually for the better.
    -Graphics: Some graphics that are lacking in Minecraft or would make Minecraft look better otherwise.
    -Bugs: Inevitably these don't belong here either, but they're bugs that have been in the game since the feature was in the game and it'd be nice if they got dealt with. (Or if anyone could explain why they're still in there)


    • Different water levels, AKA mountain lakes. Also streaming rivers.
    This first one would belong under map generator, I would LOVE to see actual mountain lakes being formed and river be planned out from one point to another, or most likely, to the sea.

    Player-damaged/Craftable collared mobs don't get deleted.
    As far as I heard, everyone wants a farm. Now I have multiple suggestions here like either; Damaging the creature, this would result in complications when creatures drown, so mobs would need a touched tag or something alike to show if it has been damaged by the player. Other option would be crafting a collar this would optionally also befriend a mob, now who doesn't want a pet creeper farm or an army of skellies helping YOU. Of course the saddles already exist and I'm not sure if pigs can still disappear when wearing that thing.

    • Placing the watch on a block turns it into a clock.
    This idea is not mine originally, but I think it's a very neat idea and I'm totally encouraging it. I'd love to see more decoration in my house.

    • Player pressure plate.
    This talks for itself, I'd say it would enhance how people could make traps and also the interaction with mobs and minecarts. In multiplayer this could either be player-specific or just need a player.

    • Water gates/drains.
    Ever since water physics worked properly I've wanted this. What it obviously does is letting just water through, perhaps also items. After thinking about this for a while it would also be nice if you could open and close it with redstone. How this item would work however I'm not sure, it should probably be an entity or have some special way to interact with water.

    • Return of the Heaven option.
    I bet quite some people would not only want to be safe in Minecraft at times, but also build during the day so they see what they're doing. This option however would probably work better once creative mode is re-introduced.

    • Dropped objects causing effects, like:
    - Gunpowder in fire makes a small explosion.
    - Water bucket in a fire extinguishes the fire and leaves the bucket.
    - Lava bucket in water makes obsidian and destroys the bucket.
    - Stone can't catch and get destroyed in fire.
    - Obsidian takes a long time to burn in lava.
    As shown by the examples, it'd be nice if dropped items would still act more like what they are instead of some weak material.

    • More explosion/ghast proof materials like:
    - Steel enforced/Strengthened recoverable glass. Craft example:
    :Iron: :Iron: :Iron:
    :Glass: :Glass: :Glass:
    :Iron: :Iron: :Iron:
    - Enforced stone, very expensive to make. A stylish option inbetween rock and obsidian.
    After having attempted to build my base in hell I quickly noticed glass, wooden doors and a LOT of other things doesn't stand a chance against ghasts. The same with making a creeper-proof fort it would be nice if we got stronger but very expensive stuff to build with. The enforced glass would only be able to be recovered with a sword.

    • Multiple possible skins for mobs.
    In my many days of playing Minecraft I kinda got bored of seeing one and the same mob over and over. It'd be nice if there'll alternative skinned mobs, that's randomly selected. Perhaps even rare mobs that drop something special.


    • GUI Zoom Options 1x; 2x; 3x; Dynamic OR Standard resolutions, no drag-adjusting screen size.
    This is something that has annoyed me a lot and just impedes my gameplay. When I normally start Minecraft you have a x1 GUI and you can expand this until a certain size when you make your screen taller it'll quickly turn into a x2 GUI and when I maximize my window it's suddenly x3, when I would have additional info on, it would clip through each other. As a solution I would either add an option that'll make the GUI x1, x2, x3 or dynamic and perhaps an option to lock the window at certain resolutions.


    • Placing stuff on fences. OR Make fences disappear when without base.
    Another thing that's annoying is that you can do whatever you want with fences BESIDES putting them atop eachother. You can place a block put a fence on it, then remove a block and put a fence under it having THE SAME EFFECT. Either make them disappear when they don't have a base, which would make more sense. Or let us put fences on fences, perhaps even torches, I like the idea of having a lit fence.

    • Better Brick TNT resistance. OR More variation with TNT resistance.
    Besides the looks I see no reason to mine for clay, a long time ago it was said that a more expensive block would be added, then clay came and brought back the brick block, which was awesome, but wasn't stronger at all. It would be nice if this block WOULD indeed be stronger OR that there would be more variation in explosion resistance in total seeing cobblestone doesn't have the same strength as rock.

    • Paintings on floors and ceilings.
    Something that's not originally mine but I'd love to see, would probably be a ***** to code but I think it would have a neat effect.

    • Changing existing painting texture and size.
    Perhaps I'm just lazy but I'd like to pick out my painting in some way or another. Either right mouse clicking a painting while already holding a painting so it'll scroll through the options you have, preferably in a sequence, or making pictures morph with eachother when placed right next to eachother.

    • Editing signs without removing them.
    Also laziness again, but I'm sure I'm not the only one. Being able to edit signs would save a lot of time and annoyance. Also seeing we would still want to place a block ontop of the sign with rick click it'd be an idea to be able to edit text right clicking a sign when already holding one.

    • Cursor in sign editing.
    MORE LAZINESS! A cursor in sign editing, AKA being able to change letters earlier on when you already have a sentence, perhaps even a more notepad-like editing? I'm aware that this is most likely a hard thing to code in. So preferably just a cursor so I can easily edit my ASCII art.

    • Stacking signs and empty buckets, up to 4?
    Just like the snowballs it'd be nice to see more variation in different stack sizes and I don't see a lot of harm in being able to stack signs, empty buckets, perhaps even doors. It's inventory friendlier and not really abusable like food.
    Edit: Buckets don't work as stated by arirish

    • Recoverable book cases.
    Something that surprised me is that you can't get back your bookcases. Seeing there's most likely a reason that the book cases do NOT get returned I thought of having an alternative like the boats, giving back a few blocks, sticks and 3 books. Or just give back the book case in total, it's plain silly you can't re-acquire it.

    • Recoverable stairs.
    It speaks for itself, I'm already annoyed at the fact that you have to mine the wooden stairs with a pickaxe, but I suppose it has it's reasons. However, it'd be nice if you could get your stairs back in total instead of one whole block. It's also weird that you would get a whole block out of a ¾th block.

    • A status for the furnace. To show if it contains fuel, finished and/or unfinished things.
    Something that has been spinning in my mind for a while has been the ability to see if there's something in a furnace besides checking them with right click. It's probably me being lazy again, but when you have a room full of furnaces and you forgot where you put the iron it'll take quite some time. Also, instead of having 6 different kind of blocks with all said variation perhaps it would be an idea to make them act more like the compass and watch. Having some kind of overlay face on the furnace, just showing if it has fuel, finished or unfinished things in it. This would NOT be shown when the furnace is active. Also NO, I'm not asking then to show WHAT's inside, just IF there's something inside.

    Infinite Lava, reproducing kinda like water does.
    Another thing that has been spinning in my head ever since infinite lava has been taken out. I know lava still isn't working perfectly but it'd be nice if lava could fill up a hole someone would make.
    It would work a lot like water and perhaps only be possible in the Nether/Nexus/Hell
    [] :Lava: []
    :Lava: [] :Lava:
    [] :Lava: []
    It would fill up like this.
    [] :Lava: []
    :Lava: :Lava: :Lava:
    [] :Lava: []
    Reason why this would be an improvement is because I once fell into the lava in the Nexus and I scooped out a piece of lava with a bucket and shortly after I died;
    This was the result.
    It looks silly and weird. D:
    Alternatively lava could act exactly like water does in the Nexus, that would solve all problems.
    And yes, I more than realize that this could be abused to make infinite Obsidian, so perhaps it's not a good idea at all.

    • Dropped /tools/ should last longer.
    So you just died while holding your best diamond tools and you remember exactly where, only it's over 10 minutes away. Make super haste to get there, but once you do your tools are gone. As Notch recently said in a Tweet, items disappear after 5 minutes, but I think tools, and JUST TOOLS; not blocks, should last longer for this reason. Just slightly perhaps ores should too.

    • When inside solid blocks you should be pushed out.
    Seeing when you anger the lord of space you should be smacked around.
    Hah no, but it's silly if you're half inside a block below you while you shouldn't be. So perhaps one should be pushed out. Same goes for doors, you shouldn't be inside one so one would be pushed away from the door. This rule could also go for the topside of fences, seeing you're not supposed to stand, or rather float, above them.

    • Using lava buckets in the furnace without losing your bucket.
    Besides it being illogical (yes I know lava would melt an iron bucket) it's ridiculous that you would lose your bucket when putting lava as fuel into your furnace. As an alternative I suggest that the used (empty) iron bucket is put in the fuel slot seeing you can't stack lava filled buckets anyway. Possibly as a penalty the fire could start immediately when putting in the lava bucket.


    • Glass blocks morphing with eachother when next to eachother.
    This is a thing that has been suggested many times. I'm not sure if it has been noticed at all, but I reckon I'd try suggesting this again. When you place glass block right next to eachother they border should disappear as if they'd morph with eachother. You can't recover glass anyway.

    • Paintings AGAINST the surface.
    Something I noticed is that there's a small space inbetween the paintings and the surface it's on. I'm not sure why this is and if it's on purpose at all. But I think it'd look better if it would be flat against the wall so you can hide things behind it, like chests. However, as I'm writing this i figure that there's small space inbetween so that you can access something behind it like furnaces and chests. But only if there's nothing on the side of the painting.

    • Water flows downwards when behind glass.
    Water shouldn't go down when it's not flowing down. This happens with glass, but also fences and reed. I think it should just have the normal non-flowing animated water texture on the side when not flowing, preferably the water lines should be horizontally

    • Wheels for the minecarts
    I'm not sure why we use tracks at all because our minecarts ****en hover above the ground man, we could go anywhere!
    Though in all seriousness, minecarts without wheels just look off. As an idea I always thought that the middle piece of the removed gears would make a nice wheel. Of course it's also possible to craft them and give them special abilities, which could be why they aren't ingame yet.

    • Underside of Torches.
    It's not there, has never been there. Would be nice if fixed. The lower 4 poxels of the torch's sprite coudl be used as bottom.

    • Cactus destroying entities needs animation or critical sound.
    So about a week ago I suddenly figured out cacti destroys blocks, seeing I bet not everyone knows this it'd be nice if the blocks that touch the cactus would have some kind of destruction sound or an exploding particle animation.

    • Stairs graphics in inventory is wrong.
    This is also something that bothered me for a long time and has never worked right, at least with me.


    • Jumping out of water against a block to the West side doesn't give you a boost up.
    Normally when you jump out of water you get a boost so you can reach the shore, this however doesn't apply to the west side. I'm fully aware that this has to do with the fact that the location of every block isn't in the middle, but in a corner; it's how minecraft is made. But it'd be nice if this was fixed.

    • You can get hurt by lava diagonally in a southwest corner.
    In the same way as the above bug happens, this ALSO happens seeing the physics are slightly off. You can get hurt by lava in a corner that 's blocked by 2 blocks.

    • Grass doesn't grow under fences.
    I noticed that grass doesn't grow under fences, I think it should and I'm not sure if there are any other blocks that this happens with but I'd like my pretty garden to have grass even when I use fences.

    • Mobs appear and disappear in plain sight.
    Now this is really a bug and nothing that would enhance gameplay but I thought I'd put this in here anyway. So far I've seen sheep and cows disappear in plain sight while they were far within my drawing/entity distance. When I'd go to their spot they wouldn't appear again, they'd just be gone.

    • Fishing rod stacking is bugged, repairs/degrades weapons.
    Also a reported bug, either turn off stacking for fishing rods or turn off the damage.

    • Jack-o-lantern is displayed as normal pumpkin.
    I'm slightly confused on this one because I'm fairly sure that it was said in the Boo! update that one could CARVE their own pumpkins. Now this would be utterly sweet, but I believe it wasn't integrated for whatever reason. Now if it won't be integrated at all it'd be nice if the lit pumpkin would have the texture of a lit pumpkin.

    • Getting back what's in the furnace when removing it.
    A very old bug, talks for itself. You don't get back what's in the furnace when you destroy it.

    And well, that'll be all. I hope that a lot of people will agree with me on these points and that this topic won't just be shut down because I can't follow rules, but I figured I'd at least try seeing this is not just some random suggestion list.

    Oh and I'd appreciate it if people wouldn't post with a redirection to the rules, I know where they are, I read them, you don't need me to remind of them. The reason why I still posted this is because I'm sure that some rules are made because of a desperate measure and that some things that WERE right had to suffer because of it.
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    Crappy Mediafire is stuck on "Processing download request..."
    Could you get a proper hosting site like Dropbox ( http://db.tt/huh6MrC ) or something?
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    Oh and

    EDIT: The more I look at Notch, the more he reminds me of my old Physics teacher, he was /awesome/.
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    Dude, I don't know if you ever payed attention to any updates, but the springs, the bucket you use with the water, that's the infinite water source, no more, no less.
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    Well, I'm not sure if you ever gone on a survival trip irl, but when using the compass right you can find and remember things a whole lot more easier. This will apply to minecraft too, can't see the sun under the ground, so knowing where you're digging can be a blessing.
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    Quote from Alphasoldier »
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    Full view them
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