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    posted a message on Thoughts on the Beta 1.9 Pre-releases and Full Release update.
    Alright, here are some thoughts:

    -Books can be read to increase XP when that whole system gets implemented.

    -Dragons would be freakin' sweet.

    -XP gives skill such as:
    .Creeper Taming
    .Fast Mining
    .Sprint w/o affecting hunger
    .Double blocks when mining
    .Higher punch damage

    -Fix the painting on giant mushroom problem. For me when I made my house in a giant mushroom and put a painting on the mushroom wall, the painting was pitch black. When I put it on wood it was fine though...

    -Zombie flesh eaten at night temporarily turns you into a zombie.

    -Have the ender pearls do something like keep Endermen from becoming aggressive.

    -Make saddles craftable!

    -NPCs and slightly more common villages. I have yet to find one in 1.8.

    -Different minerals would be interesting. Add salt or something and be able to craft more elaborate foods.

    At the moment I can't think of a whole lot more, but I think these would be some pretty cool additions. :iapprove:
    Posted in: 1.0 Update Discussion
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