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    posted a message on Having an option to turn off the new Ambient cave noises
    I am finding the noises to start being annoying now actually, since I hear them in well lit areas as well as in my strip mine in the middle of the day.
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    true, though this would how I would craft fire arrows

    :opblock: :coalore: :opblock:
    :opblock: :wood: :opblock:
    :opblock: [iron] :opblock:

    :coalore: =coal
    :wood: =stick
    [iron] =feather

    like that torch arrow idea except in less steps.
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    Quote from Real »
    Quote from Rockmael »
    Someone needs to make a sticky for forum ranks or put them in the FAQs

    Won't happen. Ranks are a little treat for people to discover on their own (unless they happen upon a thread here and there saying what they all are, of course).

    Even if you had them on the FAQS pratically nobody reads them so people still wouldn't know.
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    Firstly, Christopher Columbus isn't a conquistador. He's British...

    Secondly, the bullet in themselves weren't the main cause of people dieing in that age. The bullet only reached just under the skin.The main reason why people died when they were shot was due to infection, it also didn't help that bullets were made of lead. The guns are inaccurate, so you would have to run up to the people to hit them. As well I like the reloading system of Kydo more, however the gun has flint and steel in it, so all it would need is a bullet(automatically) and gunpowder(manually).
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