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    posted a message on [Idea] Better Minecarts and Rails (Furnace Minecart GUI, smooth curves and switches, more rolling stock, etc.)

    I think this is a great idea, I am only just starting to learn Java so I cant be of much help yet, but i would like to be in the future.

    Thank you for your support. I know Java but not how to work with Forge, and my time is a bit limited. Hope you can learn Java soon! (:

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    posted a message on Is thismod 1.7.10 compatible?

    Thank you for showing me a cool mod. I like it.

    The sad news are, from what I read in the last posts of the thread, the mod is not updated, at least not from its official author. But take a look to this comment: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/1275106-1-5-2-forge-castle-defenders-v-1-2-big-update-new?comment=2198 He says that he's going to update the mod, and the comment is from June of this year.

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    posted a message on Better mob AI: Guard and Archer Villagers, more intelligent attacks, Nether Factions

    Well, this is a post I've posted on Reddit, in /r/minecraftsuggestions. I've brought here to share my idea with you, and, with a bit of luck, get the interest of some developer(s).

    [header=3]Mob AI Overhaul[/header]

    Many people has complained about mobs. They're not scary once you're in full iron armor. They're something predictable, and, if you know the basics about lights and materials, you can be sure you won't be attacked and your base will be eternally safe. Mobs wander without a purpose, they don't work together even their objective is the same: to kill you.

    One of the best AI updates was when pathfinding evolved. It made mobs less dumb and made them a bit more challenging. Now, in the context of
    the combat update, I'd suggest that the mob AI needs to go farther: teamwork. Mobs need to help each other when fighting you, and plan their
    moves, not just move randomly. How is it achieved? Making them think as a team. This can achieved in three ways:

        The mobs "see" if they have another allies nearby. They can then think together to act, or each mob acts by itself based in the actions of the other mobs and the current situation.

        The game issues orders to the mobs present in the loaded chunks around the player, acting as a centralized command

        Same as above, but making a mob a leader (witches or evil villagers, maybe?)

    As time passes, the tactics of the mobs become more sophisticated. The game could recognize how many times do you tend to die by certain
    level of mob AI and balance it in order that the difficulty doesn't increase in excess respect of your skill. Mobs have their roles more or less well defined: zombies are like infantry, skeletons are the archers,spiders are the cavalry, creepers the specialists, witches the magic ones and endermen the builders and specialized infantry (they can teleport). When you start playing, it could be like it is now, that is, random and individual behavior. But, slowly, as time passes, they'll start working together: a skeleton will walk behind a zombie protecting each other, zombies could group before attacking the player and even try different paths to close all possible escape routes. When they're not busy attacking you, they can multiply, making "houses", campaments (to protect them of the sun) or even have fortresses with loot inside, but heavily guarded (this will be specially important in SMP environments).

    They can plan sieges on entire bases or villages, try to pass your base walls (using dirt blocks and the help of endermen) and even steal some
    precious stuff from your chests! (like weapons, potions and/or armor, not items that are useless to them).

    [header=3]Village Guards[/header]

    But that would make villages vulnerable. Let's recognize it: villagers are not so that intelligent. They need a better AI too. Their iron guards are a bit slow if a complete horde invades the village. What will happen when creepers start to destroy doors and walls of their houses? They need another form of defense. That form is the guard. The guard is a villager that uses a weapon, it can be a sword, a bow, or, in priest's case, potions. Regular villagers can defend themselves throwing rocks (made from cobblestone) which do little damage. The player can hire the guards for a daily amount of emeralds to become an army under this command, and it could issue them orders like patrol, defend a point, attack, etc. The player commanding a group of guards will be responsible of replacing their equipment and healing them. Villagers can have a building similar to a hospital where the priest can heal the player and wounded villagers, and a bell which serves in case of alarm. And they could have a stonemason villager who helps them expanding and protecting the village: give them stone and wood and he could build (or repair) houses and even fences or walls.


    [header=3]Nether Factions[/header]

    Last, but not least: make the Nether even harder. That place is supposed to be a hell, full of chaos. How can we achieve that? Putting its mobs in constant war. All the mobs in the Nether can belong to a faction. You can ally a faction if you give them some item (like gold), or help them fighting their enemies or healing them. You can only belong to one faction, if you change of faction, your old faction will consider you an enemy. Mobs of your faction will fight mobs from another factions, will be peaceful to you (just make sure of not hurt them!) but will not recognize you as a leader until you've conquered a Nether fortress for you and the faction. Until then, you cannot issue orders for them. If your faction keeps winning their battles, they'll be become stronger, but that also will mean that the counterattacks will become more intense. The mobs of a faction spawn in packs. The Nether
    fortresses will be very attractive structures for the factions, it can have some tactical advantages that makes them want to be there. If you
    don't belong to any faction, they'll ignore you until a battle between factions starts: in that moment, both factions will become hostile to you (but won't target you exclusively), if you defeat some mob of a faction, the opposite faction will consider your ally. Now try to imagine mobs battling each other: you better watch your step!

    That's all guys, hope you like my idea. I know this is not the only idea that needs to be implemented, but I think this could be a excellent idea for making the Minecraft nights scary and challenging again.



      • Mobs need AI overhaul to work as a team as time passes, even planning sieges to bases and villages
      • Villages need guard villagers to help in the village defense, they can be hired by the player, and stonemason villagers to help build and repair
      • Nether mobs need to fight each other for Nether fortresses in opposing factions, that will make the Nether more chaotic
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    posted a message on Want to update SDK Mods to 1.7.10?


    Probably some of you have used or at least know about SDK Mods. Yes, 1.2.5 and Modloader. It is probably a bit impossible to contact him, and the probability of an update seems far.

    But then came Aidan Brady, author of Mekanism. He worked on the Forge port of SDK Mods, called Modern Warfare. Unfortunately, his development work stopped towards 1.6.4, and for what he said to me, he probably won't continue working on that mod.

    The good news is that is work is open source: https://github.com/aidancbrady/ModernWarfare

    So my idea/request is looking for developers who liked the SDK mod and try to port Modern Warfare to 1.7.10. In the meanwhile, I'll consider learning some modding (I know how to program, just not developing mods in Forge) but that would be a bit slow because my time is limited.

    Thank you in advance.

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    posted a message on [1.2.5] [SMP] [Forge] Modern Warfare - SDK's Mods Reborn (UPDATE IN PROGRESS!)

    I have news, people!

    I've talked a bit with Aidan. The sad new is that he's not going to update this mod probably. The good new is that this mod is open source, so anybody can take a look in the code and continue the development! Here's the GitHub link: https://github.com/aidancbrady/ModernWarfare

    So, if anybody want to update this mod, the source is there.

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    posted a message on Bukkit Plugins For SinglePlayer

    I would recommend you to take a look to the Sponge Project. In few words, they try to combine Forge and Bukkit, so you can use Forge mods and Bukkit plugins together. And the project would run over Forge, so single player compatibility would be assured.

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    posted a message on [1.2.5] [SMP] [Forge] Modern Warfare - SDK's Mods Reborn (UPDATE IN PROGRESS!)

    Yes, its a dead topic.

    For what I read, its a bit impossible to contact the original mod author. This mod is too good to be left dying. Is there a possibility of making it open source so the community could revive it?

    Anyway, I'll try to contact Aidan about this mod.

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    posted a message on Gooeyworm's MCImproved v2! WIP

    Dude, if you are not open to criticism, don't ever bother posting. Less when your post says NOTHING.

    Stop deleting posts that are not favorable to you.

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    posted a message on [Idea] Better Minecarts and Rails (Furnace Minecart GUI, smooth curves and switches, more rolling stock, etc.)


    I think many of you know about Railcraft and or Traincraft. They both have great advantages and usually work well together. Sadly, Traincraft is taking a lot of time to update. So I propose this idea for people that needs a Traincraft-type complement to Railcraft or just a better vainilla Minecart experience.

    Vainilla-style smooth curves and switches: Mods like Traincraft and Rails of War brings more realistic curves, not the 90° ones. Why nobody has implemented smooth curves which are compatible with the vainilla minecarts yet? Those mods done it, but both track systems are incompatible with the vainilla rolling stock. Also, with smooth curves come smooth switches.

    With the smooth curves and switches, more realistic (larger) rolling stock would benefit. Remember when you played Traincraft and the carts had to rotate in the curve in a very unrealistically way? With this addition, that problem would be partially solved, and this also applies for long trains that, for some reason, needs to stop in a curve, because Railcraft trains tends to break itself in the curve (it's just too sharp).

    GUI for the Furnace Minecart: The Furnace Minecart lacks a decent GUI. With using them, there's no way to brake it by itself, retrieve the remaining fuel, know how much time it will operate or regulate their speed. It's time to change that. A GUI could store the fuel and allow the player place it/retrieve it, regulate the speed (four speeds forward, one or two reverse (slower), and the option to invert the furnace.

    Vainilla styled cart linking: For 1.7.10, if I recall correctly, there's no way to link the carts in vainilla. Unless you're using Railcraft, you're not able to form vainilla trains unless the Furnace Minecart is pushing the entire train. That's unconvenient for the player perspective (less sight of what's happening in front) and makes the train a bit harder to drive. It's necessary a more vainilla-based solution, maybe strings, two tripwire hooks, etc. And a way to unlink the carts too.

    More rolling stock: If anyone is inspired, I offer some ideas for rolling stock:

    Train driver wagon: like a train cabin, allows to control the Furnace Minecarts or the locomotives via a driver panel with a GUI and offers the tripulation some commodities (furniture to store the log books, beds to rest, a furnace to cook and some space to store foods and other stuff).

    Passenger coaches: like the 10.000 series of RENFE/D-160 series of EFE. Passengers could have a good view in 1st person from inside the coach (not having heads over the coach's roof), and they could be of different types: dinner coach, view coach, regular coach, premium coach, etc. It would be ideal, but not required, that players could walk inside and between coaches while inside of a moving train, like the some ship mods.

    Mail wagon: with very slots to store the packages to each destination. The slot will only allows paper-based items, like paper, written books, Bibliocraft Envelopes, etc., and small objects (stack of eggs/apples,etc.). The idea is that this wagon doesn't transport real cargo - there will be other wagons for that.

    Cargo wagons: several types of cargo wagons, some of them allows to transport anything, others are limited. By example, tank wagons only can transport liquids. Some special wagons could only transport lava. Plain carts could accomodate chests (five is a good number for the expected wagon length) or wood logs, also if empty or partially used, could allow a player to sit on them. Container transport wagons, living stock wagons, open-roof wagons, etc.

    Locomotives: coal/charcoal, redstone, steam, etc. Some of them designed for maneuvers (low speed, limited power), others to pull the train.

    The rolling stock should be compatible with vainilla rails (and, by extension, with Railcraft rails). I think that Traincraft offers some good models for reference.

    If anyone is interested, I could support him/her with ideas, and will have my gratitude, and I think, the gratitude of many players. I know some of coding but, unfortunately, I have no modding experience and very limited time. Also, more suggestions and ideas are welcome!

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    posted a message on I have an idea: Why not make all the minecraft 1.8+ Features for 1.7.10?

    I think that 1.8 is the Windows Vista of Minecraft. I can imagine how much larger is the 1.7 playerbase, so this idea seems cool. Some things would enter in conflict, though, and I think that must me configurable. I like the 1.8 style of trading, but what if a player likes the 1.7 style more? Let the player configure that. But the idea, in general, is cool. Many major mods had not updated to 1.8, and the broken furnace minecart is another reason why I play in 1.7.10

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    posted a message on Auto-Miner Mod

    If you are looking something specific for 1.8, I wish you luck.

    If not, in 1.7.10 Buildcraft has the Quarry to clear large portions of land, and a Miner. IndustrialCraft 2 has two types of Miners and a Terraforming machine.

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    posted a message on RailCraft Mod

    Read this:


    That means that it won't work in 1.8.7 because the author has not developed for 1.8 yet.

    Also, a fair amount of mods are in 1.7.10. Why? I don't know, but it looks like 1.8 has some bugs that people find annoying. For example, you cannot use Furnace Minecarts at all. But it has good things too, like the new trading system.

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    posted a message on Helpful Villagers v1.4.0 BETA - Builders and more on the way...
    This is a great mod, something I wanted for ages is villagers capable of defending their towns. Also, I'm waiting for the next update, I like the idea of Sheperd/Rancher and Fisherman... and in a future, a Alchemist/Magician one (similar to Witches but on the good side).
    The bad news are that I can't play the game with this mod for now because of the lag it originates. I don't have any Merchants nor Merchant Guild, but the error is generated by the price management that leads to a NullPointerException:
    All lines start with [16:25:25 INFO]: Client> [15:25:25] [Server thread/INFO] [STDERR]: [java.lang.Throwable$WrappedPrintStream:println:-1] but I deleted them for readability:

    at mods.helpfulvillagers.econ.VillageEconomy.decreaseAllDemand(VillageEconomy.java:518)
    at mods.helpfulvillagers.main.ClientHooks.serverTickEventHandler(ClientHooks.java:183)
    at cpw.mods.fml.common.eventhandler.ASMEventHandler_133_ClientHooks_serverTickEventHandler_ServerTickEvent.invoke(.dynamic)
    at cpw.mods.fml.common.eventhandler.ASMEventHandler.invoke(ASMEventHandler.java:54)
    at cpw.mods.fml.common.eventhandler.EventBus.post(EventBus.java:138)
    at cpw.mods.fml.common.FMLCommonHandler.onPostServerTick(FMLCommonHandler.java:247)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.func_71217_p(MinecraftServer.java:590)
    at net.minecraft.server.integrated.IntegratedServer.func_71217_p(IntegratedServer.java:111)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:427)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer$2.run(MinecraftServer.java:685)
    Hope you can find the cause of the error. I can't wait to use this mod soon!
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] SDK's Mods [v1] *Aug 18th ModLoaderMP Updated*
    Check this post instead. The author helped Flan to update his mod too. Does anybody have some news about SDK?
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] [SMP] [Forge] Modern Warfare - SDK's Mods Reborn (UPDATE IN PROGRESS!)
    Waiting for one of the best mods I've played with gets updated :D
    I hope Mojang doesn't throw too many updates in a short amount of time.
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