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    posted a message on Looking for a partner(s) to play modded Minecraft with.
    Minecraft gets pretty dull when you're always playing alone. I want someone to play with to enhance my experience. I have many mods downloaded including but not limited to: Flans mod, Mutant Creatures mod, Mine Mine no Mi, Orespawn, Pixelmon, etc. I'm open to downloading more to play on but my basic request is for someone to play with me. There aren't many requirements that I have but I need a partner who is at least 12 (pushing), has a mic/skype (optional but recommended), must be in a time zone no farther than 2 hours ahead/behind (EST) otherwise, play together would be awkward and difficult, must have experience with mods and crafting recipes for (at least) Vanilla Minecraft.
    Anyone who meets these requirements and would like to play, leave your contact details in a PM (not sure if this forum has PMs) or on the thread if my details don't suffice. Otherwise, contact me.

    Not sure which contact details I should leave...

    (Age 15)

    Email: [email protected]

    Skype: Alpha_Elfin

    Kik: Alpha_Elfin

    TLDR: I'm lonely and I need a partner to play (Modded) minecraft with.
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