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    Eh Here goes the secrecy of my gender, But uh. What the heck right? Yolo? Yea, I'll yolo it.

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    Obama will be all over this one (Joke). But to be completley serious, I blame this on the parents. Or whoever gave him the damn gun. If it was the parents, THey should put the thing in a safe or something. Kids can clearly not be trusted with any sort of fire arm (Which was established long ago). Yet parents seem to slip up. Somehow forgetting I have a gun+a kid+School shooting=oh shoot my kid killed someone.

    Not only that, But you have to be a seriously damaged child, To even need to bring a weapon to school. But these days you can't tell. I've seen kids arrested for bringing pocket knives to school, The purpose? I have no clue. Maybe it is a popularity thing, Maybe you have a bully, Maybe you just wanna be safe on your way to and from school.

    The main thing I want to say though, Is that honestly kids are a problem. They are our future, but our problem. And nobody can seem to set them straight nowa days. And correct me if I am wrong, But to qoute a great man in a movie

    "You kids today so quick to pick up a gun, These... These right here is all the protection you need *raises fists* you win some, You lose some. If you live, You live to fight another day!"
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