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    I paid for a leet.cc server, and hated it so much. It's just so glitchy sometimes the server won't turn on, sometimes the server is on but you can't even join, and you don't even have a console. Also you have to pay for plugins... like what the deuce is that?? Well I already bout 2000 credits and thats about 2 weeks server time. Max players ; 5. If you guys want the server, Just say I'm in or something. Im jus gonna let my baby sister choose who wins since I hate doing stuff like this, well good luck I guess. need any more info my kik : longlive_isaiah

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    Quote from ThePiDay»

    *clap clap clap*
    It's just so hard for me to post on a thread without someone making a pi joke.

    It must be sad xDD
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    1. Which position do you want to choose?: Admin
    2. When did you start playing Minecraft Pocket Edition? When 0.8.5 came out lol
    3. When did you start playing Minecraft? Idk I think it was 2011
    4. How old are you? 14
    5. Why do you want this position? cause I lave taking care of servers lol
    6. State your previous experience(s) with MCPE and MC servers. I am an admin in 1 server and a builder in 2
    7. Have you built any maps before in MCPE? yeah I love building park our mapss
    8. How much time do you spend on MCPE per day? (On average?) A lot... Believe me when I say a lot
    9. Your MCPE IGN? TWS_BlackZetsu_

    Thanks for reading have a nice day
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    No its not real money its just that you entered a EconomyS server
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