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My name is Isaiah Torres, I am 15 in the 9th grade. I am Dominican and brown skinned lol. I have many things that I like but somethings I like more than other. Anime, Minecraft, and also manga is what I'm most interested in. My favorite anime is "Akame Ga Kill" and my favorite manga is "Naruto Shippuden" I started playing Minecraft PE like a year ago when my friend suggested it for me. Then I found out that there was minecraft for other systems like XBOX 360 and the PC, I heard that it had wayyyy more stuff than in PE so I decided to get a PC for my birthday. P.S This bio has not been changed for 2 years. The only thing I changed was my age and grade.


Terraria , Anime , Food , TeeWorlds , Mishka , Ubuntu , And Obviously Minecraft !

Location New York!

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Minecraft AlmightyOtaku_ Xbox N/A PSN Nope Steam Dont Have One Yet