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    So here's the complicated scenario I'm dealing with:

    A friend of mine and I share a server together that's got quite a few mods. There's more we want to introduce, but we don't want to put them all in the same world -- we want to make a separate one specifically for those mods (like one world for just average vanilla style, and another for all our magic mods). We currently use Forge and that's been extremely resourceful for us so far, but now we're at a hard spot, because it seems most of the multiworld mods out there depend on Spigot/Bukkit/Sponge/some other mod support. And I'm really not all that interested in switching to those, because it's tedious.

    I do have MystCraft downloaded, and it says it delves into multiple dimensions, but I'm not sure if it can separate mods between worlds (or, really, how it works at all, thus I haven't uploaded it to the server just yet). SimpleDimensions looks alright but I've noticed that it seems lacking in terms of commands and GUI (though that could just be my opinion).

    If anyone has any other method, that'd be swell.

    Our server is supported by a third party, and while it has quite a few mods already, it doesn't get much traffic, as you might have guessed, so I'm not worried about having multiple dimensions causing lag or serious RAM usage.

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    I tried looking through the forums and through Google, and I couldn't find a good solution to this without somehow tampering with the server itself (which isn't the problem here anyway).

    The best I can describe is this: When I first load up the game, nothing happens, and everything runs perfectly. But as I play, every once in a while (ten minutes or longer), the game will freeze for a second, then resume. It's not loss of framerate, because I will freeze even when jumping or trying to use a recipe. After the second passes it goes back to normal and I can continue. As time passes, how frequently the stutter occurs increases until it's happening every few seconds, making it difficult to get anything done.

    The only thing that seems to make it stop (and the process inevitably start over), is to go to the visual graphics settings and mess around. What I do doesn't really matter -- raise the FPS rate, lower it, raise render distance, lower render distance, turn shadows on or off -- doesn't matter, just as long as I tamper to some degree, it'll go back to normal. Even with everything at the bare minimum the stutter occurs.

    I know it isn't the server I play on, because the same thing happens on singleplayer. It's not the version, because it happens on 1.11 and 1.12 (modded and unmodded). I only have a few mods downloaded, but even with them turned off/on vanilla Minecraft, the stutter is there.

    I checked how much RAM I have allocated, which is at the standard 1G for now. Memory usage goes between 90-94%, and not really ever dipping up or down from that.

    I don't know what information to give to help you guys figure it out unfortunately, so I'll give you what I can think of. This is the system specs I have.

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