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    Out-of-character Info

    Minecraft username: Alleen

    Your Age: 18

    Have you ever role-played before? If so, tell us your experience with it (this does not include role-playing video games such as Skyrim): Yes, I've participated in a decent amount of text-based roleplay as well as several other Minecraft servers that mainly focus on roleplaying.

    Have you read all of the rules?: borscht

    Tell us about yourself. Why are you interested in joining, what do you have to offer the server?: I enjoy roleplaying and I enjoy Minecraft, as well as having this server recommended to me by a friend.

    What three MCMMO skills would you like? (If you do not know anything about MCMMO skills, read up on them here.): Mining, Herbalism, Axes

    In-character Info

    Character Name: Alleen

    Character Age: 26

    Character Gender: Male

    Write a backstory for your character. It need not be super long, but it should be at least a paragraph or two and should be interesting. This will be one of the main things that we consider when reading your application, so be creative:

    Alleen was born to a family of miners, being raised expected to do the same. He grew strong and hard, but unhappy with the lack of diversity that the depths offered. As he aged, his heart grew soft for the local herbalist's daughter, courting her for a time. She showed him the wonders of the forest--the creatures, plants, and how they may be used for the benefit of others. Alleen fell in love with the forest through her, desiring to leave the mines in favor of the above-ground world.
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    IGN: Alleen
    Previous RP experience: 4 / 5, as well as already existing on the server
    Have you read the Server Guide?: Yes.



    Character name: Taever
    Gender: Male
    Race (and optional subrace): Human, Centraler
    Age: 34
    Appearance: http://imgur.com/Q42gsRU
    Taever hails from the cold North, and as a result is somewhat taller and larger than his Ithican brethren. An uneventful heritage has left him mostly unremarkable in terms of appearance, sporting naturally brown hair and eyes--except for the odd heterochromatism which was that way upon birth and is a traditional genetic mutation with no magical or otherwise properties. He wears warm clothing, made mostly of hide.
    Personality: Taever is simple, preferring to talk rarely and with brevity. He is, however, quick to defend those and that which he values. Mild-mannered and soft-spoken, Taever tends not to fight with others.
    RP Story:
    A large figure lumbers into the tavern, making his way clumsily around the tables to the bar.
    "I'll... have whatever you got," he grumbles to me. I'm not one to serve those who have so obviously been visiting other taverns that day, but this man seemed to have a reason behind his inebriation.
    "I'll start you a tab," I tell him. He nods, but does not look up. I serve his drink and continue engaging with the other patrons.
    The evening goes on, most of the men leaving the tavern after a few drinks. The large man continues to drink well into the darkness, until at last there is only him at the bar and one pair of people sitting at a table discussing the market. I serve the man another round, then begin to absently clean a mug, standing across from him.
    "I come from the North," he begins. "From a small village at the foothills of the mountains, where the snow still melts when it is warm enough."
    I sit, prepared for a long story.
    "No," he says, "I will be brief. I just want someone else to remember.
    "We lived off the land, traded with the merchants as they came, and generally lived well enough to say we did more than just survive. I farmed with my father when I was young, then worked the mines as I grew strong enough to swing a pick. Out in the wilderness family names held no greater meaning, so we were free to marry who we chose. There was a girl for me, and I courted her for many months before her father agreed to let us wed. We had one child, a girl, and she was out entire world.
    "Then the Cataclysm found us."
    Here he stops, regaining his composure. I, too, had lost loved ones in the Cataclysm and its aftermath, so I empathized with the man.
    "They were among the first to get sick. We had little warning, and quickly most of the town fell. I will never forget the sight of so many people I knew lying in the cold earth as we buried them together.
    "Then there were relatively few of us left, when it finally seemed to be over. Not enough to exist as we had, but too many to give up hope for our village. So we lived, harder, for a while. It seemed to work, and we made it through quite a few years. Hardly anyone came any more, though, and slowly the old died and the young left in hopes of a brighter tomorrow.
    "My father-in-law was one of the last to stay. Too old to leave, but too stubborn to die. I took care of him, until he caught a bad cough--water in his lungs--and he died as comfortable as I could make him. I buried him next to his daughter and granddaughter.
    "With nothing left to me except the haunting memories of the past, I knew I had to leave. I still don't know where I will go, but I want to know that someone else, other than me, remembers my village."
    The man looks down again, then pushes me his mug and reaches for his coin purse. He pays with more than he owed, and as I went to make change I grabbed the message off the notice board, telling of a new land full of hope and prosper. I lay down the message with his change, and turn away to clean another mug.
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    Out of Character

    In-game Name:


    Previous RP experience:

    4.5 / 5
    Considerable experience in online role-playing games, as well as decent experience in explicitly chat-based role-play. Limited experience in tabletop gaming or live-action.

    Have you read the Server Guide?

    Yes, I have read the Server Guide.

    Link to MCThread Forum page that contains your application:


    In Character

    Character name:




    Race (and optional subrace):

    Human, Centraler




    Small and fragile, Alleen is a young girl with pale skin and light ginger hair. A lingering illness lead to a frailty preventing her from being entirely self-sufficient in the Cataclysm's wake. She wears a set of ragged clothes; a simple shirt and tunic, and a long skirt reaching to her ankles.


    Existing in a state of loneliness, due to a general air of being a burden on those around her, Alleen tends to be timid and shy. She avoids interactions with others, preferring to find company in plants and animals. Despite the timidity, Alleen takes pride in her accomplishments, and is not afraid to stand up for herself when her character is attacked by others. The persistent illness saps her ability to gain much strength, and she strongly avoids confrontational fighting with others.

    RP Story:

    I have to eat.. If I go much longer I won't have the strength to carry on...
    I rolled over, disturbing several nearby grasshoppers. Sleeping in the grass was not preferable, but the comfortable warmth of the earth beat the abandoned house in nearby Ithica I had been squatting in. Plus, the "fresh" air was easier to breathe than the stale odor of decay.
    Propping myself up on my elbows, I surveyed my surroundings. I was near the edge of the forest, just out of sight of the road. There was little to see--or eat--nearby, and the forest had become much too dark to consider entering. I looked back, toward Ithica, and sighed softly. Despite my gnawing hunger and waning strength, it seemed as if eating would have to wait until morning.
    Then, I noticed a small plume of smoke rising from over a hill in the distance.
    Oh.. someone else is out here... I wonder if they have food..? I don't know that I would be able to steal from them, but maybe they will be generous?
    Gathering my strength, I made my way toward the hill.

    He's asleep. I think I might be able to grab some food if I'm quiet enough...
    I moved as quietly as I could through the tall grass, making my way around his camp. However, in watching the man to notice if he woke, I stepped on a twig. His eyes flew open, and he jumped to his feet, brandishing a dagger at the night.
    "Show yourself," he growled at the darkness. Fear struck me.
    I could die here. One mistake and I could die..
    I left the cover of the grass, stepping into clear view of the man.
    "What do you think you're doing here?"
    Overcome by shame, I quietly admitted, "I.. am so hungry.. and you have a little extra food.. I thought I..."
    He put away his dagger, motioning for me to come closer. "The plains outside Ithica are no place for a young girl. Outlaws abound here," he said. From his bag he pulled out a piece of old bread and handed it to me. I said nothing, tearing into the bread with renewed vigor.
    The man looked sad for a moment, then looked down and remarked, "Fourteen years ago, I would have been able to treat you better."
    A puzzled look came across my face. Across a mouth stuffed with bread, I managed to ask, "What do you mean?" The man sighed, then began to tell a story that took place long before my birth, before the Cataclysm.
    I listened with the portion of my attention not devoted to making sure I was getting every bit of bread I could into myself, and after a while I fell asleep, bread still in hand.
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    IGN: Alleen
    Where Did You Hear About the Server: A friend - Cathartidae
    Do You Understand / Accept the Rules: Yes
    What Is Our Policy on Raging: No raging. Do not give up.
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    I'm interested in a whitelist for the contest.

    My IGN is Alleen.

    Thank you. :smile.gif:
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    IGN : Alleen
    Age : 15
    Why do you want to join? : Been on a couple RP SMP servers, but they were unstable, and did not reach my expectations.
    How long have you played Minecraft? : 5 months
    What are you looking forward to? I hope to keep more or less to myself, earn slime, etc.
    What is allowed in the Wilderness? Prety much everything except forest fires.
    When lost, who would you ask for teleports? No one.
    What do we use for currency? Slime Balls
    Please read our Wiki? I did.
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    I have been playing Minecraft for five months.
    I enjoy roleplaying, but tend to be slightly solitary.
    My IGN is Alleen.
    I will play most days, depending on what is going on in real life.
    Yes, I would like to be involved with the Sunday testing.
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    I have been experiencing ridiculously high server lag including (but not only):

    - Reverted chunks
    - Inventory reverted to a previous state (once even to before a death)
    - Block errors
    - And of course, high delay times (that are not usual for my computer / connection)

    I do not know who the server host is, but he / she appears to be having some issues. . .

    Thank you.
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    IGN: Alleen
    Class: Trader
    Age: 15
    Reason for Joining: Referred to this server. It appears to be a very promising survival server.
    Role: Alleen follows in his father's footsteps as a trader, albeit a mediocre one. He tends to spend the majority of his time wandering the land and harvesting its resources rather than trading...
    City: Noxun
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    IGN: Alleen
    Age: 15
    Faction: Vagabond

    A scholar by trade, Alleen was abducted for slavery during a port raid. The captain of the vessel took a liking to the quiet man, and had Alleen join his crew. Since then, Alleen has adopted the ways of a pirate and mercenary over his scholar's education for his means of income; however he still retains his knowledge, and uses it to his advantage in most situations.
    Alleen fell in with Cathartidae several years ago, and has been sailing with the pirate lately.

    I did.
    I will not grief or build excessively.
    I will not abuse game mechanics.
    I take responsibility for my actions.
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    IGN: Alleen
    Caste: Constructor
    Location: Both
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