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    UPDATE MAY 31 2013: It has been a very long time since i last revisted this post, and everynow and then I receive emails about a new post, for the time being i think that this post i have here covers enough that i dont need to add anything to it, but it i see an amazing comment pop up in my emails i will most likely come back and add it.

    The villagers in minecraft have a very boring life, they sit around waiting for someone who may or may not exist to come and trade with them, ignoring all the other npc's in the world. What if they could do war on eachother and their jobs actually meant something? Read more to find out!

    If anyone wants to make a mod out of this, let me know.

    UPDATE - (this was taken from the Wiki)
    Improved villages and villagers to make them more self-aware[39]
    • You can now restore a desolate village or create a completely new village[40]
    • Villagers can now like and dislike you[41]
    • Villagers who dislike you will refuse to trade
    • Villagers will dislike you more for killing their friends or allowing them to die
    • Depending on how much villagers like you, they will start to offer you better trades[42]
    • Trades may be made permanent again or last shorter/longer
    Nice to see villagers getting some love

    Just remember, Not everything here needs to be implemented if anything does. So stop whining about it being too complicated.

    Table of Contents:

    1. NPC Interface
    2. NPC hunger and health
    3. Emotion
    4. Reputation
    5. Trading
    6. Factions
    7. Leadership
    8. Villages and Castles
    9. Currency
    10. Traders
    11. Abandoned Villages
    12. Families and names
    13. Repopulating abandoned villages
    14. Jobs
    15. Buildings
    16. Combat
    17. Morale/Military Strength
    18. Village Spawning System
    19. Races + Religions
    20. New Items
    (The following two items are 2 other peoples suggestions, used with permission)
    21. Quests
    22. Village Generation Fixes

    NPC interface:

    Thanks to CardboardPixel for making picture of the interface.

    Starting from top left to bottom right, you have NPC health in the top left. Then NPC faction. Then Hunger. Then gifting box. Then NPC name. Reputation bar, Chat, NPC emotion (face), Usual trading interface, inventory.

    When you click on an NPC's name you will be able to see a list of his family and what their jobs are. it will also say what job the NPC you are talking to has and his family reputation with you.
    The leader/king, commander and any NPC with a job would have a special additional interface.
    When you click on the faction name for the leader, he brings up a list of EVERYONE in his town, and what jobs they have. and the town reputation bar. Clicking on the faction name for any other villager wont bring anything up.
    When you click on the Commanders faction name button you will see an interface showing the Military strength of his faction and the faction they are at war with (if any), the Supplies for both factions, and the reputation for both villages. You also see the morale of his army and the enemies.

    Any NPC with a job will bring up a little statistics page when you click on his faction name button.
    Lets use miner as an example:
    Name - Steve Doppleganger
    Job - Miner
    Stone mined - 325
    Coal mined - 114
    Iron mined - 95
    Gold mined - 12
    Redstone mined - 23
    Lapis mined - 4
    Diamond mined - 3

    The interface could also look like this:

    Check out his thread including this here: http://www.minecraft...ew-trading-gui/

    NPC Hunger and Health:
    NPC's will now show you their health in the NPC interface. They will also have hunger and will need to eat like a normal player, but not near as often. When the NPC is hurt he may have to go to the priest if he cant find food. When an NPC is hungry they will pay more for food, but when they are full they will pay less for food.


    NPC's will have emotions. Most NPC's will be happy, indifferent or worried based on the current status of any ongoing war, all NPC's will be happy if there is no war. Their will be Gains and Penalties that you earn based on you actions towards an NPC, Positive actions give you gains, Negative actions give you Penalties
    The emotions will be:
    Happy, Gain = 10% increase in rep gain, 10% better prices, half bonuses for family members
    Angry, Penalty = 10% decrease in rep, 10% lower rep gain, No trading, half penalties for family members
    Worried, Penalty = Runs away from player
    Sad, Gain = 10% increase in rep gain from gifting, Penalty = No trading, (gifting enough breaks the penalty)
    Indifferent, No gains or penalties
    Disappointed, Gain = 10% increase in rep gain from trading Penalty = No gifting, rep gain is 5% slower

    The action triggers for emotions would be:
    Killing an NPC, family or town member
    Just having a certain amount of rep
    Fighting for a faction
    Donating to any job chest or the town stockpile in the town hall

    When you hover over the emotion face on the interface it will show the emotion, the reasons for why (can be multiple) and the gains and penalties you have with that person.

    Most emotions will work in stages, going from angry to sad or something of the sort, depending on the reasons. Say you were to kill a random NPC in the village, his family members would get mad, most other villagers would be worried, and the leader would be disapointed. after a certain amount of time ingame the family members would become sad (no longer attack you on sight) the other villagers would become indifferent along with the leader.


    When you talk to an NPC you will see your reputation with them based on stuff you did around town or by helping them or their family. When you increase the reputation of a villager in a family, his family rep increases by a percentage based on how many family members there are. When you get a villagers rep to full the town rep increases by a percentage based on how many town members there are. But when you get a family to max you gain an extra bit of rep with the town. Killing villagers brings your rep down, and the entire family will hate you, going to 0 rep. You will start off with having 10 rep for every villager. unless you are in very good standing with the faction they are at war with, then you will start with 5 rep or even 0.

    This is the cool part and fits in with trading quite nicely. When you help an NPC by, gifting him items (full rep gain), Trade him items (3/4 rep gain) or help his village (1/4 rep gain) you will gain rep. The rep you earn will help you gain power among a village. Maxing your reputation with each citizen helps alot for increasing your Village rep.
    Here is a simple example:

    Action | NPC rep gain | Village Rep Gain
    Gifting items to an NPC | Full | 1/4
    Trading with an NPC | 3/4 | 1/2
    Donate items to Village chest | 1/4 | Full
    Going to war with enemy faction | 1/2 | Full

    You would be able to trade just like normal except for a completely new UI (see above) and the ability to Gift items. When you gift the item you put it in the gift box and click on the Give button. this will increase reputation. The npc will eat food and use tools and armor. The NPC also might just donate it to their community chest.

    Factions would have their names stored in a .txt file so you can add to it.
    Factions would go to war against each other and would control multiple villages across the land. The villages would get mad at eachother based on things like:
    You control too much land
    You are too strong of a threat and must be eliminated before you grow stronger
    You have been stealing from our village
    You have stuff we want
    Your village would look better if i was ruling it

    Alot of those options leave it open for randomization.

    NPC's Now elect a leader or a King for their village or castle. The leader is in charge of all of his people, if you kill them they will get worried. But if you have 100 rep with all his villagers you become his advisor. This means you will get special dialouge when he talks to you, And you can give him advice on what to do next, you can suggest to attack a village, build more houses (up to a max), collect more supplies or arm your men.
    Every suggestion you make will reduce your rep with him by 5 meaning you have to give him gifts to make him happy again.
    A new king or leader will be chosen when the old one dies after 3 minecraft days.
    Villages taken over by a leader or king will never receive their own king unless the player asks to be the king and if loved by the town he fought for. The king will always stay at his own castle, any other village he take will only be able to build wooden walls, not cobblestone reinforcements.

    Villages, Castles and Capitals:
    The npc's are striving to rule the world, they will not build new cities, they will just upgrade their own. All villages will start out rather small having at least 1 well, 1 blacksmith, 1 church, 1 watchtower, 1 town hall, 1 barracks, 2 houses and 1 farm. They will usually spawn on flat areas but not just in the grasslands, forests will have trees cleared out for the village, the village wont be so close to water that its being flooded, or halfway into a hill.
    Eventually when the lumberjacks have harvested enough wood the builders will build a wooden wall around the village. Then later on when the miners have collected enough cobblestone, they will reinforce the walls and put a cobble stone layer on the outside. The only buildings that will have buildings built outside that wall will be a capital city.

    A capital city is where the king or leader of a faction lives, the faction will not make anymore capital cities unless an abandoned city is captured and the NPC's start a new faction there. the City names will be stored in a .txt file that can be edited.

    Currency would be alot like it is in 1.3 but based on the stages of the city growth it would work like this:
    Normal village: Gold nuggets used as currency.
    Village with wooden walls: Lapis used as currency
    Village with cobblestone reinforcements on walls: Emeralds as currency

    It would be balanced so that if you were to buy alot of supplies at a normal village and then go to a castle and sell them, you would make no profit and would not benfit, because supplies would be less in the small villages, meaning higher prices. Which leads into this:

    The cost of items would increase or decrease based on the amount of items in the town chest, For an example lets use wheat.
    Wheat base price: 5 gold nuggats for 5 wheat
    Wheat price when 64 stack in town chest: 1 gold
    Wheat price when 10 or less in town chest: 15 gold

    Wheat base price in a second stage (wooden wall) village would be: 1 Lapis for 10 wheat.
    Wheat base price in a third stage (reinforced wall) village would be: 1 emerald for 20 wheat.

    This would make it a viable option to buy items cheap, and sell them later for more!

    To make it a little more interesting, traders may run between discovered villages that dont hate eachother, if you see one in the middle of nowhere you could follow him to a village or kill him for some random loot.

    Abandoned Villages:
    When you kill too many people or break too much stuff the whole village will turn hostile.

    I know it isn't really an original idea, but i think i can make it unique this time.
    Sure you will be able to find empty villages and loot them, but now with the new NPC mechanics that would be added, you will be able to turn a thriving castle into a ghost town. There would be requirements for how you force a group of NPCs to abandon their village. Here are some i thought up:

    Destroy 20+ Blocks in the wooden walls around the village (only if upgraded)
    Destroy 5+ Blocks in every building
    Kill a minimum of 5 villagers (for small town) or 10 villagers (large town)
    Kill the leader (counts as a villager)
    Stomp out 4 farm-ground at every garden
    Take 10 Wheat from every garden
    Take at least 1 item from the blacksmiths chest
    Kill every single villager.

    Kill King - Civilians run in fear and some leave town until they join another village
    Destroy 50 blocks from the outer wall
    Destroy 10 blocks from every house
    Kill a minimum of 15 villagers
    Kill a minimum of 2 iron golems
    Steal 3 items from blacksmiths chest
    Kill every villager AND every single golem
    All other village requirements apply to this.
    The same requirements here apply to other NPC's villages fighting eachother, They will try to accomplish these goals.

    You would also be able to retake a village. This can be done by advising your castles king to increase the size of his kingdom. He will send villagers to fix the damage and repopulate. There will be no leader in villages taken over by Kings. You will have to find the village that the king lives in to do this.
    The best method to take over a castle/village is to place some tnt near some buildings and near the walls, then you kill the leader, set off the tnt and kill anything left fighting, many villagers will get scared and run away if so much gets destroyed so fast, especially when their leader dies.
    Families and names:
    I thought this would fit in nicely with the reputation system, so i added this in too.
    Since NPCs have names, they can also have a last name, which decides which other NPC's are in their family. If you do good things for 1 family member the rest will get a small rep bonus compared to the one you helped.
    Families may spread to other cities or a city may be entirely made up of one huge family.
    When you terrify villagers away by pillaging their village the family may start again in another village
    The last name would be chosen for babies by whichever family is bigger (since there isn't really any females)
    Faction, NPC, Village and family names (last names) Will all be stored in different .txt files so the player can edit them as they wish.

    Repopulation for abandoned viillages:
    When you want to repopulate villages, you could buy a villager egg from the leader of the village after getting 100 village rep. When you place 2 villagers into a new village, it will be a 10% chance that they decide to make it their own and elect their own leader (1 of the 2) and start you off with 100 village rep for that village, but with a 90% chance they will stay true to their leader.

    The rules for this is:
    The village/castle must not be inhabited
    It must have 2 fully restored inhabitable buildings
    There must be 2 villagers placed in the village

    The villagers will repair the rest

    There obviously is going to be jobs for this village. Not all villages will have all the jobs, most likely only capital cities will.
    Here is what i came up with:

    Smith: Makes armor and weapons
    Fletcher: Works with the smith, makes bows.
    Builder: Uses wood and cobble from the community chest to build houses and walls
    Librarian: Sells books that have a few small stories about the world. The stories would be something like: "The [Faction name here] assaulted one of [insert faction name here]'s Villages, they have been rising in power recently. Some rumors are going around that they have an army of 100 men!"
    Basically just history books selecting a random faction name from a large list of faction names and using one of many predetermined stories. Just to give your village a little bit of background.
    Lumberjack: Cuts down wood and puts it in the town chest
    Farmer: Farms wheat and puts it in town chest, milks cows. (limit of 1 field per village)
    Leader: Stays in town hall. wears an iron crown.
    King: Stays in town hall. Wears a GOLD crown.
    Priest: Stays in and around the church, Heals hurt villagers (may use a new item, Holy water)
    Alchemist: 1 per town, mixes potions with ingredients you put into its chest
    Hunter: Kills animals for food.
    Commander: Builds iron golems, Leads armies to war. (3 iron golems allowed per village, only 1 can go to war) wears a cape.
    Solider: 4 sub types, Will be decided upon a child growing up. 50% chance of a child being a solider.
    --------------Warriors: 40% chance a solider will be a warrior. Basic fighting mob, avoids TnT and fire, kills enemy NPC's
    --------------Archer: 40% chance a solider will be an archer. Shoots from afar
    --------------Demolitionist: 10% chance a solider will be a demolitionist (will run in first to destroy walls
    and houses)
    --------------Pyromaniac: 10% chance a soldier will be a pyromaniac. Runs in and burns down houses and people during a battle.
    Magician: 1% chance of a magician spawning with a village, 5% chance one will be born after a castle upgrade. A Magician will have an enchanting table in his house with bookshelves around it.
    Miners: Miners will work in the towns mineshaft, it wont be large but he will bring back useful minerals and cobblestone for building and smithing.
    Butcher: kills cows from the field and cooks meat, then puts in village chest. lives with farmer
    Thief: Wears black and a mask, goes to other villages and steals from them, uses sneak when near another village to indicate that they cant see him. Lives in the barracks.
    Villager: Normal villagers cant just be lazy slobs, they have to pull their weight, so what do they do? When there is a battle at their village they will put out fires caused by pyromaniacs, they will do this by either running to the well with a bucket of water or just trampling the fire (punching it out)
    They also will defend themselves if need be, but they cant use swords.


    Not all cities will have ALL the buildings, if any do it will be a capital city
    Farm: A farm is a nice fenced in area that starts with 2 of each type of farmable animal. A farmer lives in a little house outside of this (1 per town)
    House: This is where any NPC without an occupation lives
    Town Hall: This is always in the center of town, contains the Treasury and the town storage.
    Hunters post: A small hut on the edge of town when the village increases in size, to help feed the people (2 per village max) The hunter lives here
    Woodsman's hut: another small hut on the side of town for lumberjacks (2 per village max) This is also where the Fletcher lives and works
    Church: The priest lives here. (1 per town)
    Blacksmith: This is where the smith works, (1-2 per village)
    Magic Tower: This is where the rare magician lives, a very mysterious tower. (1 per town, 3 per world)
    Mine shaft: Yes, and its not abandoned and has an entrance to the surface near the village, the miners live in houses outside of the entrance
    Barracks:Where the soliders and commander lives, has chests in it that when armor and weapons are put it in will increase Military strength, but only if an NPC will use it. (1 max always spawns)
    Alchemy center: Where the alchemist lives, contains brewing station and cauldrons outside to catch rain. Cauldrons also inside. (1 max per village)
    Library: Where the librarian lives. (1 per village)

    Old Bland Village:

    Full explanation of what a village would look like if this was added:

    Town Hall Pics:


    Wizards Tower (rare):

    Hunters Post/Woodsmans hut:

    Main Gate:

    Mine Shaft Entrance:

    Church entrance (Would look something like the guard tower, But bigger):

    MORE NEW PICS!!! (august 20)

    The larger villages would have pumpkin farms to explain their iron golems.

    This is my idea of a large walled in village. There would be different variations, this one most likely being the biggest (this is the current world i play on)

    A Different idea for a keep

    A sort of Marketplace area, comes with NPC's that stay in their stalls for the day.



    The different types of soliders would fight in different ways.
    The archer stays back
    The warrior rushes forwards
    The demolitionist destroys enemy buildings and trys to avoid blowing up teamates
    The pyromaniac runs in through holes in the walls and sets stuff on fire.
    The commander would have a cape to set him apart, he would be in the very front or middle of the fight at all times.

    Morale/Military Strength:

    Morale would be about how easily NPC's will surrender or how "brave" they will be.
    The attacking teams morale will be affected by the commander and army size
    For every man in the army more than the enemy team the morale is increased by 1
    if the commander dies during battle morale goes down by 10
    At the start of the battle, both commanders are worth 10 morale.
    For the defending team it will be affected by King/Leader, Army size and commander.
    The king being alive in the castle increases the morale by 30
    the commander being alive increases it by 10
    every man more than the enemy increases it by 1

    If the morale falls below 5 the attackers will retreat or the defenders will surrender

    Surrender means that the survivors will live peacefully in the city after it has been conquered.
    (prisons would just be useless having a building so NPC's can sit around and just add that much more lag)

    Military strength is similar to morale, its based on the amount of weapons and armor the NPC's have and what quality

    For every wooden/leather weapon/armor MS increases by 1
    Every chain piece of armor increases MS by 3 (only given to NPCs if bought from a blacksmith (by player) and put in the Barracks armor chest)
    For every iron weapon/armor (or bow) MS increases by 5
    for every gold weapon/armor MS increases by 3
    For every diamond weapon/armor MS increases by 10

    Armies will only advance on the enemy if their military strength is within 20 points of the other army. This will mean more equal battles so the fights are more interesting (even 5 MS can make a difference.)
    You wont be bored watching one team Decimate another. Everything will be a close call.
    Village Spawning system:

    The villages will have a 5% chance of spawning in any biome flat enough to contain the new villages. When a village spawns it will increase the chance of another village spawning (at war) within 150-300 blocks away by 50%.

    There would also be new races, and different races would have a higher chance of starting a war or having bad relations with eachother. They would also each have their own religion, for the priests
    The races would be:
    Humans - most likely to start a war with Nosemen, Indifferent to all non hostile actions, Religion = Notch or a very rare chance Herobrine. Villages who worship Herobrine are limited to 1 per world.
    Pigmen - most likely to start a war with dwarves. Get mad if you kill pigs near them. Religion = Mud. 1% chance during the night that all villagers turn to zombie pigmen for the night. If a Villager is struck by lightning they become a zombie pigman permanently.
    Nosemen - Most likely to start a war with humans. Most common village type, Religion = Nostrilism (based around Buddhism because they wear robes)
    Goblins - All races are very likely to start wars with goblins, +20 to Village population cap, No religion, Just war.
    Dwarves - Most likely to start a war with pigmen, Rarest Villages. Houses have basements, Find more ores, faster. Religion = The god of Feasts. (church would be a feasting hall instead of a normal church)
    New items:

    Powder keg - Sold by dwarfs, Expensive (5 emeralds each), blows up a larger area than TnT (3-4 times).
    Golden ring - Dropped by goblins, can be turned in to any other races Leader or King for a small bit of extra Rep. (the other races all hate goblins) Can also be broken down into golden nuggets at a crafting table
    Crown - Dropped by kings you killed, Can be worn and then your reputation does NOT go down when you ask the town leader to do something and the dialogue changes to more demanding stuff (instead of "You should Attack this village" it becomes (Attack this village). (which basically makes him your advisor and you the leader)
    Mud - New Block, Found as the main ground block around pig villages, pig villages have dirt roads.
    Cloth - Dropped from and bought by Nosemen and Humans, can be colored, used in the creation of flags, can be placed. When placed it looks like a thin piece of wool (think snow). Used for carpets and banners when building.
    Flags - Can be colored, made by 3 sticks and 4 cloth. 3 sticks up the side and four cloth in the top corners. Every village has flags of a certain color placed around it.
    Piggy Bank - Used to store emeralds, diamonds and gold nuggets and any other precious shiny item you want. Only bought from humans
    Nose Goo - Dropped by nosemen. Combine 9 to make a slimeball.

    More added Later!!!


    Thanks to nate890 For letting me use this in my suggestion. Remember to head over to his thread and give him your support!!!

    Quote from nate890

    Villagers should give quests, and give items in return (like cloathing/emerald). The quests should feature basic tasks and objectives. Some tasks might include: "We need wheat to harvest. Replant our crops with Wheat.", or "Pigs are stepping on our crops. Kill 10 of them within the area of the village." Once again, these are basic examples to get the general idea flowing.

    The quest log will feature 3 different randomly picked quests and you have the ability to do them if you're the level, or above the level required (just like the Enchantment Table!). You will not lose you level and experience, like the Enchantment table. Instead, when you complete the quest, you gain EXP (the EXP gain will be the same for every quest, no matter the level or objective).

    The items in return will vary depending on what the level requirement for the quest you're doing is.

    The quest log should be designed to be easy to use and understand, with a basic idea like such:

    A picture of a quest log, given to you by a villager.

    A picture of the quest log, given to you by a villager when you have a completed quest.

    If you are all in for the idea and feel like supporting, go ahead, set this as your signature:



    Village Generation Fixes

    JP585 has alot of Great idea's involving villages, here a few that i like personally and would also like to be added to the game:

    Changes to Village Generation
    • Grass and flowers should not replace parts of a generated village.
    • Road Shoring: Roads now become two thick. The lower layer becoming a block not affected by gravity. This is to prevent house doors being drastically disconnected from the road, preventing entry and exit. It also has the nice effect of building bridges over rivers and ravines.
    • House Stilts: When a house is formed over air, it no longer generates a huge stone pillar. Instead, where there is liquid, air, or plants there remains empty space. At the corners of the house, as well as other logical points, stone pillars are generated. See plains village image for an example of it.
    • Railing: If a road should have two blocks of air on one of its sides, a wall of the appropriate type will be placed on the road edge. This will generate an appearance of safety in the village. See plains village image for an example of it. This will generate bridges as well as rails to prevent accidental drops from roads into holes. This will provide a sense of safety in the village. See plains village image for an example of it.
    • When a house generates, the spaces directly adjacent to the outside walls of house are cleared of blocks that are not part of the house. This will prevent a house become trapped completely under dirt, sand, gravel, etc or sand.
    Plains Village
    Before Village Generation Changes

    After Village Generation improvement (see bridges, stilts, and farm border)

    Check out and support the Thread Here: http://www.minecraft...s-new-villages/


    June 11, 2012.
    -Abandoned villages
    -Redone Leadership
    -Added to Reputation

    Later the same day
    -Minor changes

    The next day after that:

    And the day after the day above:
    -Added jobs

    Day after the day before this day:
    - Added buildings
    - added faction rep gaining
    -more interface description

    Later that night:
    -made and took pics of buildings/village (will be up soon) (only did some)
    -Made a few changes to the post

    June 17 2012-
    -Overhauled up to traders
    - Major Changes to currency
    - added Emotion
    - Removed some unnecessary and most conflicting ideas.
    - overhauled Factions
    -Overhauled Reputation

    June 24 2012-
    -Added pyromaniac job
    -Gave normal villagers some work to do
    -Made small additions to currency

    July 6 2012
    -Added Races + Religions
    - Added New items

    July 28 2012
    -Added New Items, removed crap ones
    - Made a few modifications to Races + Religions.

    August 12 2012
    - Added new items.
    Grammar fixes.

    August 13 2012
    -Added Quests

    September 10 2012
    -added another banner

    September 15 2012
    -Fixed a few mistakes in currency
    -Switched Diamond currency to Lapis

    Sept 26-27 2012
    -Added a new interface picture
    -added Village Genration Fixes

    If you liked this idea please press the green arrow in the bottom right!
    I hope you like my idea, please support it and vote whether you want it or not!

    Here is some banners to show your support!
    [url="http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1271884-villages-and-castles-pictures/"] [IMG]http://i1079.photobucket.com/albums/w507/Alkein/goodBanner.jpg[/IMG] [/url]

    [url="http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1271884-villages-and-castles-pictures/"] [IMG]http://i1079.photobucket.com/albums/w507/Alkein/BetterNpcsbanner2.png[/IMG] [/url]


    Special thanks to Shrapos for helping me with this idea (IRL friend)
    Thanks to:
    F117nighthawkX - Suggested the Dynamic villagers game mode
    arsonwelles - suggested .txt file for villager names
    dannybar9 - suggested dynamic prices based on resources, hunger and health
    Strottinglemon - suggested to make enemy factions gain rep when you kill opposing faction members
    nate890 - Let me put his Quests suggestion in here.
    kazar14 - the second banner
    JP585 - the Extra Stuff, which contains lots of village fixes.
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    Sorry if i come off as rude, but this exact same suggestion has been around since villagers were first implemented.
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    You have some pretty solid ideas,
    i really like the types of villages you have here, alot with all the fixes.

    mind if i copy paste a little preview of this into my thread and put underneath a nice big link to this thread?
    or maybe just have a link with a short description of your thread? i know it can sometimes be hard to get noticed on this forum and i really think you can make this thread very popular!
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    Now, we all know the quiver just never really wouldve worked...
    But i can solve all our problems.
    The quiver would be a new type of armor. It wouldnt give any armor points.
    You build it like this

    When you equip it 3 new slots would pop up below it (on the right side of your character in the inventory screen)
    In these 3 slots you can put arrows.
    Sure its nice to have extra inventory space.... BUT.... *drumroll* The number of arrows in your quiver would be shown to the left or right of your inventory bar (there would be an option for which side)

    Here is another way it might work:
    Quote from DeadSoul1234

    Why not when it's in hand, when you right click a new GUI opens up with say about 5 slots only for arrows to be stored in, so instead of having 5 stacks of arrow in your inventory, you have 1 quiver with 5 arrow stacks in that. This way you have to switch to your quiver to check the level of arrows in it

    Hope you enjoy it!
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    posted a message on New Potions!
    So, my suggestion is: Two new potions, one increases your size and one shrinks you

    This would require giants to be re-implemented though, and they would most likely need to spawn very very rarely in the extreme hills biome.

    Now onto the potions...
    The Potion of giants would require you to go and collect some giants hair, and The potion of shrinking would require you to collect silverfish tongues.

    When you drink the potion of giants, you grow to the size of 3 blocks tall and can jump over a two block height.
    When you drink the potion of shrinking, you shrink to the size of one block and can only jump onto half slabs.

    Let me know what you think.
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    posted a message on [Originally about Carrots/potatoes] Bring Back Outlines [Poll]
    Man, we need the borders back!!!!!
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    posted a message on New Item Sprites Texture Poll
    Quote from Spy227X

    I don't like some of it, but i do like the Porkchop and the other meats.

    Personally its the meats that i hate most.
    Just because 5 new items being added, 3 of them being different variations of the first 2, dosent mean that you should go back and change the textures everyone knows and loves and has merchandise for (i dont have any shirts or stuff btw)
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    posted a message on What does everyone want to see in 1.4 update?!
    We can already build really high
    there will be 1 new mob
    there might be dyable beds, but for now they are adding dyable armor
    They are adding marble (i think, only had one source for this)
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    posted a message on Amethyst Caves!
    Before you say anything like NO NEW TOOLS i want to say, im not going to make amethyst tools, or armor.
    What i am suggesting is basically a new structure.
    There will be a rare chance of a Very large cave (Think half the height of the average ravine and make that into a circle like shape) spawning that has HUGE amethyst crystals in it, they would give of a VERY low light level.
    You can mine them and get amethyst shards, you can use the shards to make amethyst blocks. The only way to get the natural amethyst is to use silk touch.
    The amethyst block would look like the diamond block is this suggestion:http://http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1274067-diamond-ore-and-block-retexture/ (GO SUPPORT IT I LOVE HIS IDEA)

    The Natural amethyst would look a bit like a slime, having the sort of transparent outside and a non-transparent inside, and the top of the giant amethyst would always be a small rectangle, so that the amethyst comes to a point. The top piece of the amethyst would give 1-3 amethyst shards and the other parts would give 3-5. If you harvest all of the amethyst except the bottom piece and leave it in normal darkness it will regrow at a rate of 1 block per 20 minecraft days.

    Now, what else are amethyst shards useful for?
    You can combine them with swords and armor to put an amethyst gem on the it, which increases there enchantibility
    You can also put them on a stick and now you have an Amethyst torch. This give of a very low amount of light, making them useful for haunted houses or other aesthetics. But there is one other feature that comes with the amethyst torch, if placed near anything that grows, excluding amethyst, it will increase the rate at which it grows by a small amount that does not stack.

    Please give me feedback!
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    posted a message on Stealth Armor, the better page!
    you missed the spoiler with the picture.
    Mabye come back later when you have actually spent more time think through your suggestion, NO ONE wants random unmineable temples all over their world. and please, learn to spell a little better...
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