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    posted a message on [16x] Strange Worlds: Pulp Sci-Fi Texture Pack [b1.3]
    i ask you of something great and time consuming... and that is to update this pack from Beta 1.3 to Full 1.0, this texture pack is far too good to just die.
    and back before biomes and that. this was my favorite texture pack of all time :biggrin.gif: but i am too lazy to patch this texture pack myself :3 but if you decide to make strange worlds compatible with 1.0 it would be like a dream come true ^^
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    posted a message on Need a name for an image editor that support transparency!
    i need help.
    i got the hang of re-texturing minecraft, with a huge problem, transparency.
    i only have the standard paint i got with windows 7, and it does not support transparency.
    for example, this yellow flower :YFlower: appears after reskinning with a white box around it... VERY ANNOYING.
    so does torches, doors, glass, mushrooms and more.
    please help me by posting the name of a image editing program with a link.
    thanks. :biggrin.gif:
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