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    What is the cheapest set of custom computer parts that you can find for Minecraft and Terraria gaming specifically?
    I have a friend that knows tons about Windows computers and has built many himself, so if you don't know, I'll ask him.

    Absolute cheapest? Buy an used desktop with an i5 off eBay for around $150, and throw a GT 1030 in. For under $250 you'll get a computer that will max out Minecraft and Terraria with ease.

    Otherwise this build is will do the job + run many other games:

    PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant

    CPU: Intel - Pentium G4400 3.3GHz Dual-Core Processor ($49.88 @ OutletPC)
    Motherboard: Gigabyte - GA-H110M-A Micro ATX LGA1151 Motherboard ($44.99 @ Newegg)
    Memory: Crucial - 8GB (1 x 8GB) DDR4-2133 Memory ($62.98 @ OutletPC)
    Storage: Western Digital - Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive ($45.87 @ OutletPC)
    Video Card: Zotac - GeForce GTX 1050 2GB Mini Video Card ($112.99 @ SuperBiiz)
    Case: Azza - SIRIUS ATX Mid Tower Case ($19.99 @ Newegg)
    Power Supply: Corsair - CXM (2015) 450W 80+ Bronze Certified Semi-Modular ATX Power Supply ($34.99 @ Newegg)
    Total: $371.69
    Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available
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    Quote from Herb_»

    CPU and graphics.

    CPU - The minimum requirement is "Intel Core i3-3210 3.2 GHz / AMD A8-7600 APU 3.1 GHz or equivalent". The first of those gives a PassMark (CPU benchmark) of 4024; that Atom runs at 1.44Ghz, and gives a PassMark of 1063 - where a higher number is better.

    Graphics - integrated Intel HD graphics chipsets have a terrible reputation with Minecraft; if you browse the support forum, you'll see that they are responsible for a massive amount of problems that people report; older ones refuse to run Minecraft at all, because Intel's drivers do not properly support OpenGL. Newer ones often require a specific version of the driver to work, but even then give a poor performance, and often require lowering lots of settings and/or using OptiFine to get it working at all.

    It is a cheap, simple, budget all-in-one device; it's unsuited to gaming.

    The minimum requirements are wrong, I ran it on a Core 2 Duo with a passmark of 1900 and got a pretty stable 40-60 fps, on medium settings.

    Although the Atom X5-Z8350 will struggle to get over 30 fps on even low settings.

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    posted a message on Why do I only get 30-50 FPS with Sonic Ether? (specs inside)

    First off, what version of MC? 1.11?

    Second of all, are you running any mods?

    Honestly getting good performance with shaders is pretty difficult anyways. I have a similar PC with a slightly better GPU (GTX 970), and on 1.8.9 I get 60-70 fps, while on 1.11 I get 50-60 fps with drops in the low 40s. 30-50 seems slightly low, but shaders are really finicky anyways, and if you're on 1.11, it's probably normal anyways.

    I thought that when I got my PC I'd get 100+ fps with shaders, sadly not the case... if I want shaders I just use Sildur's shaders, then I get 100-150 fps :)

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    posted a message on Need a friend to play Minecraft with? Click here!
    • Minecraft Username: eZaF or AlexxPiggies
    • Platform you play on: PC
    • Age: 17
    • Gender: Male
    • Country/Timezone: Central USA
    • How someone should contact you: PM me, or add me on Skype
    • How long you've been playing Minecraft: 5 years
    • Some things that you like to do on the game: Currently looking for someone who wants to play either Vanilla Survival or modded survival, I also play Mineplex & some random KitPVP servers
    • Any additional things you want to say: I'm not looking for people much younger than me, please be at least 15. I have a mic and it'd be nice if you did too.
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    posted a message on Looking for people to play with (15+)

    Like the title says, just looking for people to play with. Mostly play regular survival, modded (like tekkit or FTB), and Mineplex. I can do PVP but I'm pretty rusty lol, haven't done it in a while. Not looking for a giant clan or a youtuber thing, just regular playing.

    I'm 17 & live in the US.

    Only thing is please have a mic, and please be mature. Only looking for players 15 + . I use skype and discord so if you wanna play, drop your skype/discord down below

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    posted a message on Need help recording in windowed mode

    Usually you can just set a custom resolution to the size of your Minecraft window. If that doesn't work, you can alway crop out the task bar using a basic video editor

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    posted a message on i7 6700K or i7 4790K?

    I'd the 6700k any day. Better multi core performance, better upgrade path, uses DDR4, and it'll still be more than enough for Minecraft

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    Quote from Norberate»

    Any computer under $600 is trash. Let alone a pre-built.

    Well it's debatable what "trash" means, but my buddy's rig was roughly $370ish after rebates (he reused his old HDD) and it can run most games at high settings with no issues. For example, he gets 60+ fps on GTA 5 at very high settings.
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    Quote from Strahan202»

    That's pretty sweet, I just preordered it. I probably should've asked this first, heh, but I bought it for my nephew who wants to run shaders and stuff without lagging. It'll do that fine, but another thing he was trying to do was play ARK Survival and Astroneer but on his current rig it's so painfully slow it's unplayable; like 4 FPS lol. Think this box can do those at a frame rate that won't make you want to gouge your eyes out?

    ARK should run ok, probably 30 fps at decent settings, no clue about Astroneer
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    550 is cheap, and its still super good. I run minecraft 400-600 fps with these specs (better power supply though)

    Then I can't help him lol. Good luck.

    Yeah I wouldn't call it "super good" lol. You could get a GTX 750 Ti for $80 these days that would destroy it. I doubt you get 600 fps with it unless you're running low settings, and a power supply doesn't affect performance, especially since the 550 Ti would be fine on a 400w PSU lol.

    TO OP, if you can wait until the end of the month, this PC is the best by far for $600
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    That computer isn't meant for gaming, it's more of a workstation laptop. Graphics card is deff. not suited for gaming.

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    posted a message on Could I do better than this laptop?

    You could do WAY better than that . A Pentium is not going do well in even low end games.

    For $509, this laptop will be infinitely better https://www.amazon.com/Acer-E5-573G-15-6-Inch-i5-5200U-Windows/dp/B012IBOCRU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1484434998&sr=8-1&keywords=GT 940m

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    Quote from Strahan202»

    I'm making one of my favorite chicken dishes tonight. It's chicken and peppers in a red sauce, very tasty. This is how I make it:

    2 # chicken breast tenderloin
    1/4 # bacon
    1/3 cp olive oil
    1 red bell pepper
    1 yellow bell pepper
    1 orange bell pepper
    1 tsp minced garlic
    16oz hot salsa
    0.5 cp dry white wine
    1 tbsp chopped thyme
    1 tbsp chopped oregano
    0.25 cp chopped parsley
    0.25 cp lt brown sugar
    4 chicken bouillon cubes
    1 tbsp Weber Kick'N Chicken seasoning
    1 6oz can tomato paste
    Distilled white vinegar
    McCormick "Black & Red Pepper Blend" Hot Shot
    Cajun seasoning

    I heat the oil in my pan then add the chicken, after cutting it into bitesize pieces. I season it liberally with the McCormick pepper blend and cajun seasoning. I used to use McCormick Firey Five Pepper, but they discontinued that so I replaced it with the cajun seasoning. I let it fry a few minutes then flip. Season that side, fry a few minutes then take it out and set it aside.

    Cut the bacon into small pieces and add that and the garlic to the chicken fatty oil. Fry it for about five minutes. Add everything else save the parsley, bell peppers and chicken. Mix well. Add the chicken back in and cook for twenty minutes on medium to medium/high heat (just shy of boiling) stirring every 5 minutes or so (else it'll burn to the pan.. learned that the hard way lol). While that cooks, dice up the peppers and after the twenty minutes, add the peppers and cook ten more minutes. Remove from heat and add the parsley and stir it all up well and serve.

    The recipe I originally based it off of had it served over pasta, but I prefer to just eat it as is. My sister likes it with penne. *shrug*

    Sounds good, too bad I really hate bell peppers lol. Might try it and substitute the bell peppers for something else
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    Quote from NSEP2k17»

    Man, im addicted to Mandarin Oranges. They are both food they provide me a but of that juicy water! Amazing wow!

    same. I probably eat like 20 a day lol
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    posted a message on Favoite Pizza Topping

    Neither. Meat lovers FTW

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