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    VERSION 1.4.0 for 1.12.2 HAS BEEN RELEASED
    1.4.0 Changelog:
    -Added Sirens, a new creature that spawns in oceans. Many are lured to their deaths by their beautiful songs and appearance, craft earplugs as protection!
    -Added Hippocampus, a new creature that spawns in oceans. They are passive and tamed with sea sponges. They make very good aquatic mounts!
    -Added Death Worms, a new creature that spawns in deserts. Ambush predators that will strike fear in every desert dweller.
    -Sapphire ore is now smeltable
    -Sapphire ore now drops XP when mined
    -Fixed sapphire not being compatible with fortune enchant
    -Fixed dragon skulls moving randomly
    -Strengthened dragon armor
    -Fixed Gorgon Head player cast to Zombie crash
    -Cut down on cascading world lab by translating stuctures to be centered in chunks. Will still occur for village and cave generation, however.
    -Fixed pixie hovels crashing the game
    -Fixed dragons griefing when disabled in config
    -Fixed glacier biome weight config
    -Added a config option for glacier biomes
    -Added a config option to disable custom main menu
    -Fixed crash with MistyWorld mod
    -Made dragon roars louder
    -Ice dragon missing sound issue fixed
    -Ice dragons can roar again
    -Fixed nametags on hippogryphs not working
    -Fixed pixies not dropping held item when captured
    -Fixed dragons using “Shake Prey” attack through walls
    -Fixed ice dragons attacking skeletons
    -Fixed stone creatures still being controllable
    -Fixed dragon eggs not producing dragons
    -Cyclops are not undead mobs
    -Fixed stone dragons from roaring
    -Fixed blind cyclops turned to stone
    -Dragons won’t use “Tackle” attack unless prey is out in the open
    -Fixed tamed pixies stealing items
    -doubled base dragon flute range
    -fixed multiple hippogryph armor being equipped
    -fixed baby dragons fighting
    -Cyclops can only be blinded by arrows now
    -Fixed gorgons spawning at half health
    -Fixed silver tools not using stickWood
    -Fixed dragons not eating animania foods
    -Fixed tinker’s construct pickaxes not mining statues
    -Fixed cyclops not spawning
    -Fixed eggs not making hatching noises when hatching
    -Fixed riding baby hippogryphs
    -Updated Portuguese translations
    -Updated Chinese translations

    Requires LLibrary 1.7.9 for 1.12.2.

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    I cant edit the main post anymore due to MCF's stupid merger policy with twich.

    -Updated to 1.12.2, please use Llibrary 1.7.7 or newer

    -New Dragon Models

    -New Dragon Textures

    -All dragon animations have been redone. Animations are now handled by loading up tabula files, which can be edited by resource packs.

    -New dragon walk and flight cycles

    -Dragon sitting pose

    -Dragons can now roar, this attack causes weakness potion effect on their prey

    -New dragon attack: wing blast. The dragon can knock back its prey by flapping its wings

    -New dragon flying noises

    -Ice dragon breath isn’t just missing textures now

    -Dragons can now breed again, using the frost lily mixture/fire lily mixture respectively

    -Dragon armor no longer lags the game to a halt

    -Hippogryphs now spawn using forge’s biome dictionary rather than hard coded biomes

    -Fixed fire dragons spawning in cold biomes

    -fixed pixies crashing the game

    -Dragons should no longer break bedrock with their structures

    -Dragons will now eat animania animals. Watch out piggies!

    -Dragon eggs now spawn in all egg colors

    -Dragon hitboxes do not grow exponentially large with no control now

    -Arrows can hurt dragons again

    -New dragon attack: tackle! When in the air, the dragon will bring out its claws and come crashing down to earth above its prey.

    -Dragonscale armor can now be repaired

    -Wether dragons can despawn is configurable

    -Dragons should no longer self-harm when attacking prey

    -Dragons can now target prey while flying

    -wild dragons are bloodthirsty and constantly angry now

    -dragons should not shy away from conflict

    -Added Dragon Nest block, created by female dragons before laying eggs

    -Dragon tails now have delayed body movement

    -Doubled dragon search limit for prey, they can now see you twice as far away

    -Dragon search limit is now configurable

    -Fixed ice dragon eggs hatching when on fire

    -Dragons are less picky about their food

    -New mob: the Cyclops! More info available in the in-game guide, the bestiary.

    -Cyclopes spawn on beaches in large sea-cave structures

    -Cyclopes have 3 unique attacks and herd sheep, including those from Animania and Twilight Forest

    -Added sheep disguise armor, crafted from wool and leather armor, helps player hide from Cyclopes

    -fixed broken loot tables

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    New WIP dragon flight update coming in 1.3.0. Still need to change a few things.

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    Happy 4th of July!

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    F/A! Coming to a 1.10.2 near you sometime soon!

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    The Real April Fools joke is that some people might have thought it was an April Fools joke and not bothered playing it :P

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    I'd like to inform all of you that the beta tests are entering "release candidate" phase. The unshipable bugs have been for the most part solved, and we are currently trying to have the mod built but are suffering from difficulties around errors with the forge maven that many others have been having trouble with in the last few weeks. Hopefully this issue is resolved during next week.
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