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    Its very rare to find a server that still catches the eye and makes you want to stay, This is that server

    When you get tired of mining and crafting you can immerse yourself in a variety of different quests for prizes and some pocket cash that you can spend to purchase potions that give you the ability to fly feed yourself on command and so many others. The server prides itself on ranking up active, friendly and helpful players while also educating them with tests and a right of passage to higher opportunities that present themselves the longer you stay

    with us.

    (Not to mention the puzzles and hunts we do for prizes randomly)

    The staff are enthusiastic to help and answer questions while also having a dedicated discord chat for quick responses on varying server and player side issues. Ive had the pleasure of being in every rank all the way up to apprentice VI and I look forward to meeting more players looking for a server that rewards them for just being kind and active.

    -Found a good one [Alexnachozz]

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