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    posted a message on [1.6.x][Forge] WildCaves 3 (v0.4.3.3)
    This mod gives some much needed love to vanilla caves, adds stalactites, stalagmites, vines, glowing mushrooms, icicles and there's more to come.This mod is based off greyjusticar's mod which was based on Dilla's mod, hence the 3.This mod is a complete rewrite, all code is mine but I'm using the same sprites plus some new ones i made.This is a beta version, I'm hoping to get some feedback and new ideas from this but I'll be adding more content and fixing more bugs before i consider it ready for release.

    I need to get better/more screenshots :P

    Etalyx for v0.1

    - Decorates caves to make them more interesting
    - Stalactites and Stalagmites generate in caves.
    - Stalagmites will only generate under stalactites.
    - Stalactites, Stalagmites and vines generate dynamically and can be as long as you want (config option)
    - Entities can get damaged when falling on stalagmites
    -Different features depending on biome
    -- Stalactites and stalagmites in all biomes
    -- Vines on humid and jungle like biomes
    -- Icicles on cold biomes
    -- More water sources on wet biomes
    -- sand and sandstone generates on arid caves
    -- sandstone stalactites/stalagmites on arid biomes
    -- ice and icicles generates on frozen biomes
    -- iceshrooms on frozen caves- stone stalactites/stalagmites drop cobblestone and they can be collected intact with silk touch
    - sandstone stalactites/stalagmites drop sandstone and they can be collected intact with silk touch
    - spiderwebs now generate on caves
    - Glowing mushrooms and iceshrooms drop glowstone dust when destroyed and can be sheared
    - Properties file with many options to customize the mod to your liking, change block ids, the frequency a certain feature occurs, length of vines and stalactites/stalagmites, etc.
    -Compatible with any mod added biomes
    -skulls/heads spawn on dungeon chests
    -skeleton skulls spawn on caves
    -a blacklist for dimensions where not to generate
    -a block id white list for structure generation
    -bone piles!
    -adjustable light level for the mushrooms on the config

    Planned features/fixes (but not guaranteed that they'll be implemented):
    -stalactites for the nether-some sort of new dungeons (if i figure out how to do it)
    -stalactites with water dripping particles
    -some decorative crystals
    -add more textures to the stalactites/stalagmites to fill the remaining metadata slots
    -flooded caves
    -giant mushrooms in caves (vanilla and glowing)-generate larger caves
    -a list for adding drops to the bone pile
    -prevent flying players in creative mode from being slowed down while flying through stalactites/stalacmites

    Known issues/bugs:
    -the new MC lighting system doesn't like my glowing mushrooms, some weird things happen in certain conditions.
    -a singe stalactite generates in the air from time to time for some reason-the mod crashes for some people when generating skulls

    -Install Forge correctly
    -Drop the WildCaves3 zip in the mods folder
    -(optional but highly recomended) mess with the configs-enjoy

    --- 1.6.x ---
    v0.4.3.4 - http://www.mediafire.../..v0.4.3.4.zip thanks to GotoLink for this.

    Old versions
    --- 1.6.2 ---
    v0.4.3.3 http://www.mediafire...s3- (if you're having crashes, set the skull spawn rate to 0 for now)
    v0.4.3 http://www.mediafire...ves3-0.4.3.zip(there is a problem on this version that causes crashes for some people, a new version will come soonTM)
    ---1.5.1/1.5.2 ---
    v0.4.2 http://www.mediafire...lzf0isu9vf"
    v0.4.1 http://www.mediafire...vebj85v2wchfxz (for forge 655+)
    v0.4 http://www.mediafire...1i86k878c0" (WARNING: forge 655+ breaks the mod for the server)
    v0.3.2 http://www.mediafire...ss544tblu3r57g
    v0.3.1 http://www.mediafire...swfvo0kdxvk3sf
    v0.3 http://www.mediafire...s70ixlibv4glvb
    V0.2.4 http://www.mediafire...6yc92u4sylx592
    v0.2.3 http://www.mediafire...2aqkirhcsvaig4
    v0.2.2 http://www.mediafire...ju3j0j5930pk6n
    v0.2.1 http://www.mediafire...qecrdjsbvg43c2
    v0.2 http://www.mediafire...pr71ek0o5hyg42
    v0.1 http://www.mediafire...b7olw945uear0c

    Texture packs:
    for 1.5 and 1.6
    Deltacraft 64x 128x http://www.minecraft...#entry21672114
    vonDoomCraft 128x https://www.dropbox....Wildcaves3.zip
    64x version made by OriAlon http://www.mediafire...64textures.rar

    Change log:
    -ported to 1.6.4
    -code improvements
    -fixed cetain settings in the config file not working properly
    -some minor code improovements
    -added a 1.6.x version
    -updated to mc 1.6.2
    -halved the default skull spawn ratev
    -the mod is now compiled with srgnames
    -fixed the sound made by the mushrooms.
    -added config option for the mushroom's light level.
    -added block id white list for world gen to the config.
    -added a new block, the bone pile, generates a bit on every biome and drops bones, arrows or rarely skulls.
    -added config option for bone pile generation
    -fixed a couple of derps on the code that were probably causing those weird structure generations.-decreased even more the max tempeature for frozen generation (hopefully for the last time -__-)
    -properly check if the player can place a stalactites/stalagmites before placing them in the world (no more insta-breaking blocks)
    -stalactites/stalagmites now slightly slowdown entities that walk through them (they have to walk carefully so as to not get hurt ;) )
    -updated to forge 655+ (compiled with 662)
    -corrected a few misspelled names
    -fixed a bug that prevented sandstone and stone stalactites/stalagmites to be placed on to of the other
    -fixed sheared mushrooms giving the wrong metadata
    -mushrooms and icicles now have grass and glass sounds respectively
    -reduced the maximum temperature allowed for the generation of frozen caves
    -reduced the maximum humidity allowed for the generation of arid caves
    -added grass to the list of blocks that can be replaced by ice (no more iceshrooms standing in a single block of ice on the surface)
    -updated to 1.5.1
    -made the 32x textures the default ones for the mod
    -icicles now must be sustained by a solid block or ice
    -vines no longer generate into liquids
    -Structures generated will no longer replace blocks with TileEntities (chests)
    -2 block tall glowing mushrooms generate properly again
    -implemented a basic dimension blacklist (check the config)
    -added option to the config to make stalactites/stalagmites solid (it's false by default)
    -added option to the config to enable damage when falling on stalgmites (it's false by default)
    -skulls/heads in chests now use the new forge chest hook. They're now twice as rare, have a max spawn stack size of 2 and only spawn in dungeons, mineshafts and strongholds.
    -structure are now generated based of the biome's temperature and humidity (should work with any mod added biome)
    -glowing mushrooms no longer drop glowstone dust when sheared-removed the ExtraBiomesXL API as it isn't necessary any more
    -changed and optimized many things in the code (slightly easier to update now)
    -reduced the damage received when falling on the stalactites to half (but they will more reliably apply the damage)
    -fixed sandstone stalactites not causing damage when falling on them
    -stalactites destroyed by the world now drop their items correctly
    -stalactites placed by the player now drop themselves if placed on an invalid position, instead of being destroyed (temporary fix)
    -the algorithm to check if the stalactites can stay now checks if the whole structure is connected to a solid block-creative block pick works again-made stalactites solid blocks (they are pillars of stone after all, you shouldn't be able to walk through them like plants)-changed the stalactite's hardness to make them faster to mine (were harder than stone to break, now they're easier/faster)-added the skulls/heads (except the whither skull) to the dungeon loot list (more incentives to explore the caves for dungeons ;) )
    -skeleton skulls now generate on all caves. (the probability might need some tweaking)
    -added config option for the generation of skulls on cavesv0.3.1-fixed missing textures-added missing name to the last icicleV0.3
    -ported to 1.4.6
    -fix sandstone stalactites dropping ice-fix blocks dropping vanilla items with wrong metadata
    -added code to prevent stalactites and mushrooms from staying in the air while not being supported by other blocks (existing ones will need a block update)
    -Updated to MC 1.4.5
    -fixed a mistake on the configs
    -mushrooms no longer generate on the air at the bottom of the world on mystcraft sky ages
    -a minor fix to prevent generation on mystcraft's wooden tendrils
    -Prevented all generation from this mod on the nether and the end
    -re-wrote and cleaned up most of the generation code to make it more flexible
    -glowing mushrooms now generate on humid, jungle and normal biomes
    -glowing mushrooms on normal biomes only generate under y 30
    -vines now generate on humid, jungle and normal biomes
    -sandstone stalactites now generate on arid biomes
    -added sand and sandstone generation on arid biomes caves
    -added iceshrooms
    -iceshrooms generate on frozen caves
    -icicles now generate correctly on frozen caves
    -added more types of icicles
    -ice now generates on frozen caves
    -changed the name of some items
    -spider webs now generate on caves
    -fixed glowcap drops when destroyed
    -fixed crash with craftguide
    -added iceshrooms-added many config options
    -added a quick and dirty fix to prevent stalagtites generation on trees (should work with mod trees as long as they've declared their block materials right). It will be properly implemented once the block black list has been coded
    -re-wrote the mod for 1.4.2
    -added vines generation on jungle caves
    -added glowing mushrooms
    -added sandstone stalactites/stalagmites-stalagmites might hurt entities that fall on them

    A note on the configs:
    've set the default config to be pretty low so it won't impact much your FPS while generating new chunks, i encourage you to mess around with the configs untill you find the balance you like but beware that the higher you set the "times per chunck" option the bigger the impact on your fps when exploring new areas.

    Suggestions and ideas:
    If you have any suggestions or ideas for things that would fit well in this mod or things that i should change, please post them here, I'm always looking for new inspiration.

    About modpacks:
    I don't mind my mod being part of a modpack as long as you don't use adf.ly (or the likes) for your modpack downloads, gives proper credits to the authors and have permission from them and has a link back to the mod page.
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    Quote from iguana_man

    I read in the comments that this doesn't work with Underground Biomes because that mod uses metadata, and so its blocks can't be added to the white list.

    My intention was to fix it myself and create a pull request, as I found the code on Github, but that code seems to be out of date? I couldn't find any code for the block white list config section. Am I missing something? Thanks and I love the mod. :)

    the white list code is on /wildcaves/WorldGenWildCaves.java line 137.
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    posted a message on [1.6.x][Forge] WildCaves 3 (v0.4.3.3)
    i've set up a GitHub for the mod https://github.com/AlexmaniaWardz/WildCaves3, it's the first time i've done this so please tell me if i've done something wrong.
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    posted a message on [1.6.x][Forge] WildCaves 3 (v0.4.3.3)
    hi everyone, i'm sorry for being absent but i got a new job and my free time has been severely reduced, i'll still try to work on some new features and bugfixes though now it will have to be mostly during weekends.

    Quote from Etterra

    Awesome, finally it lives again! Content ideas: quartz crystals (X-pattern spawn, very rare, give 1 Nether Quartz rarely, like gravel/flint), slime (like lilypads but underground in water, drops slime ball), spider cocoons (1 string + 1 random loot drop when broken), bone pile (drops 1 bone when broken, can be silk touched), dead adventurer (corpse, random loot), fools gold (X-pattern spawn, smelts into iron nuggets, work like gold nuggets but for iron), guano (bat-poop - like snow, layer or block or ball; balls can be used as fertilizer like bone meal), Geodes (round rocks that when broken sometimes yield 1 quartz, diamond or emerald, or other gems if mod compatable).

    there are some nice ideas there, i'll give them some though

    Quote from Arkenor

    I'm not sure if this is something you'd want to do, but I've been looking for a mod that reduces the amount of caves and ravines. As adding a config setting could also be used to increase them, perhaps its something you might want to look at.

    Forge has apparently added hooks to classes for this purpose, but nobody seems to have used them yet.

    - acr.class for adjusting the amount of ravines
    - acv.class for adjusting the size of caves

    that is indeed a nice find, i have been looking for someway to alter the cave generation.

    Quote from MohawkyMagoo

    Thats a nice find, and seems a natural for this mod to make use of doesnt it?

    In terms of the latest WilDCaves build - adjusting the light levels for Flora has returned the spawing of Dungeon Mobs in underground caves back to reasonable levels. So I think that problem is fixed. I have it set to 2 currently.

    The floating stalactites problem is still there, but very rare and mostly over oceans - rare enough not to bother my players anymore though.

    During Minecraft loading, it tends to hang for at least two to three minutes on WildCaves before progressing normally. It didnt do this before.

    Havent seen the skull profusion problem that others reported.

    All in all, very minor problems - great update!

    i guess i'll have to drop the default light level of the mushroom a bit.
    the floating stalagmite bug has me baffled, I'm sure it has to do with liquids since thats were they are the most prominent, this needs more investigation.
    i don't really know why it hangs for some people, maybe they've increased significantly the times per chunk option, that would explain it.
    the skulls are generating WAY too much in some situations and are very rare in some others, i guess i'll have to drop the default value until i can find the source of this behavior.

    Quote from baseballboy7707

    if its possible you could add the occasional zombie or creeper limb to the cave floor

    that could be something nice but i don't really see myself implementing that.

    Quote from GhengopelALPHA

    Just here to say that I think this is an incredibly good mod, and I especially like the amount of attention given to the stalagmites and stalactites. As for the planned features, the only one I am hoping to see is the flooded caves. They were a joy to explore in classic, and Minecraft lost something when they disappeared. Great work, overall!

    thank you, it's always nice hearing that people like my work.
    the thing that is holding the flooded caves back is that i need to come up with a good algorithm to flood the caves without taking a very long time when new chunks are generated and causing ungodly amounts of lag.

    Quote from Blue001

    Hey, any chance you can add a config option for a list of possible drops and chances from the fossil block? I would love to put a rare sword in there for like 0.00001 chance.. :P

    a fair request, I'll try to include that in the next update (no idea when that'll be)

    Quote from OriAlon

    made up-to-date version for the textures from before for latest version

    also I think I found a little bug:
    when changing "Chance for a fossil node to generate" in config
    the only thing that seem to generate more often is skulls.

    few ideas for the future:
    * red glowing mushrooms - generating near/above/below lava (possibly with a chance of dropping blaze powder)
    * crystals - rare crystal version of stalactites/stalagmites
    * moss patches - like a thin layer of snow (only in jungle-type biomes maybe)
    * glowing mushroom spores - can grow the glowing mushrooms on mycelium/moss
    * actual fossils (the ones that are there being bonepiles) - rare and only generating on lower levels - drops fossilized bones / dino skulls that can be made into dino tools / dino armor >:3
    * ancient seed - drops from fossils/bonepiles very rare, can be grown into a new plant/tree with fruits that give buffs

    you did a good job with those textures, I'll add the texture pack to the mod page.
    yes, i think i will have to change the way the percentages work in structure generation.
    lava mushrooms does sound nice, maybe even place a lava source when broken (very rarely) > :)
    crystal have been in the to-do list for a while, i'd like them to be unique and have some rare and large versions (aka crystal caves).
    is there a forge hook for adding mushrooms to mycelium?
    tools and armor are a bit outside the range i intended for the mod but large bone/skelleton formations would be a neat find on a cave.
    as with the armor and tools, farming is outside the range of the mod.

    Quote from Varka

    I'd really like to be able to disable frozen caves completely. Is this possible, have I simply missed the option in the config?

    Nothing infuriates me more than caves that melt and flood because I put a torch down.

    you should be able to disable them by setting they're probability to zero.

    Quote from TheFukami

    Does this mod work for SMP as well?

    yes, as do all forge mods.

    Quote from Miletech

    I haven't downloaded the newer version of WildCaves3 as I've not moved to 1.5.2 yet, so I was just wondering if this was ever fixed or modified?

    yes, it has been fixed in the current version.

    Quote from lindyhopfan

    If you are still thinking about adding a config option to change the size of caves...

    What I would really like to see is normal sized caves generating like normal, plus very rare huge caves - not just a single big room, but a large, open underground area that is also long and twisty, like an underground ravine, but widened. Think big enough to fit a village into - in fact, allow the rare underground village to spawn! These big caves would have to be rare, though, so that the majority of cave exploration is unaffected.

    generate large caves has been in my to-do list for a while, finding a rare and large flooded cave with glowing mushrooms all around would be so nice =)
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    update time, the mod is now using srgnames so it will (hopefully) work fine on any 1.5.x mc version

    change log:
    -the mod is now compiled with srgnames
    -fixed the sound made by the mushrooms.
    -added config option for the mushroom's light level.
    -added block id white list for world gen to the config.
    -added a new block, the bone pile, generates a bit on every biome and drops bones, arrows or rarely skulls.
    -added config option for bone pile generation
    -fixed a couple of derps on the code that were probably causing those weird structure generations.
    -decreased even more the max tempeature for frozen generation (hopefully for the last time -__-)

    downloads on the main page as usual
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    posted a message on Faithful 32x32 Pack [UPDATE:RED CAT + CLAY!] (1.8)
    Quote from Robosphinx

    Any possibility of patches/patch updates for Dartcraft and/or Thaumcraft?

    Dartcraft - http://www.minecraft...raft-beta-0111/

    Thaumcraft - http://www.minecraft...pdated-1252013/

    here's thaumcraft www.mediafire.com/?y37d9gtl9gilvt4
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    posted a message on Faithful 32x32 Pack [UPDATE:RED CAT + CLAY!] (1.8)
    ... and heres gregtech 3.05a, it's still missing some guis and took WAY too much time to make (i think i died a little making it...)

    Quote from Oyeah800

    Challenge accepted!!!Challenge failed :(

    MWAHAHA! i am victorious once more =P
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    posted a message on Faithful 32x32 Pack [UPDATE:RED CAT + CLAY!] (1.8)
    --ignore this--
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    posted a message on Faithful 32x32 Pack [UPDATE:RED CAT + CLAY!] (1.8)
    and heres industrialcraft 2 for 1.5, still missing the hazmat suit and the new boat model textures (made the items)
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    posted a message on Faithful 32x32 Pack [UPDATE:RED CAT + CLAY!] (1.8)
    boy, this took longer than i expected, even with the unstitcher but at least we now have textures for buildcraft and forestry for 1.5.1


    Forestry (old textures have now properly been place in their correct places, removed the textures of the farms that are no longer in 1.5.1, finally updated the looks of apatite and made a bunch of new blocks but it's still not complete, missing some crates, new logs, new planks, new saplings, fruits and nuts and the new raintank)
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