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    posted a message on Automatic Item Transporter and Sorter?

    Hey guys, I'm playing on skyblock and the way I make money is through afk mining and with witch spawners. My alt mines next to the witch farm, killing two birds with one stone. Though it's become a very annoying task to move the cobblestone into my storage chest.

    I'd like to automate the transporting and sorting. I've started construction on a tower that would create lots of room with floors for some bulk storage. What's the best way I can create a system to move the contents in my mine chests to my storage chests? After that, what's the best system to sort all of the contents?

    There is emerald, cobble, coal, redstone, iron, and gold. I want to move the contents in the chests behind the beacon into the tower when it gets complete.


    If that explanation didn't make sense, just tell me and I'll try to clean it up a bit more.

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    posted a message on How To Get Rid Of Random Light From Lava?

    On a skyblock server, I thought it would be funny to make a monument called "The Great Staircase." It's basically where the border of the island is a huge staircase on all 4 sides. To make building it easier, I used water and lava to generate cobble and built it up a little instead of having to place stacks of blocks for one line. The only problem is that minecraft's lighting is quite weird, and random light from the lava is still there, even with zero light sources. My friends said they saw the same random light too. The random light is on the server. Is there any way I can fix this? The only way I found is to replace the blocks.


    It's not like that with the whole staircase, it just gets a lot worse at the end of the staircase. The front is 100% dark.

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    posted a message on Mending On A Sword?

    I'm still quite new to 1.9+, and on the smp server I'm on, we found a mending villager, and have lots of mending books. I want to put mending on my sword. I use that sword to get exp, and if I put mending on my enchanted sword, would I even get very much exp from mob farming?

    Is it a good idea to put mending a sword that will still be used to gather exp?

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    posted a message on Planet Skyblock!

    Name: Planet Skyblock
    IP: planetsb.net
    Versions: 1.8 to 1.10.2!
    Website: http://planetsb.enjin.com/

    Welcome to Planet Skyblock! Planet SB is a skyblock economy server that is in need of more players. Skyblock is where you get a small island with a tree and a chest. The end goal is to make a huge island with lots of fantastic builds.

    If you ever need help, just ask the players or staff for help!

    Getting started is easy. Just make sure you have nothing in your inventory, if you do, put them in an enderchest at spawn! You do /is create and you make an island! Newly made islands have a little bit more dirt and stone on the bottom, so make sure to get some extra dirt to get started! If you fall, no worries! You will just get teleported to spawn, and you won't die!

    Make sure to visit the info section at spawn! It has everything on how to make a cobblestone generator, to the warps, to the rules! If you ever need food or mob drops, head over to /warp mob to kill some mobs! When you get started, make sure to use /kit tools and /kit sapling to help! Cobblestone generators now occasionally generate all types of ores!

    Right now there is a halloween story contest, winners get some nice prizes! The event ends on the 28th, then the stories get judged!

    See you there!

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    posted a message on Avatar Drawings!

    I'm pretty new to making skin drawings xD. I would like some simple skins to practice drawing.

    Please reply with a mcskinsearch link!

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    posted a message on How To Make Curving Walls?

    Excuse the weird title, it's kinda hard to explain what I need help with in a title xD.

    I'm building a little "Underground" ancient city. It's not actually physically underground, but I want to give off the impression that it's kinda underground. I have a little wall going plain forward, because I plan to decorate it a little with lava. Though I don't want all the side walls just flat. I want to add a little bit of movement on the walls.

    What I am thinking is that I should move the walls forward, making them curve out. Though I have no idea on how to do this while making it look nice. It just looks weird when I try to fully build it.

    I'm pretty sure that I should have the walls go out at different times, but I think it might look very weird...

    What I have now: http://i.imgur.com/BrvtroX.png

    What I'm thinking I should do, but might look weird: http://i.imgur.com/EIOP6Bg.png

    Any suggestions?

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    posted a message on Upside-Down Pistons?

    I'm making this Enderman farm, but the pistons aren't quite working in my favor.

    In 6:25, he does the upside-down sticky pistons part. I built it, activated it, but no pistons went up. How do I fix this?


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    posted a message on Do Pistons Affect Sugarcane Growth Rate?

    Hey, I'm looking for the best way to make an automatic sugarcane farm (If you have a good design, tell me! <3). I came across this video, that uses a bud switch, so that whenever a sugarcane grows, all pistons get activated.

    Since the pistons get activated, does it reset the growth for all sugarcane?

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    posted a message on Do You Use Optifine?

    Even with a 970, it's pretty nice and useful to have optifine with shaders.

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    posted a message on Boat High Speed Drift Race

    I've never seen anything like that xD.

    That is pretty awesome.

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    posted a message on How To Spice Up A Storage?

    So this friend of mine wanted to join me, and we wanted to build a storage. I said to kinda make it a jungle theme, and he kinda took it a bit too lightly...lol. Just kinda copied what i did, except made it jungle planks. I think it makes the other one look ugly. So how do i heavily modify this to make it look a LOT different? Try not to say to take it all down...


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    posted a message on How To Make A Piston Move A Piston?
    Quote from Weder4»

    I build are Treefarm with are 2 Block Crusher it use Slimeblocks.


    Here for you test it out^^

    Thank you! That is exactly what i was looking for xD.

    Edit: Just curious, how does this all work? It looks pretty interesting :P

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    posted a message on How To Make A Piston Move A Piston?

    I just built Mumbo's new tree farm, and I like it, except it has bad sapling efficiency. These pistons move out one block and only break ONE row of leaves. I would like it to break 2 leaves.

    Build: http://imgur.com/mitZcIK

    Is there a way that I could have 2 rows of leaves broken, instead of 1? Is it even possible? I doubt it, but 3?

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    posted a message on I Pretty Much Beat Skyblock?

    So skyblock is the minigame that I like to play. But recently, I have just gotten bored outta my mind. I feel like there is just nothing to build. I made an island, and I have made a big farm that is complete. I feel like i have hit rock bottom.

    I have a bunch of ideas, like to expand this jungle treehouse village, connect it to a bunch of sections, and have sections have their own little place, like a base, and a beach, different terrains, maybe a pyramid mansion, etc. But I just dont have fun building it, and I never get to it. I just find myself running around my island, or googling ideas.

    What is going on, and how do I overcome this?

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    posted a message on Professional Drawing Shop

    What are your prices?

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