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    Hello, I'm back from hiatus. My apartment situation has improved, so I decided to dedicate some time to doing your mod requests. Currently I am able to make mods for:

    Forge, versions 1.12, 1.15, 1.16;

    Fabric, versions 1.15, 1.16.

    I also can provide help in completing your existing projects. Besides coding, I can make textures, block models, and entity models.

    My main mods can be found on curseforge - Alexiy/projects.

    Discord server - https://discord.gg/sVMe8Jw.


    I made this thread originally with a purpose of improving modding skills. I learned a lot while fulfilling your simple (and not so simple) requests. Now I think I'm ready to make more extensive and advanced mods. But the thing is it takes much effort to make them - it's programming after all. Frequently I have to make textures, block models and sounds myself.

    Thus I announce a new policy on requests - I will prioritize those which are backed by a voluntary donation. Otherwise, I will be making them in arbitrary order and time.

    Also I'm accepting difficult/extensive requests from now on. As well as updating mods to newer minecraft versions.


    If you found any of my mods useful, then any donation is appreciated - paypal.me/Alexiy

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    Quote from OrdinaryCoffee»

    I have an idea that's been done a few times but never done right. A mod that revamps the music side of the sound engine, adding an environmentally-aware soundtrack and the ability to add more music to the game. There would be a list of different events that the game would check for (e.g., raining, deep underground, etc.) and it would play that event's corresponding soundtrack. Events would take priority but if none are triggered, the game would have a chance of playing a song at random to break up any repetition. The songs and events could be customized from a config file.

    The problem with the mods I've used is that they implement it poorly. What happens is the music will kick in when an event is triggered and as soon as the event ends, the music gets cut off and another song begins playing because a new event was triggered. I would love to see a mod that resurrects this idea and fixes that.

    I've even played around with the idea of learning Forge modding to create this but I don't know where to begin; It's very daunting. There are a lot of tutorials that I've watched that are well spoken but they aren't helpful when you're trying to write a mod that that no tutorial exists for. Where do you even begin? Even if you don't work on my idea, I'd really appreciate any tips you have on where to start something like this as someone with very minimal coding experience. Thanks.

    Hey there, I have messed with the sound system few months ago and I can tell it's a complex thing. What I wanted to achieve is adding effects like reverberation (there was a mod which achieved that, but is not updated) and giving player more control over music (I personally wanted to make creative mode music play in survival as well). But for that one has to replace the current sound system with different one in a hacky way... I achieved adding creative music to survival and loading extra music tracks, but there is a problem with it. The way minecraft works with music is it loads it into memory first (caches) and plays on demand. Thus, depending on the file size, the game loading time can increase by several minutes. I stopped there and kind of abandoned that project, but if there were modders interested in this, I could open my project on github for contributions... Although I doubt there are enough people interested in this.

    As for how to begin modding: you should not watch video tutorials; you should start with simple things. Sound system is quite complicated, it is far from newbie's reach...

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    Quote from TwistedSisler»


    I made a separate post about this before I saw your post, but nobody has replied to that one so I can close it if you are willing to do this here, otherwise, no worries!

    I have two small mod requests for 1.12.2 if you would be willing or able to make these. They can even be in the same mod, it doesn't matter to me. The first one is a simple creative-only heart container mod that simply adds heart container items that when you right-click with them it adds one heart to your max health. The second is a fire block that can be placed that looks identical to regular fire, but does not spread or damage the player, and can be placed on any block. Basically Just purely aesthetic fire for decorational purposes. Multiple colors of fire would be cool too, but not necessary at all.

    I know the heart mod is done in a lot of other mods, but I don't want all of the extra features they add, I just want heart containers as items that I can use in an RPG modpack. Same with the fire mod. I want to be able to decorate with fire, but not have to turn off fire spreading.

    I don't have any money to send your way unfortunately so I totally understand if you are unwilling to do this, but I would credit you in everything, and be very grateful if you were willing to do this.

    Hi. I've done your second request - colored decorative fire. These are standard 16 colored fire blocks in the "Decorations" tab. Get the mod - Decorative_fire-1.12.2-0.1.

    I rate it as a medium difficulty mod.

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    I was thinking of a rewrite of the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure mod, reviewed twice by CarbonDuck (most recent, full review is here: ) I can send you the old code for reference. Perhaps a spiritual successor can come of this. Pretty sure the mod author is done with modding, I never saw their thread (if they even had one on any sort of Minecraft-related forum), but if it's only 1.6.4 right now they likely left it to rot.

    If someone is willing to pay me for this, then I would attempt it, otherwise not a viable task - it doesn't fall into simple requests category.

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    This mod adds a number of items, blocks and enchantments to make game experience more enjoyable.

    Due to the growth of this mod, I created a wiki for it. This forum's editor is clumsy, so from now on I'll add up-to-date info there.

    List of features:

    Gelatin Extractor

    Smart Item Pipe



    Paper Mill




    Sturdy Stone

    Remote Activator

    Link Provider

    Portable Remote Activator

    Fine Tool




    Transfer Scaffolding

    Block Detector

    Fine Clock

    Signal Cable


    Light Gate

    Sturdy Box

    Box Upgrade

    Tile Mover



    Energy cable

    Tile Booster

    Object Scanner

    Beacon of Hostility

    Village Trader

    Better Door


    Magma Melter



    Adds a chance of a loot chest generation in desert wells.

    Adds a wither skull trade to Nitwit.


    Installation: requires appropriate version of Satako.


    Migrated to curseforge


    Fine Stuff-1.11.2-0.13



    You are allowed to use this mod in a modpack and should notify me if you plan to do so.

    Example builds:

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    Welcome. Here is a mod that retrieves many item properties and displays them:

    Almost full list of shown properties:

    • Enchantability
    • Fuel items: how much items can it process in a standard furnace
    • Maximum durability
    • Smelting experience
    • Repair cost
    • What potions it is ingredient in
    • Item identifier
    • Food items: saturation, hunger restoration, effects (with duration and chance); whether it's always edible or is wolf food
    • Block items: slipperiness, harvest level, effective tool, hardness, explosion resistance, item drop, flammability, transparency, emitted light, whether it's non-solid, whether it is suitable for Beacon base
    • Tool items: harvest level, speed, type
    • Map's scale level
    • Swords: maximum damage of swords with Bane or Smite enchantments
    • Shows hether item's enchantments are at maximum level
    • Shows whether a block can emit redstone signal
    • Shows liquid/fluid properties
    • (Extra): whether item is stackable
    • (Extra): item NBT data

    Default toggle key - Tab. Extra info key - Delete.

    Main text color can be changed in the options.

    Mod interaction:

    1. Just Enough Items - full integration.

    2. Actual Additions - shows Jams' effects.

    Installation: requires appropriate version of Satako (Установка: мод требует соответствующую версию Satako).

    Downloads (Загрузки):


    Migrated to Curseforge


    Satako 1.11.2-1.15

    Extended Item Information 1.11.2-0.8

    --------------------- 1.10.2----------------------

    Satako 1.10.2-1.14

    Extended Item Information 1.10.2-0.7


    1. You are allowed to use this mod in a modpack.

    2. You should notify me in this thread if you plan to include it in the modpack.

    3. Other ways of redistribution are not allowed.

    If you want to contribute to localization of EII, visit https://github.com/AlexiyOrlov/EII-localization.

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    This mod adds some tweaks and features to the game. Most of them are configurable.

    1. Wolf and cat tweaks:

    - wolves move away from creepers;

    - wolves don't jump;

    - wolves don't receive fall damage (if tamed);

    - wolves and cats don't receive damage from their owner unless he is sneaking.

    - wolves and cats teleport with their owner if he uses 'tp' command, unless they are sitting.

    2. Moves slot highlight behind the item:



    3. Adds an option to change color of block border highlight.

    4. Villagers will follow a player who's holding an emerald.

    5. Player doesn't take damage when falling on leaves.

    6. Light source placement - gives an ability to place light source blocks (torches and such) directly from inventory upon a key press. Default key - Q.

    7. Item pickup filter - gives an ability to control what items you don't want to pick up. First you open the GUI (default key - K) and add item names that you don't want to pick up:

    You can set the filter mode to 'Exact' or 'Partial'. 'Partial' means that all items that have the specified string in their name will be filtered. 'Exact' filters only item which exactly matches the string.

    If the list is too long, use the scroll wheel to scroll the filters.

    Then close the GUI and press 'P' to toggle the filter. If no items are defined, then all items will be filtered.

    8. Max. stack size of snowballs changed to 64.

    9. Disables enderman 'stare' sound.

    10. Prevents generation of water and lava streams.

    11. Adds a command that kills all creatures within specific range and/or with target selector ('killall').

    Syntax - killall [range in blocks] [target selector].

    12. Clicking on a bed in daytime will set your respawn point at it.

    13. Villages can generate in all biomes.

    14. Player won't be able to damage his horses and llamas unless he's sneaking.

    15. Creeper explosions always drop blocks.

    16. Adds an option to disable Cartographer.

    Installation: requires appropriate version of Satako.


    Migrated to Curseforge

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    Oh man, this thread reached 10000 views. I didn't expect it to be still alive after a year, but it is. Learned a lot while doing your requests. I wonder whether I should do something special to commemorate this.

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    Quote from Chumble»

    Do you have the server files for this, me and my friends are trying to make an SCP map and we really want this mod, thanks

    What kind of files? The mod does work on a server.

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    Yes, this way it is still possible.

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