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    1) IGN: Alexduman

    2) Your age: 14

    3) Your current rank: Prisoner A

    4) How long have you been playing Trapped? (Minimum of 3 days) Probs around a year

    5) Have you read the Server, Prison, and Guard Rules? Yessir

    6) Any experience with the prison genre? Yep I've been playing this server for awhile now.

    7) What is your time zone? Idk... Eastern Time I think

    8) Why are you the best choice for Guard? Cause I know I can make an awesome difference in the game. I WAS a mod for a pvp server called Mid-Gard, and Im DEFINITELY familiar with basic commands and how to react to different situations. I am in complete love with this server, which shows because I didn't delete this server from my server list, and I haven't quit, like others have, when I die and that junk... In other words, I mean I think I would be a pretty good Guard. I know I wouldn't take this opportunity lightly and it'd be amazing to have another chance to be part of the staff.
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