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    posted a message on Enhanced combat
    Before you say this is redundant, I searched, and I found no ACTIVE topics this month, so I thought I could suggest these mechanics, also I posted this last month, but I added some new things.:

    Item throwing:
    Now, you might ask "What does this have to do with combat?" well, it would attract mobs five blocks away from it to investigate, and if you have a friend who, say, ran out of arrows, you could throw arrows to said friend.

    -could be done by holding "Q", each second would increase it's range.
    -Has a maximum of 15 blocks.
    -Hitting a mob would deal 1 HP (half a heart).

    -Could be done by left-clicking and right-clicking at the same time
    -Parrying the same time an opponent attacks would "cancel" an attack and deal 1 HP of damage (half a heart.), and won't deal damage if the opponent uses a heavy attack..
    -Would only deal damage if the opponent attacks at close range and if the opponent is attacking
    -could also work with the axe, but uses up 2 item durability

    light attack:
    -Basically how you attack in minecraft right now.

    Heavy attack:
    -Could be done by holding the left mouse button
    -Upon hit by a sword, would deal knockback I, with axes however, would give five seconds of slowness to whoever is attacked.
    -takes a full second to use with a sword, and with an axe, 1 and a half second.
    -with the sword, you lose 2 durability, and with the axe 3 durability.

    For aesthetic purposes

    light attack: The player's arm holding the weapon would slash either downward or sideward

    heavy attack: a slowed down version of the light attack

    parry: like blocking but the player moves the weapon forward

    I hope you like my suggestion, if you don't, please tell me what I should change. The reason I said they would work on axes too, is because I know some people who prefer axes, instead of swords (probably because they think axes look cooler when attacking).
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    posted a message on New Mob: Elephants
    A new way of transportation? Support!
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    posted a message on -Aesthetic Feature- Make Wooden-Swords Dyeable!!! [Added Banner] [85+ SUPPORTERS]
    SUPPORT! It would help mapmakers make MORE custom swords
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    posted a message on ✔ Painting stand and easel! [50 supports so far!]
    I would love players being more creative SUPPORT!
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    posted a message on Glowing Colors for skin options.
    SUPPORT! This would make PVP a little easier in the dark but still FULL SUPPORT!
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    posted a message on Stuff to make Villages more "Alive"
    This suggestion is not my old "better Villages" or "Improved village mechanics" but this is a suggestion for how villagers act

    Baby Villagers:
    -Can randomly chase chickens
    -Can pick up flowers
    -Sometimes holds a stick while "playing" with a baby villager(gives the impression of swordfighting, but without hurting each other)
    -Plays "hide and seek"
    -Can "Tag" the player

    Adult Villagers:
    -Can "trade with other villagers(Shows the other villager 1 item, or an emerald, like when a witch is holding a potion, but a villager holding an item)
    -Can "Carry" baby villagers
    -Can argue with other adults(Imagine the noise) doesn't happen at night

    This only adds more "life" to villages, doesn't help minecraft much except for fun.
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    posted a message on "Dyed" Wooden sword
    I suggest that, wooden swords can be dyed, the same way as leather armor is dyed, and you can tell it's a wooden sword because the handle(without a resource pack) have the wooden sword's original color. I think this will help mapmakers because you can dye it black, edit it to give it unbreaking 127 and rename it obsidian sword and other things
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    posted a message on So what would you do if "SPAM" became a part of Minecraft?
    If SPAM became a part of Minecraft? I will destroy whoever suggested it.
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    posted a message on Make giants have separate textures
    On the current version, Giants have the same textures as zombies, but why not separate the textures?
    It would help mapmakers that uses giants and zombies, If there are no giant textures, it will use the zombie texture.
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    posted a message on The /behavior command
    I think it would be useful, especially for mapmakers because basically this is how it works, it allows you to costumize how mobs whork example:
    /behavior EnderDragon [Mobtype:Hostile] [AttackStyle:Melee,Throw:Fireball] [CanFly:true] [CanDestroy:true]

    Imagine doing that to make Enderdragons breathe fire, Zombies that can use bows, Squid that attack you etc.
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