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    Hey guys, I spent about 8 hours writing a guide for this game and I think many Minecraft players will be interested in it. It fills a similar niche. Although it's 2d, it's the same basic concept: build stuff. Have to go so I can't write more, the guide explains plenty itself.


    here's the discord for the Kingdom I'm in (Nova Roma), I'm happy to give away several of my own domains to newcomers (domains I no longer have the time to manage, starting a job).


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    The album http://imgur.com/a/Dks2F

    I solely built the spawn, but before designing it I discussed the concept with Khandahar and accepted his feed-back as I worked. received his criticism.
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    Great job! Best ships I've ever seen on Minecraft.

    Don't have much to add, but I thought your thread was deserving of a bump :P.
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    Update! I've been working on this project, and it is my intent to make some more progress.

    The Second Gate
    Another look at the previous gate, dusk
    The inside of the Second Gate, leading to the walls, the forge, eventually the two other of the Thangorodrim.
    A distant look at Angband.

    Oh, and of course, here is the album with roughly 200 images.
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    Quote from OpticZ3n

    Are you using default texture pack?

    I am,
    I'll definitely take it under advisement, but I don't want to worry about texture packs until it's actually finished.
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    What is Angband? http://lotr.wikia.com/wiki/Angband

    Angband was Melkor's prison deep in the Iron Mountains, I made a *portion* of these mountain ranges as well as the Thangorodrim, the three largest peaks of the Iron Mountains. The Thangorodrim are volcanic, to my dismay smoke, always present above the three peaks, is not a feature available in Minecraft, but lava will sporadically appear amongst the ranges of the Thangorodrim, the volcanoes served as enormous furnaces for the forces of Morgoth.

    Concept Art (I have no claim to this work!):
    I also used Single Player Commands, praise be to the Flying Spaghetti Monster for that invention.

    The Progress:

    The ranges are relatively complete, occasionally there is a sphere that reveals the use of WE, but for now my primary focus is fortifying the Thangorodrim.

    The gates of Angband

    A shot of the Thangorodrim

    A look at first line of defense
    The 6 primary towers, first to be attacked in a siege.
    Further progress on the main gate
    Hollowing out of the center peak of Thangorodrim
    Completion of the south-east wall (looking north)
    The continuation of the fortifications to the primary mountain of the Thangorodrim
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    They can't sue, they have no right to the content themselves; J.R.R. Tolkien, the companies producing his movies, music, and his son own the rights to LOTR, there's no profit involved in a Minecraft map, thus no legal basis for suing. Herp derp.

    TL; DR? Think before you speak.
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    Name: Alex, in MC AL3X_j_M

    Availability: Weekends

    Can you Help Make the Map:I most certainly can! I've been playing Minecraft since Beta 1.4 and I'm a pretty good builder. I'm great with World Edit, but don't use Voxel sniper or MC Edit. I can make redstone, or cool structures.

    Here's an album of my builds http://imgur.com/a/sgPcf#0 , you might note that two of the projects are LOTR related (Helm's Deep + Meduseld. I could actually paste these into your server). I built the terrain for Helm's Deep and Meduseld through World Edit, my other projects have naturally generated terrain.

    Can you help make the Mod: I have no programming experience worth noting.

    Can you help make the Texture Pack: I can use Gimp, but I uninstalled it. I'm not a graphic designer by any stretch of the imagination.

    Can you Help Advertise: I could.

    Do you have any experience: Plenty! I'm extremely familiar with World Edit, and have assisted my friend in running of his server; the server never took off though, due to a variety of problems. I can use redstone, but for very complicated works I'll need a reference. I can make some cool traps, combination doors, neat effects, but I've never made something as complicated as a clock, computer, etc.

    In 25 words or less tell me why you want to be apart of this: I am a great asset, and interested in the subject matter. I don't have any projects on MC, and would like to have one to work with.
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    You weren't online at the appointed time :|? Did you link the wrong server as your own, or were you just busy? I'm assuming you had work/forgot/lost internet access, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt; either way, I will not take offense.
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    There's a few of those things I can get started on a little bit now, and later.
    I'm going to check your server to see if you're online, if you are I'll start working on your server. With World Edit, I can build much quicker, so if you aren't online, I'll just start building one of your requests on my own singleplayer world, in which case I can use World Edit to copy pasta it.

    Edit: I know you were talking about your tekkit server, so I assume this stuff is for that server; the point, is the server I will be building on, or is it not, a tekkit server. Tekkit has completely different materials to build so that's going to change how I build.
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    posted a message on [Recruiting]BUILDERS NEEDED - SOULSCRAFT | Upcoming AMP Server
    I am, more or less, interested.

    -Intimately familiar with world edit
    -Hundreds of hours in game
    -Artistic (maybe it's because I'm left handed?)
    -Played since Beta 1.4
    -I'm no engineer, but I understand redstone gates and if I have a reference I can make redstone structures competently. I can make traps, complex doors, some other neat tricks.
    I built literally everything in this album, the only assistance is in the 2nd and 3rd images. Those really aren't my greatest works, anyways.

    Minecraft/Steam/Skype/Minecraft forums/Email is fine. I'm not particularly nervous about sharing this through private messages; I have faith enough in common courtesy to trust that my information is not going to be gathered and sold in a medium as slow and tedious as this, just to send me spam. Fingers crossed.

    -Sophmore, Highschool (I was heldback twice, if that helps? Just kidding)
    -I'm respectful to those deserving of it, I'm so generous as to tolerate those less so.
    -If it's any consolation, I'm enrolled in two "College Classes", Advanced Placement courses, which are actually more rigorous than the equivalent college classes (AP World History-World History, AP Psychology- Intro to Psych)

    What's going to be a deal breaker is
    1) If you're very adamant about that age cut-off
    2) If I'm building stuff I really don't care to build (Building a castle is an ice way to end a day)
    3) Time: Besides school work, I have Marching Band practices and events, both week-days and ends, marching season ends this week and we'll start practicing for our winter concerts. Point? On Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays I almost always have free time, this doesn't account for any work I've got due/time I need to study.
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    Disclaimer: If I messed up my post in any way, please do not raise your virtual voice at me! :steve_tearful:

    Helm's has been done a million times, but Meduseld the Golden halls of Rohan are less common. I was going to use these for my friend's multiplayer server

    Here's some images:
    Helm's Deep
    My Builds Album (Mostly of Helm's Deep and Meduseld

    If there's some interest I'd be willing to put the world up for download. Note: this is one world, the buildings (Just Helm's Deep and Meduseld) are not more than a 3 minute's walk apart. (20 seconds flying at the most?)

    FUN FACT: Helm's Deep was built in a valley, in hindsight, hills are almost always preferable to fortify, an elevated position, opposed to a valley where rocks/arrows/nasty objects may be thrown at defenders from above. That being said, there really is only one way to approach Helm's Deep since scaling down from the mountains with the primitive gear available during the LOTR trilogy it was impossible for any large military force of the day to do, at least efficiently. (In the time and with the resources it takes to get down, you could of starved out the defenders or killed them)
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    - Meant to put this in Maps Discussion, my sincere apologies, if a mod sees this thread, I implore them, delete it!

    Do not reply to this thread, if it's not deleted, it will be removed from the first pages soon.
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    posted a message on Monstercraft 24/7 -- No Whitelist -- 120 slots -- Dedicated -- PvP -- Clans -- McMMO -- Jobs -- TOP 10
    In game name: AL3X_j_M

    Age: 15

    Have I ever been banned from another server:
    LONG. STORY. I'm not a griefer if it isn't allowed. My worst crimes have always been taking unwritten rules to my advantage- the worst thing I ever did was grief with /cprivate furnaces when the grief policy was simply "Grief is legal in the Wild" (and non Wild areas are regioned, this was in the Wild).

    I first started on Xaldin. The owner was Puremin0rez and his right hand man was xMikexBx or something quite similar. Jclark was a great city builder an later became a moderator. I started a clan called the Iron Coalition- realized I hated running one- and joined Teh Brohood of Trollz. Due to their nature, when a member called PunJedi took over he banned all the trolls (except me, I was an unofficial member). So- one day being very bored- I trolled Mike. I got banned. It wasn't rude, violent, offensive, it was just minor trolling. They had made trolling an enforced rule with the new management. Then I moved to CKM where I was happy, I donated $30 total to CKM and $5 to Xaldin. Jclark123 is an admitted control freak. He is an administrator, 1 of 3 on CKM, and a mod called Nimrod128 despises all the trolls (me most of all). Since grief and PVP were legal in the wild- I went to grief with the Trollz new archtroll (leader, founder is JFCamp, he is active but passed the torch) Singlemomoftwo. We both got /slay'd and /ban'd by NimRod128. This wasn't actually allowed in ANY of the rules. The reason I got banned is I posted the conversation on the forums of Nimrod128 and JClark123 insulting me countless times after I was ridiculously polite. I didn't insult them in any way a single time. The Trollz were disliked by some- just for trolling. The grief rules were simply "Grief is allowed in the Wild" and every time I "innovated" it (griefing with /cprivate furnaces THIS WAS NOT IN THE RULES) I got yelled at. They had private regions you could purchase- I actually trampled about 20 crops of this guy I really hated. That wasn't even close to the time of the permanent/temp bans that lead to my leaving. Singlemomoftwo started a website- and we basically plan to start "Chapters" of trolls in multiple servers. I will be starting one here unless of course it would be frowned upon. I've been allowed back to Xaldin. So my only current permanent bans are on CKM- the reason is for posting incriminating things about the admins- that they would never admit. Whenever I got temp banned- like for the crop trampling (which was in the grey), etc., I always politely disputed them privately. When the admins just were extremely unprofessional and insulting I publicized it and was permanently banned.

    18th post in a conversation of Singlemomoftwo, Nimrod128, Jclark123 and I by NimRod128:
    Lol YOU MAD BRO? lol douchbag. You weren't just griefing. You were a 4-man wrecking crew absolutely destroying a complex which looks like it had hours of work invested in it. So just as you decided you wanted to destroy that person's work, I decided I wanted to slay you. Tough ****. You see how you don't like it when someone abuses you? The admins can clarify the rules on grief, but they weren't on and I decided I DECIDED BY MYSELF that what you are doing is roaming the server and destroying people's **** in a band, just to be assholes. And it might cost my my job, I don't care, but I'm not going to stand by and watch you and your little buddies destroy people's work. PERIOD.

    As for my moderator abuse, here were my moderator activites:

    1) /slayed head douchebag
    2) /slayed head douchebag's apprentice
    3) /tp'd head douchebag, douchebag's apprentice, douchebag 2nd class and douchebag 2nd class to spawn when I DECIDED they needed to leave the area.


    If you were banned from the minecraft server, banned from TS or banned from this forum, I'm afraid you need to look at other moderators for that buddy. I didn't ban anyone. Maybe other people are tired of your bs too.

    Enjoy your temp-ban. I know I will.

    I have read and understand the rules above: Yes, I certainly have. Went to Rules/Terms and conditions.

    I voted for the server on the three links above: Yes, going to right after I post.

    I understand that ranking up is not instant
    and may take several hours, I also understand that
    bugging the admins wont make it go any faster.
    In the meantime I will level my jobs and McMMO
    skills up as a squatter: YES, I will try. :smile.gif:.
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    I have bought my code, and it says in my profile it is unused. When I try to use minecraft beta it says I need to purchase premium.

    Nevermind, sorry for the misunderstanding, I figured it out. I am really unobservant. I did spend thirty minutes dumbfounded staring at each page of the main website before I posted this.
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