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    Photo, I would just love to know of you are still accepting applications. If so, I would be interested in part of your server

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    posted a message on DeltaCraft 1.8 SMP Server
    I'm having formatting Issues so sorry for the trouble

    Age: Our minimum age is 10-11 and our preferable max would be 15-16.

    Almost 13

    Skype name/username: Not mandatory, but would be very, very helpful in your connection to the community.

    Private, will give in private msg if accepted

    What you are good at?: Things like building, redstone, etc. (If you aren't good at anything, then don't put anything. This part of the application will not affect our stance on accepting you.)

    I'm good at pvp, I love but am only decent at building, i can make simple simple redstone things (Like piston traps) and i know a lot of things about the game

    How active are you?: It would be preferable if we did not have inactive players.
    If I like the community i will be on a lot, especially when other players are on.

    Why you should be accepted?: Are you funny? Are you an experienced Minecraft veteran? Go ahead and list anything you think!

    I'm currently looking for a fun server, im experienced, and I feel like i fit in with the general age on the server

    Are you willing to become good friends with other people?: Even if you are shy, don't be afraid to apply! Some of us are equally, if not more, shy than a lot of people!

    I'm surely willing to make friends, and i like interacting in-game and through the chat
    IGN(In Game Name): This would be very useful to whitelist you if accepted!.

    Are you particularly intelligent in any real life topics?: Not mandatory, but we have a wide range of interest, from World War 2 era history to building computers. The only reason we would like to know this is to make sure you won't feel left out in conversations!

    I know a decent amount about history, and politics, and I also just know a bunch of random useful facts

    Thank you for considering me as part of your server
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    posted a message on (FTB Monster) FEED THE NARWHAL - WHITE-LISTED - 24/7
    Age: 13
    Country: America
    Experience w/ MC:4 yrs
    Experience w/ modded MC: 2 yrs
    Tell me something interesting about yourself: I have a 1 eyed dog. i like building blocks
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    posted a message on Looking for 1 or 2 people to join my Tekkit Sever.
    Age: 13

    Why you wanna join: I love modpacks and i get bored doing them alone

    am i able to trust ya: yes, if not allowed i wont do anything
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    posted a message on TwisterCraft | Modsauce Server | Whitelisted | Apply Today!
    Name: Alex
    Skype(Contact Info): PM me
    Minecraft IGN: Hurtin_4_Certain
    Why you want to join the server?(3-5 Sentences): I would like join the server becuase singe player modded survival has gotten boring for me. I'm looking for a good modded server because i like to chat and do team builds. Thank you for considering me for being a part of this server.
    Experience With Minecraft(Years played, server, ect): 3 years modded for a year
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    posted a message on GymCraft 2.0 ::: Whitelisted Survival ::: Team Events ::: Bring A Friend (or dont) ::: 1.8
    Application Sheet

    In Game Name - Hurtin_4_Certain

    Age - 13

    Skype - I'd prefer to msg you if accepted

    Maturity - I am mature, and i dont use profanity

    Other - This server seems like a good idea but id like to be part of a more funny group
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    posted a message on ShadowsNetwork SMP - Look Here - Soon to be 1.8
    1. How old are you?: 13
    2. Do you have skype? yes id like to privately msg you my skype
    3. How long have you been playing Minecraft. 3 years
    4. Whats your favorite gamemode in Minecraft? survival/ adventure
    5. What time zone do you live in. pacific standard
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    posted a message on Forgecraft Inspired Whitelist Modded Server {FTB Monster}
    **Minecraft Username:Hurtin_4_Certain
    **Skype (don't have to talk, just for chat):Pls pm me for skype if i get accepted #ROCK
    *YouTube Channel:No Vids
    *Twitch Channel:No Sreams equinox might start streaming or making vids at some point
    **Why do you want to join?: I love playing modded minecraft and chatting with friends. minecraft is boring alone
    *Name one thing that you know about modded survival: I love thaumcraft and tinkers' contruct
    *What is one personal rule you have for yourself:?
    *Anything else that makes you stand out from anyone else?:I know how to use thaumcraft and tinkers; contruct lol
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    posted a message on Looking For The Right Minecraft server.
    As some of you can probably tell, i think there is a lack of good Minecraft survival servers. I'm Currently looking for another server to play that falls under these restrictions:

    Is Just vanilla/ Modded server without hunger games, factions and other minigames

    Doesnt have any game-changing plugins ok ones are plugins like locked chests

    and Has a good community.

    Pls PM me if you have servers like this
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    posted a message on [ATTACK OF THE B-TEAM] [CLOSED] WIP Server, need playtesters and population before public opening!
    IGN: Hurtin_4_Certain

    Skype: I would like to wait for if i get on the server or not to disclose This Info :)

    Common role in factions: Farmer and Explorer

    I dont really take screenshots of my builds

    PVP structures built: Piston Traps are my favorite/ good with pistons

    Extra: Sry im replying late i hope you consider me and i hate cobblestone buildings
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    posted a message on Modded survival server, i need a group of people to just get together and play a modded survival.
    ill Play some B-team with you guys
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    posted a message on new attack of the b team server
    IGN: Hurtin_4_Certain
    Skype Name: (if you have one) I do but Im currently not able to parcipitate in Voice chats
    Would you help others if help is needed?: Yes i love helping others.

    Will Pranking be allowed?
    Sry i replied so late
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    posted a message on Artifactovol
    IGN: [your in-game name]:Hurtin_4_Certain
    Age: [your RL age] 13
    Experience: [length of time you have played minecraft, include modded experience seperately] 3 years. Ive played with mods for about a year and im really good at Tinkers' Construct and Thaumcraft
    Reasons: [why you wish to apply, what you like to build, why you should be considered, and other reasons you want to add] I want To Try out a modded server because i love modpacks but i get bored of playing them alone, cause i love helping or teaching others and learning myself. I Love Building houses and shops and you should consider me because i love being a part of big builds and contests.
    Teamspeak: [will use/could try it/no way] i could try teamspeak but i have skype
    Other comments: [any other information, including links to pictures/videos you made in SMP, SSP, etc, that you wish to share] sry im applying late but i hope you would consider me as being a part of your server
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    posted a message on Direwolf20 Modded Survival Whitelist (No Raid/Grief Little PvP) is looking for players!
    This looks perfects for what im looking for. im in for sure
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    posted a message on Lets play series! (B-Team Server)
    hello im Alex my minecraft IGN is Hurtin_4_Certain and ive been looking for a server to make videos and/or stream on. i love the pranking aspects of server like this also and pls pm if im accepted or not.

    Thank you for considering me

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