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    Quote from alexreffand»
    Thermal expansion is another very popular tech mod that adds a a few metals that I wish could be made into tools. Ferrous, lead, enderium, etc.

    Thermal Expansion adds almost all of its metals as tool materials now. Silver, Lead, Electrum, Platinum, Nickel, and Invar are all tool-materials when Thermal Expansion is installed. Signalium, Mana Infused Metal, Enderium, and Lumium, however, are not tool materials.

    That said, Mana Infused Ingot is registered as "mithril" in the ore dictionary, and ExtraTiC already makes Metallurgy's mithril a tool material.
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    In the most recent version of Tinker's Construct, you can make almost all tools and weapons out of Shiny, Lead, Silver, Electrum, Invar, Ferrous, etc etc. This is new compatibility added. Additionally, it is also possible to make tools out of plastic and pink slime from Minefactory Reloaded. (Plastic has crazy amounts of durability, by the way.)

    The problem is, the tools out of Thermal Foundation metals has Thermal Expansion as a dependency, which is inconvenient if you don't WANT to use Thermal Expansion. Thermal Foundation is perfectly reasonable to have on it's own, since Ender I/O handles my RF needs right now. I mostly have COFH Core and Thermal Foundation to handle my ore generation. Some mods do use Platinum(Shiny Metal) for instance, so its good to have Thermal Foundation anyway, just to have a single mod control all the general ores you're likely to use.

    Basically, Thermal FOUNDATION should be the dependancy regarding those metals, not Thermal Expansion.
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    It's a shame you won't be updating this for a while. I really enjoy this mod. Infact, I may enjoy it more than Tinker's Construct.
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    Here's a few screenshots of builds I did on an old Direwolf20 pack modded server. I'll post one and link the rest to save you guys some grief.

    Labyrinth: 1 2

    This is from my single player world: 1 2

    Some random shots from different servers: 1 2 3
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    Quote from pelep

    i agree, but yeah, it's not for everyone :) number 3 sounds interesting. do you happen to know any mod that does that? i'd probably use it

    I had to use MC Patcher and a texture pack called "Augmented Native" for the effect. Aside from adding some fancy connected textures, it also changes the lightmap a bit so that a light level of 0 is pitch-black.

    Alternatively you can change your gamma settings in the options configuration file (not in game).
    A gamma setting of -0.40 should make it impossible to see in the dark. It may also make it impossible to see in dim light, too, so be warned.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] [SSP/SMP/LAN] Lanterns and Spotlights v1.1.0 (from Unlit Torches and Lanterns)
    Can you allow us the ability to select what can work as lantern oil and how much it gives? For instance, I want to use Railcraft's Creosote Oil since creosote oil has been used historically for fueling lanterns.
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    posted a message on Cubic Chunks: Reduced lag, infinite height, and more [The #1 Suggestion Thread of all time!][Updated! 6/14]
    I would very much enjoy this system, and have been sorely missing it since Minecraft 1.0, when the original Cubic Chunks mod was last updated.

    It would be great to have this along with another mod that died in beta 1.8. A mod that made it possible to travel higher or lower than the original height limits, and find yourself in another dimension. It was possible under this mod, to enter the Nether by digging through the Bedrock layer, which was replaced with Obsidian. I don't remember this mod's name though, unfortunately, and most of my searches proved fruitless.
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] [Forge]Requestcraft Remastered - See your mod ideas become a reality [Download Available][Turn your recourse pack into a
    Here's an idea. Placing lava directly adjacent to the sides of furnaces increases it's efficiency and speed.Each block of lava increases the efficiency of fuel and smelting speed by 20% of the previous rating.
    If a Furnace's speed is 1 or an item smelts 1, then with one lava adjacent, it is 1.2.
    With two lava blocks adjacent, it is 1.44.
    With 3 it's 1.728.
    With 4 it's 2.0736
    With 5 it's 2.48832
    With 6 it's 2.985984

    At max potential, A furnace would smelt nearly 3 times as fast and a single stick would smelt 1.5 items. Planks would smelt about 4.5 items. A unit of (char)coal would smelt 23 items. A blaze rod would smelt almost 36 items. A block of coal would smelt about 238 items, and a Lava bucket would smelt 298 items.

    This is mildly balanced because, if you intend to automate the furnaces, you're likely going to need to use three hoppers. (One for input, one for fuel input, and one for output.

    At Automation Potential(3 lava blocks), a furnace would smelt items almost twice as fast and a stick would almost smelt an item, A plank or log would smelt 2 and a half, (char)coal would smelt almost 14, blaze rod would almost smelt 25, block of coal would smelt 138, and a lava bucket would smelt almost 173 items respectively.
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    posted a message on Battle Music v1.5 [12-JULY] - Make your battles epic! 102% less broken! ;o
    Would you like a set of royalty free and public domain music to replace the copyrighted music you're currently using? I'm a bored hobbyist musician and don't mind writing a few tracks for the sake of it.
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    Custom arrows would be too expensive for early game, so the focus should be taken away from them.

    Let's just stick to basic metal-tipped arrows, that each do more damage, and let the enchanting to the bows.

    You can't craft arrow heads with wood, stone, netherack, or diamonds.
    Flint Arrows being the weakest.
    Iron Arrows having "Recovery I" which gives a 1 in five chance of dropping even if it hits an enemy.
    Golden Arrows being as weak as flint ones, but increase the efficiency of the enchantments on bows.
    Obsidian Arrows having Recovery III, etc etc. You get the idea.

    Some ideas for bow enchantments: Lapis would give looting, blaze power would give fiery, Diamond and Emerald would give durability. Here's some unique ones:

    Nether Quartz, instead of increasing the strength of the arrow, gives it a piercing ability. One maxed unit of quartz can pierce through three enemies, uses 50, can stack. (With Golden Arrows, up to six.)

    Eye of Ender makes arrows less susceptible to gravity, allowing them to farther and greatly improves aiming at long distances. Stacks up to 20, reducing arrow gravity to 25%, can only stack once. (With Golden Arrows, up to 12%)

    One hundred(More or less to taste) enderpearls gives a chance to not consume ammo up until full blown-infinity. (For Flint Arrows. The more valuable or powerful the arrow is, the less effective this enchantment is on them. Gold being the least effective due to how potent they are as enchantment enhancers.)

    Silky cloth reduces draw charge time. Can be stacked only once, needs 25 for full charge, reduces the draw speed to 50%. (Up to 100% with Golden Arrows. )
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