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    1. IGN: Alessn
    2. Discord username: Sandro#8737
    3. Age: 22
    4. Country and timezone: Germany CEST
    5. How long have you played Minecraft for?: Beta 1.6
    6. Why would you like to join this community?:I just like to play Minecraft with other people. I find the online aspect of Minecraft gives the game a whole new dynamic of its own. Especially when it's on a server where you don't have to worry about things getting destroyed.
    7. How often would you play?: Mostly depends on my studies. When there are exams, probably less often, but otherwise a few times a week.
    8. Tell us a bit about yourself: I am currently studying computer science at an university in Germany. I am also rather technical in other aspects. I have liked video games since I was a kid. In recent years I have lost sight of them because I had a lot to do but some weeks ago I started to play Minecraft again and have had tons of fun doing so;)
    Otherwise there is not much to say, I like music and iam a very social person but yeah thats basically it.
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    What's your Discord tag?

    What's your Minecraft username?

    How old are you? (there's no age requirement, just curious!)

    Why do you want to join this server?
    Just want to have some fun playing minecraft again:)

    What's your playing style? (eg do you like building, being a nomad, competing in events, exploring?)

    Mostly Building and Redstone. I also really like playing with other people and do stuff together.

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