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    Why do you want to join?

    I have been playing Minecraft for quite a while and just randomly stumbled upon this... it seems like an extremely interesting concept that I'd like to see and participate in. Since I've had good experiences with Minecraft Communities and yours seems friendly, it seems like it will be a very fun ride!

    What do you plan on accomplishing on this world?

    Like most people probably do: I want to find the place I actually live at in the real world and start from there to see where things will go - It would be amazing to find other people from around my area do the same and meet some potential new friends on the way!

    I also generally like to add to the lore of servers I join and this seems like the perfect opportunity!

    Thank you for having me! (Or not having me, thanks anyways!)

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    I would like to apply for a Spot on the Server, it would be kind if you could get back to me via Discord as soon as you have reached a desicion :D

    IGN: AleristheSeeker

    What should we call you?: "Aleris" is fine


    Country + Timezone: Germany, CET

    Discord: AleristheSeeker#7971

    Tell us a bit about yourself: I have played Minecraft for a little while now, since the last days of Alpha. I'm not the kind of person that thinks that everything was better back then and I still think that Minecraft is becoming more and more amazing as time goes on. Personally, I'm an easily excitable but usually rational guy playing mostly casually. I have some experience in programming and as a Moderator / Admin of a server, so I know that it is always best to follow rules and to trouble others as little as you want to be troubled.

    What do you wish to bring to the server? Do you have any goals?: I don't really have an agenda for a Server when I join. If ever, such a thing will develop on the Server - I will probably start annoying Staff about Ideas for Improvements if given the chance, but telling me "NO" generally works out pretty well. "Goals" seems like a strange thing in such an open-ended Game as Minecraft - what comes close to that is probably to have fun and maybe make some new friends.

    What is your favorite thing to do in-game?: Depending on my mood, I will usually be found leisurely doing menial tasks while lost in thought or actively build things - though usually unimpressive - that have a nice, natural feel to it. I also like to talk to other players - so much so, that I had been given a special "Gargoyle" seat during my time as a Moderator, where I would sit and talk for hours on end...

    Thank you for reading through this wall of text (or skimming it, I don't blame you). I hope to hear from you soon!

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