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    Since everyone seems to be posting updates, I'll post one of my own.

    For the last year or so, I have been working in an engineering job, doing primarily software development (C++), and some project management. I work a minimum of 40 hours a week there, and on the weekends I spend most of my time working on my car and playing video games. Unfortunately, those video games have not included Minecraft.

    That said, I have a serious amount of nostalgia for SimpleOres and related mods. I was only 16 when I started working on them (7 years ago if you can believe it), and was very, very naive about good programming practices, since I never had any formal programming education until I went to university years later. This means that most days I wonder how I would do things differently if I were to re-start the mods from scratch today, knowing what I now know. A number of times I have even begun to start them, only to give up shortly after.

    That said, it's something that I become more and more convinced about each day. The main problem is maintaining the mods - Minecraft always required such a huge commitment when it came to maintaining mods, and from what I have seen and read, this hasn't really lessened over all these years (Sinhika can probably confirm this for me?).

    If anybody else is interested though, I would very much like to consider starting a more collaborative "re-imagining" of SimpleOres and related mods, with the intention of being open-source from the get-go. This would mean the project would be entirely run with the magic of Git, as a group effort. We would start with the CoreAPI, then get the basics working again, and build on from there.

    It would basically mean that we start fresh, but always with the same core principles that SimpleOres has always had - to provide more variety to Minecraft in a balanced, intuitive fashion. It doesn't have to be a perfect clone of the origin, fresh ideas are always welcome. But it's not something I can commit to alone.

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    As of 28/04/2018, SimpleOres/SimpleCore is no longer being maintained, please see THIS POST for more details.

    McJTY's CompatLayer is Required for 1.10/1.11 versions of these mods!! Get it HERE.

    Over 720,000 Downloads!
    A great review of SimpleOres for 1.6.4 by BioMasterZap:

    Update 31/03/2016

    Sinhika has graciously taken over the huge responsibility of the updating the mod/plugins. This officially marks me stepping down from active development of SimpleOres, however everything should still remain the same in terms of this thread and the CurseForge projects. Sinhika will push new updates through the same CurseForge projects, which should update the download widgets below. Any bugs/issues can still be posted here, and Sinhika will see them eventually. I'll still be around, just not taking an active part in the mod development.

    Required Downloads:

    SimpleCore API Latest Download

    Note: SimpleCore API is required for any of the below plugins to work (as of SimpleOres v1.5.0. Any previous versions DO NOT require SimpleCore API). It contains all the core classes that are used by the plugins so that they do not have to include the same code in each one, and increases their compatibility.

    Plugin Downloads:

    SimpleOres 2 Latest Download

    SimpleOres adds 5 new ores to the base game: Copper, Tin, Mythril, Adamantium and Onyx. All except Onyx can be found in the overworld, while Onyx can be found only in the Nether. Each ore has its own unique properties, armor and tool sets, and more.

    Fusion Latest Download

    Fusion adds a new unique furnace, the Fusion Furnace. This furnace allows you to create alloys in a new, unexpected way, no dusts required! Instead, you fuse together alloys using differing levels of catalysts; the better the catalyst, the less materials you require to make an alloy. Includes Steel by default, and Bronze, Thyrium and Sinisite if SimpleOres 2 is also installed.

    Netherrocks Latest Download

    Netherrocks adds 6 new ores exclusive to the Nether: Fyrite, Malachite, Ashstone, Illumenite, Dragonstone and Argonite. Some of the new ores feature some sweet armor and tool effects, such as fire/lava immunity, auto-smelting pickaxe, no fall damage, etc. Also includes armor and tool sets for each ore (not all ores have BOTH an armor and tool set).

    Aesthetics Latest Download

    Aesthetics adds new decorative blocks to Minecraft, and is extended by installing SimpleOres 2, Fusion or Netherrocks. Blocks include metal bricks and brick stairs.

    Machines Latest Download

    Machines reintroduces the Mythril and Onyx furnaces of older SimpleOres versions. Requires SimpleOres 2. Due for an update to make it more useful.

    All Versions (including old versions): SimpleCoreAPI, SimpleOres, Fusion, Netherrocks, Aesthetics, Machines

    Installing SimpleOres and any other plugins is made easy (from 1.6 onwards) thanks to Minecraft Forge. Simply follow the instructions below:

    1. Download the Recommended version of the Minecraft Forge installer for the appropriate version of Minecraft from MinecraftForge. Run the installer and Forge will install.
    2. Download the latest version of SimpleCore API from the link above. Do not extract the .jar file.
    3. Go to your mods folder ("%appdata%/.minecraft/mods" on Windows) and copy the SimpleCore jar file into the mods folder.
    4. Download the latest version of SimpleOres and any other desired plugins from the links above, and copy them into your mods folder.
    5. You're done! Just load up the game again, make sure Forge is the selected profile, and you should be good!

    SimpleOres, and the other plugins, are all extremely configurable. Almost everything you could ever want to be configured can be, using the configuration files that are generated automatically. As of Minecraft 1.7.2, ID's are no longer configurable, and should not cause any conflict problems. Use the generated config files in .minecraft/config/AleXndr/ to configure the plugins.

    All the information on the content of SimpleOres and any other official plugins (including Fusion and Netherrocks) can be found on the SimpleOres Wiki. Note that the wiki is not necessarily up to date, and I apologise for this.

    There are also unofficial plugins for SimpleCore API made by other awesome modders. If you make a plugin, make sure to link me to it, so I can add it here :) Below are threads for the unofficial plugins, which may or may not be updated to the latest versions.

    Only Silver by Zot201 "A satellite mod which ports from SimpleOres the old silver, which position is now replaced by tin in the original mod, to the ongoing environment. New features such as the Silver Golem and customisable ore generation are also included."

    Akkamaddi's Additions by Akkamaddi (Updated Thread by Sinhika) "These are, and those in this slowly growing post will be, "plug-in" mods for the open-source mod Simple Ores 2 by AleXndrTheGr8st, who is awesome."

    TheOldOnes SimpleOres Plugins by TheOldOne A collection of plugins that add more functionality and features. Also includes compatibility plugins for Extended Workbench.

    For SimpleOres and other Plugin reviews, see the spoiler below.

    Click the links below for the changelog of each plugin:

    Information for Modders/Modpack Creators:

    For Modpack Creators: If you wish to use SimpleCore/SimpleOres and any official plugins in a mod pack, you are more than welcome to do so AS LONG as you credit me for it, and provide a link to this thread here.

    For Plugin Creators: Everyone has permission to use SimpleCore API to create a plugin. All the source code is available under the Source Code section below. The same applies for any official plugins. Please see the Plugin Development Thread for more information and for discussing plugin creation.


    As of 1.7.2, localisations have changed, so unfortunately they must be re-done. If you can help to translate SimpleOres and/or the other plugins into your native language, please see the 1.7.2+ Translation Guide.

    Any translations below marked as outdated may or may not have everything translated or may no longer be correct, however they are included still because something is better than nothing.

    The currently supported languages are:
    • English US (en_US.lang): SimpleOres, Fusion, Netherrocks.
    • Russian (ru_RU.lang): SimpleOres outdated, Fusion outdated.
    • Chinese (zh_CN.lang): SimpleOres outdated, Fusion outdated, Netherrocks outdated.
    • Traditional Chinese (zh_TW.lang): SimpleOres outdated, Fusion outdated, Netherrocks outdated.

    Source Code: All source code can be found on the SimpleCore GitHub. For newer versions maintained by Sinhika, see her GitHub fork: Sinhika GitHub Repo.

    Thanks: The only thing left to say is a huge thank you, to all of you. To all the players of this mod, to those who offered feedback, helped with bugs, and to those who (mostly unknowingly) aided me with any Java issues I got stuck on. Thank you to Mojang for creating the game, thank you to the MCP team, and thank you to the MinecraftForge team!

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    Hi everyone,

    As of 28/04/2018, SimpleOres, SimpleCore and all plugins are NO LONGER BEING MAINTAINED. Sinhika has graciously maintained the mods over the past few years, doing a better job at getting things updated than I had for a long time. However, like myself, Sinhika became burnt out from the endless march of updates and feature-breaking changes that required significant amounts of time to fix. And given that modding is a hobby, there is no sense to continue when you no longer enjoy it.

    That said, this doesn't necessarily spell the death of the mod. All of the source code is available on both my own GitHub account and also on Sinhika's GitHub account. Should someone desire to step forward and take on the responsibility of updating the mods, they are more than welcome and just need to send me a private message and we can discuss it.

    SimpleOres has had a good run, and while it may not be as popular these days as it used to be, it was one of the bigger mods back then and certainly a fairly early one. It's had over 7 years of somewhat consistent updates and activity, and has grown far beyond what I ever expected when I decided to add some new ores and tools as my first foray into modding and programming. There was a period of time when we had a decent few people all contributing plugins and additions to the mods, such as Akkamaddi, Zot201, and TheOldOne. It has truly been a great experience, so thank-you to everyone involved along the way!



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    Looks like the furnace code for checking itemstacks in the fuel slot and updating furnace state accordingly is not playing nice with the compatlayer. Might be on their end but I'm not familiar so will have to wait on word from Sin :) In the mean time, I'd recommend grabbing the latest version of compatlayer if you don't have it already, if by some chance its their end and they have fixed it.

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    Quote from Sinhika»

    I know that that Forge has to deal with changes in the underlying Minecraft code, but sometimes I think that LexManos et al do not quite understand the concept of an API. APIs are supposed to be stable, and hide changes in the underlying code from the API user. They've had API-breaking changes within the same minor version of Minecraft (1.9 -> 1.9.4), or even the same version (1.7.10 builds breaking all fluids at one point... killed GrowthCraft until people talked Gwafu into releasing the code so they could update it, which is how we got GrowthCraftCE). ISidedInventory is not even officially deprecated, it's just that capabilities are being encouraged, and not all modders support both in their transport objects. (Smart ones, like McJty, do--I've been looking over RFTools and McJtylib for some good source examples).

    Contrariwise, I can use code that was written 20 years ago to call libc, and be confident that those functions in glibc whatever-the-current-version-is still work as advertised. THAT is how you do an API. (Actually, make that 40 years ago; I'm pretty sure that if I took a "Hello, world" program written in original K&R C, it would still compile and work).

    I think I need to get Aesthetics out before I tackle re-doing Fusion, just so I'm getting something done and released. Machines will need a good solid implementation of the base "SimpleFurnace" or "SimpleMachine" class worked out, so it will be after I re-do Fusion.

    Yeah, I agree with you 100%. If you look at Rust's big modding API, Oxide 2, they actually built their to hook into Unity, so the base game engine, which means that very rarely do they need to change hooks. While that's not possible for Minecraft modding, Lex and the Forge teams appear to enjoy reinventing rather than updating or refactoring. Why keep this hook that modders have been using for the last 2 years when we can make a new one that works better, but everyone will have to relearn. If you look on the Forge forums, they are very much of the mindset that every modder should be following the Forge changelogs closely, ensuring they don't miss any new hooks that are added, and fully understand how to use those new hooks so they can move off the ones they have been using for years.

    Regardless, Minecraft modding would be completely different without Forge, they have certainly covered a lot of ground since the ModLoader days, and even something as simple as universal versions for both server and client made developing the mods significantly easier and more intuitive.

    And yes, it's a good idea to try to get as much common code between Fusion and Machines as you can. Hopefully you can find a good way around the multitudes of Tile Entities, GUIs and Container classes :)
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    Quote from neros64»

    Have you or are you working on re-implementing mobs wearing armor again? That was something I really loved about this mod as it helped make mobs slightly harder plus a chance of getting it early game to help you out.

    I will be looking at it when I continue work on the plugins. At the moment, I'm doing my end of semester exams, so I'm not working on them until I finish :)
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    Update 21/08/2015

    What was updated: SimpleCore API v1.2.0, SimpleOres 2 v1.7.0

    This is the first update for 1.8. So far, only SimpleCore and SimpleOres are completed (SimpleCore is missing a couple of API classes for other plugins, they will come later). There's likely plenty of bugs.

    This update also introduces a new version of the XML config I used in the previous update. This iteration is much more stable. Because of this, you will HAVE to delete/rename your old config files.

    SimpleCore API v1.2.0 Changes:

    • Updated to Minecraft 1.8.
    • Added a new RenderItemHelper class for rendering items/blocks easily in 1.8+.
    • Added a new, improved version of the XML Config system. Much more stable and versatile.
    • Added a new TooltipHelper class, so tooltips can be added to Blocks and Items easier.
    • Significantly improved bow zoom for all bows extending SimpleBow.

    SimpleOres 2 v1.7.0 Changes:

    • Updated to Minecraft 1.8.
    • Added new Copper and Mythril Shears.
    • Fixed all block place and step sounds (hopefully all).

    As always, let me know if you find any bugs/issues.

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    Update 28/04/2015

    What was updated: Machines v1.0.0

    As above, I have now released the first version of a new plugin called Machines. This plugin adds back the Mythril and Onyx furnaces that were removed from SimpleOres 2. These furnaces function exactly as they used to.

    Machines v1.0.0 Changes:

    • Added Mythril Furnace
    • Added Onyx Furnace

    As always, let me know if you find any bugs/issues.

    1.8 Update News:

    Yes, I am aware that Forge is now available for 1.8. I have not yet begun the transition to 1.8, however it will begin shortly. There is no ETA for the 1.8 update just yet.

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    Update 20/03/2015

    What was updated: SimpleCore API v1.1.0, SimpleOres 2 v1.6.0, Fusion v1.6.0, Netherrocks v1.3.0, Aesthetics v1.1.0

    SimpleCore API v1.1.0 Changes:

    • Added a new XML Config system to the API.
    • The UpdateChecker now checks for updates for each mod in its own thread, elimination the game-halting that was happening with the previous system.

    SimpleOres 2 v1.6.0 Changes:

    • Now uses the new XML Config system included in SimpleCore API.

    Fusion v1.5.3 Changes:

    • Now uses the new XML Config system included in SimpleCore API.

    Netherrocks v1.2.3 Changes:

    • Now uses the new XML Config system included in SimpleCore API.
    • Mining an ore with the Fyrite Pickaxe now drops the smelting experience associated with that ore too.

    Aesthetics v1.0.0 Changes:

    • Now uses the new XML Config system included in SimpleCore API.

    As always, let me know if you find any bugs/issues.

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    Quote from Izidore»

    On this thread? chirp, chirp, chirp..........hear the crickets?

    Don't be like that :P If TheOldOne hasn't been able to make time for modding that's completely fine, it's a time consuming hobby. He provides a link to the GitHub for his plugins, and all the SimpleCore/SimpleOres source code is available for anyone else that wants to update his plugins. The SimpleCore API makes it easy to create plugins, even if you have little or no experience with Java.

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