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    posted a message on Alblaka's Mod SHOP
    Quote from Lordjinji

    The email is correct, I've been writing with him with the same email about my own mod ;)

    Quote from Dambalon

    Alb , it is impossible to reach you via emails!!! google/yahoo/other - i write you from several places but never get a response.

    I'm sorry, but i'm gettign swarmed with E-Mails and even currently have ~25 unread Emails still to check. Gimme some time, your calls wont go unanswered.
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    posted a message on Alblaka's Mod SHOP
    Quote from PetrGasparik

    just for a rough estimate: How much would it cost to convert to SMP? (given you have author permission etc.)

    There is high demand in community, so it sounds reasonable to supply this

    Too much for you to pay the bill.

    Millenaire is a mod designed for SSP, thus I would probably need to rewrite the mod from scratch to make it SMP compatible (or rather ATTEMPT to make it SMP compatible). Look at how long the mod ned in it's initial developement.
    Increase that amount by 20%. Calculate 10€ per hour.

    Not sure whether I would even take that commission, simply because I'm not sure whether it can be ported to SMP at all.
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    posted a message on MEV - Very neat PvP mod - Trailer
    That's quite a nice trailed you got there. It would be a ssssshame if that mod would be technic based, given I don't think you can implement a class system without modifying base files (which agains would make it incompatible to IC > concurrenting). But given the medieval theme and stuff.. I doubt it's a techmod?
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    posted a message on Alblaka's Mod SHOP
    Quote from Dambalon

    Boy, Im getting too naggy here, but since you did not reply to any of my email boxes(or i did not receive your replies) Im asking here again
    Alblaka please code me a swiss knife. if you are going to do this please reply to this post as "ok" and ill continue communicating with you through your email lei*nad*291*@*gmx*.de
    if not, then just reply "fu man" and ill be off
    thanks and best regards
    sorry if i annoy you to much :)

    Ow sorry, apparently forgot to respond.
    Your idea is valid (and in case of an omni-mod knife, interesting), feel free to contact me via Email.
    Quote from Withmyself64

    Will you put up a list of the ideas you are working on in the first post?

    Most likely not.
    Quote from DZCreeper

    I was wondering how long it might take you to port the Power Converters mod by Teh Krush to the buildcraft 3.xx api instead of the buildcraft 2.xx API. Providing I can get the source code and his permission. I saw 1other person looking for something similar, maybe we can both pitch in?

    Can't tell, given I neither know the Power Converters mod (content-wise) nor the source code.
    Quote from Cadde

    [Long concept]

    I would dare to say you vastly underestimate the time ned for these lessons. The timelimits you gave a quite short and on some I doubt I could run through the given material in that time. And I actually know about what is what beforehand and don't need to figure anything out.

    The concept is surely interesting (through quite over-complified in regard of calculation), will spend some thoughts on it.
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    posted a message on Alblaka's Mod SHOP
    Quote from CaptainMineALot

    So lava is a finite liquid in that matter? Because if you have like harder to get liquidsin a mod, then they should stay rare

    There is a difference between a "finite" liquid and finite liquids.
    There's a mod introducing "realistic" finite liquids: Is you got a 2x3 flat area of water, everytime you use your bucket, the water-level will lower, after 6 buckets the liquid is gone.
    That's the sort of complex "finite" liquid I will NOT bother to code.

    "Finite" liquids as in Lava are fine.
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    posted a message on Alblaka's Mod SHOP
    Quote from CaptainMineALot
    Question: How long would it take to make liquids? (Acid, honey, milk, beer, etc.)

    Im considering asking for a mod if i know my basic Java stuff, so i can update it

    Longer then a simple block, given I didn't work with fluids yet. Probably not much longer then 2-3 hours though, depending on special attributes the liquid is (not) meant to have. PLEASE don't ask for a "physic simulated FINITE liquid" though, that would take days, literally. We would be talking about lava-like non-replenishable "Minecraft" liquids (1 bucket can create an infinitely high pillar of given liquid).
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    posted a message on Alblaka's Mod SHOP
    Quote from htothe2oh

    I also would be interested in coding lessons, more specifically MC Forge lessons. Also, I'm currently working on a mod that I would like some help with, but I'd love to support you! I'm working on a mod that adds a bunch of new furnaces, and I'm trying to use ore dictionary and all that jazz but I can't really figure it out. So ya... coding lessons, which I'll gladly pay for.

    Quote from ESClaus

    I would love coding lessons as well. If you are interested in doing lessons let me know.

    I think I really need to offer those, sort of everyone is requesting it. Though it effectively reduces the need for commissioning me XD

    How about setting up an IRC channel with me dedicating a few hours of my time (paid :o). If you manage to agree on the same date+time, you even save moey (1 hour is 1 hours, regardless whether i'm talking to one or three guys).
    Quote from TheEnlightened

    My only question is version updates... If someone pays you to do a job, then minecraft updates.. what happens?, can they throw a few more dollars at you (depending on the size of the mod) to have you update it?

    Also there is one line in this whole thread that deters me from having you create a mod for me...

    "I may refuse to port"

    That being said my mod would probably fall under the 5 euro mark.. because i just want a fully functional beginer mod with examples of anything you can do in forge, modloader, and modloaderMP

    Regardless i might throw some money at you anyways.. I would also like an example of porting.. I have no java experience.. and seeing for me is beleaving..

    Would this type of mod be possible? - If so can you estimate work time?

    Thanks for anything and everything you do to contribute to the minecraft community

    The clause is there in case you request a mod vastly overhauling minecraft. Porting these mods essentially takes 80% of the time ned to create them. Examples: Tale of Kindoms and Aether Mod. Both took ages to develope and take extremely long to port.
    Anything small isn't an issue.

    A "example" mod wouldn't take much time, though I would need to check through a good number of things to ensure I use every basic function. As well, if you don't give me some content related stuff, you will probably get nonsense like Suicide Buttons (simple test item) or "Teleport-Player-Into-Sky" blocks :3
    I would exspect such a mod to take about 2 hours. Eventually 3 if I try to include as many things as possible (f.e. Forge OreDic as well).
    Quote from echomike78

    Hi, like to support you.

    would it take long=cost much to update this cool mod: for me? i just want it personaly to play

    Ow, i know that mod :3 One of the first I've played.
    To port a foreign mod, I need the permission of the author, as well as the source code. If you can provide both, I can most likely port it (given I could code it new as well), in a timeframe of about 1-2 hours. Given that mod is old, I could probable enhance it to MCForge compatibility and similar stuff. Would definitely take 2 hours in that case.
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    posted a message on Alblaka's Mod SHOP
    Quote from 0positivo

    hey there Alb. Say, I was looking for a boat/zeppelin-ish mod, that works on SMP, and plays nice with the major forge mods (IC2, RP, BC, Forestry, railcraft...), how hard and time intensive will that be?

    I know Eloraam has frames planned in the making, but I was thinking something that doesn't necessarily has to be snapped to the grid. Again, kind of like the Zeppelin or "boat" (can't remember the name right now) mods

    I would dare to say, a Zeppelin/Float/Airship mod takes quite some time to develope, nothing short of 10, more likely 20-30 hours. At least for me, given I didn't excessively worked on complex Entitys yet.
    I would need to code a rendering algorythm, something annoying complex for collision boxes, handling, interaction with player...

    It's complex enough to actually make me doubt whether I can create such a mod in a sufficient quality in a realistic amount of time.
    Quote from legomaniack

    Any possibility for good enough requested mods to (eventually) be released??

    I am a HUGE fan of this idea, but have little money <.

    Exclusively depends on what the owners do with their commissioned mods.
    Quote from legomaniack

    Any possibility of a Medieval craft revival???
    Amazing experience in SMP with MeC.

    There are currently 2 developers independently working on MeC2, a 3rd one gave up on some point and a 4th team is recreating an entirely new mod (from which I can tell has potential and could turn out awesome).
    I'm personally not going to work on recreating "MeC 2" or porting it.
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    posted a message on Alblaka's Mod SHOP
    Quote from newmangamers

    nothing too complex as long as i have a cable that can send power and it is esay to take and put power into the cable. how hard would that be? and some tips please

    Exclusively depends on how you want to code the network. You could use an recursive approach (like i did in IC1), a networking one (IC2) or an entirely different concept, f.e. basing upon a collective storage (would probably work out simpler, while omitting some detailed effects like distance-based loss). All of these are at least "advanced" algorythms though and thus take their share of time. Wouldn't assume anything to run below 10 hours of work.
    Quote from conoreva

    I support this :3 Good luck Al Your the best modder I ever seen

    Then you probably didn't 'see' Eloraam yet :o
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    posted a message on Alblaka's Mod SHOP
    Quote from newmangamers

    could you give me a few tips on how to do an energy network as i nearly have my new tubes system done :P but i have no idea about an engery system.... is it hard?

    Depending on how complex you want it to be whilst still being CPU efficient, yes.
    The basic IC1 Energynet (mediocre complex, extremely CPU intensive) took me a full WE, working from morning to evening straight. IC²s Enet was coded by Player over the course of ~4 months.

    Quote from Dambalon

    it has already been mentioned couple of times in the suggestion forum:
    [Suggestion] advanced tool box/bronze multi-tool
    Suggestion: changing jack-in-a-box tool box into regular toolbox with specified slots
    even if you decide to implement it in the future IC releases you are not going to make it enchantable, something that i want from it.
    if you dont want to code an IC swiss knife then I would like you to code me a separate swiss knife that could be modified in game to use different tools that i place in it(e.g. a swiss knife can accept up to 10-15 different tools in its slots and switch between them, maybe even with a nice looking selection screen)
    If you are going to implement it in the future, then i withdraw my request, if not, then I ask again: I would like to purchase a swiss knife

    This sounds like a definitely interesting challenge to code (basing a single Item's capabilitys upon something stored inside NBT-Tags).
    I would recommend going for ML+MLMP+MCForge, given I'll need a few of Forges basehooks to get the full functionality running. I'm not entirely sure, but if I manage to code it right, I will may even be able to code the Swiss Knife to be generally compatible with ALL unstackable tool-ish items. Regardless of mod or origin.
    I would dare to say, could take me a few hours though, about 2-4.
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    posted a message on Alblaka's Mod SHOP
    Quote from newmangamers

    so would you do some thing like buildcraft pipes? for someone for me? or maby a power system like ic2?

    just a question...

    I don't see a reason to recreate pipes/tupes whereas we already got two versions of those. But if you need an own system for a special purpouse, I see no reason not to work on something in that direction. Same applies to energy networks.

    Quote from Dambalon

    I want a "swiss knife" for IC2. electric drill, saw, treetap,hoe,wrench, CF sprayer(not sure if possible considering it needs to be reloaded), nano saber, cable cutter in a single tool with ability to switch between them (all IC tools in one excepting the mining laser). It should be enchantable like a tool (i.e. to get efficiency/unbreaking enchantments etc) Also, if possible, an option of including other tools from other mods in the "knife" e.g. buildcraft wrench or redpower screwdriver. And of course tech support for it i.e. updating to a new IC version when requested(for additional fee if necessary ^_^ ).
    sending same request on your mail box
    hope to hear from you soon

    Rather belongs into the IC² suggestion forum.
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    posted a message on Alblaka's Mod SHOP
    Quote from iMer

    Soo.. i would be allowed to request a lightning rod ic addon >:D?

    That's evil :o
    Kinda disappointed you don't do bukkit mods- its understandable though.

    Now, if you pay me the couple dozen hours I need to work into Bukkit, which is entirely different from the Modding i've done so far, I would do Bukkit mods :P But otherwise I'll rather spend my time on useful stuff.
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    posted a message on Alblaka's Mod SHOP
    Quote from maxell45146

    What about a mod/plugins relating to two other mods, for example the idea of adding a new Bee (Forestry) that is influenced by vis/taint (thaumcraft). There is a lot of great mods that could be enhanced by having things interact like BC IC and RP do.

    Possible, but I would either need APIs or the source code, as well as the permission of both mods.
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    posted a message on Alblaka's Mod SHOP
    Quote from daredevil92

    If I feel like missing a feature in IC(^2) or some new stuff (like the space-thingy) is not getting too much time, can I request/order the thing I want? I don't want people to get too much influence on the mod itself just for having too much money, but I could really likely imagine people ordering say expansions to IC, that could be hosted and copyrighted / licenced / whatever by yourself (Alblaka) and linked in the Sub-Mods forum.
    Also it would be interesting to say something like: "Here 20 bucks (/ Euro), just work a bit on IC (or any more specialised topic you intended to do anyway)".

    IC is seperate from this. Whilst you cannot request (or rather can, but I'll denie it) stuff to be added to IC, commissioning me to do expansions/addons to IC is perfectly fine. And if it fits with the core and you permit, I'll may add it to IC. But thats depending on what the addon was in first place.

    Quote from daredevil92
    Also, how long would it take for you, to get say the space-thing done? Perhaps one could organize something like kickstarter on the forums or somewhere else. I would imagine people to be more generous than by donations, because their payment directly relates to something they all want to see and even small donations would sum up, whereas you kinda don't see anything from donations. (Though I suspect you're working on IC hard enough, wether payed or not ;-) )

    Depending on the features you request, a couple of hours probably. Merely creating a new dimension and some sort of portal block shouldn't be all too hard, coding special effects (no air / gravity) could turn out more complicated though.
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    posted a message on Alblaka's Mod SHOP
    SHOP, as in buying.
    And if a moderator removes this while linking to the mod "shop" sticky...

    Alblaka's Mod SHOP
    If the normal request area doesn't cut it, pay someone to get the job done the right way.
    - from the creator of INDUSTRIAL CRAFT -

    As the name of the thread implies, I've decided to offer some of my free time for people to buy dedicated high-quality mods for whatever use they may have. Having some sort of a hard time over here and given I don't have the time to go jobbing, I would likestarting to earn some sidemoney with something else then unreliable donations.
    The basic deal is as followed: You either contact me via E-Mail (lei*nad*291*@*gmx*.de without the *'s), PM or a post in this thread (preferably in that order), proposing your idea/request as short as possible, merely naming name and eventually key aspects. I'll then contact you (on the way you contacted me) and inform you whether your proposal is possible / within my possibilitys. You'll then (THEN, not right now as you read it) be asked to give the full set of information and wishes in regard to your request (referred to as "job" from now on) via private means (not necessary to clutter up the thread).
    Basing on other factors, f.e. other people's job, private life and IC² developement, you'll have to wait until I find time to actively work on your job. If your job is on top of the list, I'll contact you again, giving you a rough estimation of time ned, and clearing up details.
    Payment is of course a vital aspect of this whole thing. As i'm not a fan of over-hyped formalities, the whole job while be handled as followed:
    -You propose the idea, and keep full right on it (> i cannot publish "your" job, as it's intellectual content belongs to you).
    -I provide a rough guess of the time and costs ned for me to work on the project.
    -I start creating the first progress and provide evidence of said progress.
    -A small pre-sum, part of the final payment, is to be payed (minimal, but will save me the trouble of random people trolling).
    -Developement of the job will be completed, providing you full access to the source from the moment you've paid the pre-sum.
    -After finishment, the full payment is to be paid. Once that's done, you gain full copyrights on the job, it's source and all future content and may proceed to literally do WHATEVER you want to do with it. Including private, public and commercial use.
    (-I would appreciate being mentioned in the credits, but even here you are not forced to comply.)
    Payment details can be arranged via PM/E-Mail. I recommend to use PayPal or direct transactions, i'm not taking CreditCards :3
    Important: By issueing a job you confirm to be of legal age in your country to perform such a purchase/action.
    Just in case some random lawer tries to sue me at some point...

    Another relevant thing you, as a potential customer, are interested in: Price
    As this is, even with the commercial approach, still quite a hobby for me, I'm currently assuming a payment of 20 € per finished hour of work (always including at least 1 hour per job, unless agreed on otherwise). This IS cheap, considering a professional Software Engineer gets payed a few times that much.
    If your job is small enough to be completed within a single hour of work, I'll (before developement) eventually offer you a fixed price of just 5-10€. If your "job" is merely a oneliner, i'll probably do it for free if I got nothing else to do (asking me to do the job for free will backfire though, I promise).

    What you do get/request:
    - A modification/plugin providing altered/new functionality.
    -- In form of "Code" consisting of compiled class-files, as well as the original source-code
    --- Source-Code is not necessaryly documented, unless agreed on otherwise.
    -- In case of new content, I'll provide simplistic sprites and/or textures.
    --- I do NOT create complex sprites or textures.
    ---- I may offer to task a seperate graphic artist for this, who has been working on IC sprites as well.
    --- *unless agreed on otherwise.

    - Basic after-developement support
    -- If the completed job causes severe malfunctions (crashes and massive bugs), which are definitely caused by the code itself (and are not a product of other sources or conflicts between multiple mods), I guarantuee to resolve the issues with high priority without charging anything.
    --- This does not include balance issues or "I didn't think about this before"-issues or anything else gameplay-related.
    ---- Given the severity of the issue, I may resolve it for free or offer a different contract regarding the amount of time I need to resolve the issue.

    - NO free porting to future minecraft versions
    -- unless the mod is created for an outdated version and I explicitely mention I'll port it for free later on (f.e. once the official release is stable enough).
    -- You may seperately task me with updating your job.
    --- I may refuse porting your job.
    ---- Usually as a result of the job's code modifying baseclasses excessively, which causes ports to become difficult and time-consuming.
    ----- I'll most likely mention this issue before developement and inform you about my decision not to port your job in future.
    --- Payment is (as always) related to the time ned. Depending on the size of your mod, the port may very well run in the category of "less then 1 hour".
    ---- I do not guarantuee everything will take less then 1 hour.

    Regarding actual content:
    I'll NOT create anything potentially aimed at disrupting other people's gameplay in any way, namely hacks.
    Same direction, I'll not create any content possibly infringing with legal rights, for example by containing racist or insulting content.
    Except for these exceptions, you're free to request any content you like, of any sort. Yes, any.
    I claim the right to refuse working on your job before any payment is made, though , for any reason I'm not obliged to state. If your idea is retarded/boring, chances are good i'll not do it.

    Regarding platforms/prequisites:
    I offer to create mods for SSP and SMP.
    These mods may consist solely of basefile modification, or be based upon ModLoader, ModLoaderMP, MCForge or other direct APIs.
    This does NOT include Bukkit. As of current, I'm neither capable of nor interested in creating Bukkit-based mods. This may or may not change in future (thanks to Jeb).
    I strongly recommend contra basefile modification and pro MCForge, but in the end it's the customers choice.

    Short summary of possible platforms:
    Basefile Modification
    -Editing existing classes of Vanilla Minecraft
    -Provides maximum possiblitys, and essentially permits any mod Java can handle
    -Potentially faster to code, whilst causing less bugs
    -Extreme incompatibility, possibly not compatible with any other mod.
    -Potentially a high time consumption for porting.

    -Using the API ModLoader whilst not modifying any baseclasses
    -ModLoaderMP provides ModLoader support for SMP.
    -Maximum of compatibility, there are barely mods conflicting with ModLoader.
    -Good coding speed, based on my experience with ModLoader.
    -Limits options of content, exspecially regarding modifying vanilla content.
    -Dependancy on ModLoader.

    ModLoader(MP) + "Soft" Basemodding
    -Using the API ModLoader and modifying basefiles from this point
    -Provides maximum possiblitys, and essentially permits any mod Java can handle
    -Any pure ModLoader-based mods will be compatible, even though basefile modifcation.
    -Potentially a high time consumption for porting.
    -Dependancy on ModLoader.
    -Possibly incompatible to ModLoader+SoftBasemodding mods

    -Using the full set of common APIs, ModLoader, ModLoaderMP and MinecraftForge
    -Enhanched possibilitys, compared to ModLoader-only.
    -Potentially access to basefile-hooks, permitting indirect basefile modification.
    -Guarantueed compatibility with any other ModLoader or MCForge - based mods.
    -Dependancy on ModLoader.
    -Dependancy on MCForge
    -Possibly incompatible to ModLoader+SoftBasemodding mods

    MCForge+ "Soft" Basemodding
    -Using the full set of common APIs, ModLoader, ModLoaderMP and MinecraftForge and modifying basefiles from this point
    -Provides maximum possiblitys, and essentially permits any mod Java can handle
    -Guarantueed compatibility with any other ModLoader or MCForge - based mods.
    -Potentially a high time consumption for porting.
    -Dependancy on ModLoader.
    -Dependancy on MCForge
    -Possibly incompatible to ModLoader+SoftBasemodding mods

    There are other, less commonly used API's, for example shockAhPI or AudioMod. Mixing these in has situational dependant effects best explained in according conversations.

    IndustrialCraft² = MCForge
    MedievalCraft = Basemodding (with a slight touch of Modloader)
    BuildCraft = MCForge
    Redpower = MCForge
    Zombe's ModPack = ModLoader+Soft Basemodding
    BTW = ModLoader+Soft Basemodding

    Possible gunpowder I assume people will attempt to derail this thread with:
    You're making money of Notch's work, thats illegal!
    According to Mojangs ToU...
    Any tools you write for the game from scratch belongs to you. You're free to do whatever you want with screenshots and videos of the game, but don't just rip art resources and pass them around, that's no fun. Plugins for the game also belong to you and you can do whatever you want with them, including selling them for money.'re incorrect.
    Ntm, I'm not selling code, I'm just being donated to write text into a java-file.

    Lol, why should i pay for a mod? I can just a request it next door, FOR FREE!
    Yes, you can. And if somebody does it for free, why not.
    However, here you can exspect quality-support, as well as someone who has a strong interest in actually satisfying your request.
    Additionally, you gain full copyright on the mod and can afterwards do whatever you want, whereas on a casual mod request you will get a public mod similar to your request owned by the given coder.

    Wait, if you work here, IC² is going to die?
    No, it's merely my havit to be incapable of spending too much time on a single thing. I can't work on IC² the whole day and having some different submods mixed in is sugar. > MeC and M4D exist(ed) for that reason.

    You're a scammer trying to get people to throw money at you!
    You first get proof of the jobs existance. THEN pay a minimal fee (to prove to me you're actually capable of transacting money) and now get the full mod BEFORE you pay the whole sum. The worst i could do is finishing the mod and then releasing it on my own, claiming "your" version to be stolen. Which wouldn't really work out well, and i've actually got a reputation to loose.

    OMG, why you take so long, do my mod, NOW!
    Spamming me with these sort of annoying pokes will result in your job being moved DOWN the list. Proceed on own responsibility.
    As well, keep in mind i've a human body, need sleep, time to eat and actually got a thing called RealLife, which i'm forced to attend to sometimes.

    Links to finished pieces of work will be placed here, once completed:
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