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    Quote from montymantis»

    Application Form

    Your in-game name: INNEJ

    Your age: 46

    Location/Gender (optional): Scotland/Male

    Cake or pie? Cake (mmmmm Carrot Cake)

    What is community to you?: A sense of belonging to a community that has a like-minded passion. A place where you can reply on your team mates for camaraderie and loyalty. A place where teamwork and communication wins the day.

    What is fun to you?: Fun is the place where most of us wish to experience things that make us happy. A place where we can melt away our troubles and laugh like crazy at silly little things away from the humdrum of normality. Fun is the place where as children we never wish to leave behind.

    Hey there! Thank you for applying! You have been accepted :)

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    Overbound is set to release on 18 July 2018. We welcome you to our Discord for announcements, updates and even to suggestions!

    Overbound is a Semi-Vanilla Minecraft Server, where we focus on the vanilla aspect of Minecraft. That's right, so no Factions plugin, no plugins that would ruin the vanilla taste of Minecraft. We aim to be a community-driven server hence we use Discord to organise events. We let you have the freedom to steer the server into!

    You might wonder what makes this server different? We want to give you an objective so that you will continue to play even after building your dream base!

    Application Form

    Your in-game name: Your age:
    Location/Gender (optional):
    Cake or pie?
    What is community to you?:
    What is fun to you?:
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    Quote from xero685»

    Your in-game name: xero685
    Your age: 32
    Location/Gender (optional): uk
    Cake or pie? pie
    Anything else you'd like to share: my pie lol

    Welcome aboard :)
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    Join us, at:

    Welcome, to...
    ・: MerlionMC :・

    Here, at MerlionMC, you are our #1 priority.

    Our players, and our community, are our greatest strength. We are always looking for new members to expand our family!

    Our community is built around respect, and our server's plugins are carefully chosen and updated, to make sure that you, as the player, have the best possible experience (and the most fun!) on our server.

    We're proud to say that there is no griefing, raiding, RDM, and hate/drama on this server.
    We also protect all: races, ages, genders, LGBTQA+ members and religions, so that everyone may feel safe and accepted here.

    We also make sure to only employ the most friendly, helpful, and reliable staff members, to make sure that you have no issues playing with us here at MerlionMC <3

    If you're looking for a safe, friendly, supportive and funserver, then look no further.

    Welcome to MerlionMC!

    For those of you who are interested in the commands our players have access to, the minigames available for you to play and the plugins you have access to, simply continue reading!

    Our Default rank has access to tons of other permissions and commands, to make your experience here fantastic!
    It's got /tpa, /warp, /home + /sethome, /recipe, /gc, keepInventory, and tons more!

    Our other ranks even allow flying, god mode, /jump, /craft, /heal, /feed, /enchant, and just about every other awesome command you can think of!


    Our server has a ton of fantastic plugins for you all to enjoy as well! These include...

    • SlimeFun
    • McMMO
    • Jobs-Reborn
    • Market
    • Essentials
    • WorldGuard
    • GriefPrevention
    • CoreProtect
    • NoCheatPlus
    • BottledEXP
    • Marriage
    And Many more!

    If you have any other questions, just give us a visit! Our staff and players are more than happy to answer any questions, and help with anything you might need!

    So why wait?
    Come join us today!

    IP: play.merlionmc.net

    See you there!




    WARP END (Player Build)

    MARKET place

    FRUIT TREES (plugin)

    Machinery (plugin)

    Custom Mobs (plugin)

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    PoroCraft is a professionally managed mature Minecraft server! To keep things situated, we are only looking for players 16 or up. We just opened the server today, and all we need now are you lovely people! Our server protects the vanilla aspect of the game and only get plugins which are really necessary

    Server IP:

    Requirements: 16 years or older!
    Activity is a must! Inactive players will be Removed from server after set amount of time! (If you are inactive due to personal issues please let us know.)
    We want people who are willing to socialize!
    Have common since!
    Enjoy the server, the community, and the atmosphere! Which is a friendly community with a semi-vanilla experience!

    1. Respect Players and there property!
    2. Do not Lie, Cheat, or Steal!
    3. Be Mature!
    4. Do not Grief (we have plugins to prevent claims)
    5. Do not complain constantly!
    6. Follow Staff instructions!
    7. Do not Discriminate!
    8. Have Fun!

    Apply now with this format:

    Apply now with this info
    Age? Required to be considered!
    Ign? To be whitelisted!
    Do you have a mic? Will not affect your application!
    How Long have you been playing Minecraft?
    Your Favorite Block
    About yourself?
    How much do you play on average?

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    Quote from GamingNorge»
    IGN: MultiGamerClub
    Age: 18.
    Location/Gender (optional): Norway, Male.
    Banana or Potato?: Potato? Banana doesnt exist in minecraft yet :(
    Other: I'm energic to start all over again..
    PC, how often am i on: Often. (Exept when my gf drags me out of the house or personal life kicks in :P)

    Whitelisted :)
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    We are currently seeking players for a new server that will be geared towards playing 100% vanilla survival Minecraft in a mature setting with no major rules and regulations. Everyone will be an equal and we will work and play together as a community, while also being able to adventure and try out new things on your own.

    We are starting out with a rule: "Don't be a ****"; this rule is our main guideline. This rule leads on to No Griefing, Respecting players, etc

    8gb of RAM dedicated, Hosted in Canada
    MobGriefing disabled
    PVP is on

    Couldn't be easier! Connect your Minecraft client to
    To get whitelisted on vanilla survival, please fill out the form you can find at the end of this post and reply to this thread.

    Your in-game name:
    Your age:
    Location/Gender (optional):
    Banana or Potato?:
    Anything else you'd like to share:
    How often do you hop on the computer?:

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    posted a message on New Prison Server *Recruiting*
    Maybe you can hop on the server and we'll see if you're suitable to be 1 :)
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    posted a message on [1.7.5] VaderCraft Survival [NEW!] [24/7] [HIRING STAFF]
    Hello guys, we are a 1 day old survival server reaching out for players! Please do join us, we are semi-vanilla server where griefing is NOT allowed. Factions are used to protect land and not for raiding! Invite you friends and start making a history with us! Drop Parties will be held when a specific number of players joins. Please read the rules and /Vote!
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