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    After having been trying to find a server that had a somewhat mature audience (and admins for that matter) I decided I might as well use one of the VPS's I own to host my own Minecraft world - and I did.

    The server address:


    It runs absolutely vanilla, this means not a single plugin is used; which means:
    • there is no anti-grief protection; we trust our players to not act like children
    • there is no chest locking; we trust our players not to act like children
    • there is no such thing as protected land; we trust our players... (do I need to repeat it?)
    • there is no such thing as /home, /sethome, or /spawn. If you can't figure out the mechanics of using a bed, and being forced to travel to spawn the hard way, then this is not the server for you.
    • there is no economy, mcMMO, or any of that stuff.
    • there is only vanilla. plain, good, tasty vanilla.
    Server Rules
    1. Don't be a d*ck
    2. When in doubt, see rule #1
    3. There is no rule #3
    4. You will be 15 or over, no exceptions to this one, I'm afraid.
    To somewhat clarify what rule #1 means (which could also be written as "use common sense"):
    • Pretty much anything goes on this server. You can build what you want, where you want, how you want, and take as long as you want. As long as you are not in other peoples' space, and you stay aware of your neighbours.
    • However... nazi symbols, flying penises, and other such things will be dealt with by way of a one way trip to the banlist for the offending player, and a TNT fireworks show for those who managed to follow the rules.
    • You can say what you like, you can even drop an F bomb from time to time. I don't police language, because I'm convinced we're capable of doing this ourselves. Hot and heavy debate about religion, politics and other such things is allowed, but if you can't back up what you say with facts or a well reasoned out argument, don't get involved, or I will put people in the cooldown box. It's lonely in that box. There's a creeper in it too. He's lonely as well and wants a hug.
    • Since we have no anti-grief or anti-cheat plugins, you may think you can get away with it, but let's just say I'm well aware of what's possible, and you will be caught. I have a funny bone that starts tingling when things are "off" somehow, and it's not been wrong for the last 35 years.
    Now, please go read rule #4 again. This server is a place where I want to play the game with people who are old enough to have jobs, or go to university, maybe have kids, and are capable of conducting themselves in an adult manner (read that as: no temper tantrums, no random accusations towards other players, and the ability to know when to pipe up and when not to).


    On with the show; if you want to be whitelisted, please fill out the following little form and post in this thread:

    --- 8< ---
    in-game name:
    your age:
    your mental age:
    cake or pie:
    what would you be doing on the server:
    rule #3:
    --- 8< ---

    Since we now have more than one admin, one of us will get one of those round tuits from time to time and will look at new applications. When you're accepted you'll hear about it either in this thread or via private message, depending on the preferences of the admin in question.

    A note for those who have trouble reading long posts: If you are under 15, don't bother applying since you will not be accepted. If you are under 15 and lie about your age, we will find out, and we will take the appropriate action including but not limited to public ridiculing, de-listing, and eating your pets.
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