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    posted a message on High Speed Rail
    We need enhanced booster rail that puts the cart at 10X speed.
    I would suggest using the extra space at the top of the booster rail receipt for lapis to make a high speed booster. Effect would deminish rapidly after X meters so you would require them often per length of track.

    On the rendering side I would go to hypertube/wormhole mode rendeing only 2 to 3 chunks either side and motion blur the scene past 1 or 2 LOD. You would need normal distance rendering fore and aft. This would cut lag to a minimum while making a cool effect.

    Usefulness: Traverse large maps in better time. I make large expanses of cities and travel alot.
    Game Involvement: XBooster Rail added using Six gold bars, One stick, One Redstone and One Lapis or other.
    Dev Involvment: Changing render engine, adding receipt and adding hyper-speed feature.
    Dev Difficulty: Medium.
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    posted a message on Bug Report
    Bug: Cart sound distortion
    Version: 1.4.5 and 1.4.4
    System: Win7 6 core Phenom 3.2G 16Gb Ram

    Cart sound drops out to a jittery sounding sputter that rises and falls in timbre then later returns to normal. Seems to be location specific where I ride through areas that reproduce the effect repeatedly.

    Others: Random flames in mid air, shaky carts, ladder sounds like climbing with one hand.
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    posted a message on How is playing minecraft educational?
    Well yes but it's more of a drug.
    For education it actually covers many subjects.
    Maths; counting, measures, volumes, geometry. Algrbra in the use of sets, applied algorythems in building structures.
    Language; not much unless grunt, moo, bah and ssssssssssssss are words.
    Science; Biomes, day night cycles though its not real. Seasons and percipitation. Growing flora and Raising fauna.
    Religion, I've seen a lot of churches and mosques in peoples creations.
    Physics; aaiiiiigghhh, in a way. This shows that other worlds that mechanical physics might be different (but this is a fun game).
    Art; speaks for itself.
    Music; covered.
    History' not much but you might look back on where you first punched a tree for a timeline.
    Economics; there is a lot on supply and demand.
    Social; this one is covered more with servers but even stand alone has to take skellys and zombies into consideration.
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    posted a message on Notch's team get into the vertex lighting.
    I noticed a Notch tweet today/yesterday "So birches and sand stand out a lot.. We're not going to keep it, but here's what it looks like: "

    - pointing to this image.

    No this is not Knotch having fun with magnets on an old school glass monitor but rather they are adding hue to the lighting layer. I'm not sure how this will change torches but I'm sure we will soon get to seed color into the torch recipe and get colored lighting effects. The problems they are encountering is the high gamma on birch bark and sand causing those textures to bloom with the change in lighting.

    This will definitely be more eye candy but may be awesome in building design.
    I'll start on Vegas Strip tonight. :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on Minecraft-like scenes
    Buy the farm, save the house, smart move.
    The good outcome is that Ms river is loaded with rich silt that will eventually yield good crops and should raise the land.
    Companies pump this water into silt pits which leaves the silt and sand behind. Later they drain off the water, dig out the collection and sell the dirt to home owners and farmers.
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    posted a message on I want to kill Notch
    Rolls creepers in bubble wrap.
    Stuffs in box and seals.
    Addresses said box to somewhere in SSSSSSSSSSSSSSweden.

    Chill out guys, it's just a game.
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