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    Saw a "Start Download" for some pdf reader/scam thingy. I'll post some screenshots next time I see it.

    That PDF reader thing has been turning up everywhere, generally in deceptive download links as described.

    Why do they want me to download that thing so badly? Not for any reason that's good for me, certainly, so they must have a reason of their own to want their software on my computer. And given that their fundamental dishonesty shows up in their constant attempts at tricking people (especially children) into downloading their stuff when they think they're getting something else, I'm pretty sure they're pushing malware of some sort.
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    Monstrophobia (from Latin 'monstrum' -- monster)

    Fear of mobs. Yes, it's a real thing in Minecraft. I played with someone who would not leave his house at night, put up multiple rings of concentric fences, filled the whole area with torches, and was terrified of caves because mobs might be in them. This was in a world with keepInventory on -- but he was still so terrified of encountering mobs that he acted like it was hardcore and he was down to one heart.

    Somehow, I don't think he watches horror movies. :P

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    posted a message on Are Unofficial Minecraft Events ok?
    Quote from GiselleGewelle»

    Huh what happened? I know most of them just scam money.

    The first, Meeting of the Mines, had a "convention" of sorts, in that there was a place and people were in it, but none of what they promised* (up to and including the actual duration of the convention!) actually took place. Last I heard, they were getting sued.

    Then came Mineorama, whose organizers sold something like half a million dollars of tickets, cancelled the convention** a few days before it was supposed to take place and absconded with the money. As far as I know they're not getting sued because nobody can even find them.

    Google can tell you more of the ugly details, but it basically comes down to people being really, really paranoid about Minecraft conventions that are not Minecon because of those two scams.

    *One of the more interesting bits was that they promised giveaways of game consoles; they actually gave away a few pens with their company name on them. Yeah, left-over office supplies.

    **according to some people who investigated, they had not done basic things like reserving the advertised venue, which would have had to be done months beforehand.

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    posted a message on Are Unofficial Minecraft Events ok?

    After "Meeting of the Mines" and "Mineorama", a lot of people are very, very paranoid about any unofficial Minecraft convention of any kind. And, frankly, I don't blame them.

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    posted a message on Villager crisis! I need some help! O_O (Xbox 360 Minecraft)

    Make sure you have valid doors. Check the wiki for a good explanation of what actually counts as a 'door' to the game.

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    posted a message on HALP ME PLZzZ

    my friend said it had to do with something about him using my pc and went to this website called: [pirate site redacted] if there are any people who know the fix respond!

    Your friend used your computer to go to a website that sells stolen Minecraft accounts.

    Think about that for a minute: your so-called "friend" used your computer to go to a website operated by self-admitted thieves and hackers.

    And thanks to your friend, now your account is one of those stolen accounts.

    There are two things you need to do. One, there is a very high probability that your computer now contains some sort of malware -- if you don't have a good anti-virus program, get one yesterday. Also get MalwareBytes. Find what has crawled into your computer and get it out of there. Two, you need to contact Mojang directly to see if you can recover your Minecraft account. If you have the transaction ID from when you bought it, you probably can. Other people can tell you more about this. Actually, three things. The third involves physical security: do not let other people use your computer, because you just lost your Minecraft account as the result of what you let your friend do.

    (oh, and if you say something about what your problem is in the thread title, instead of "HALP ME PLZZZ" which tells us nothing about what you need, the people who in fact can help you are more likely to respond)

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    posted a message on What regrets about Minecraft do you have?
    Quote from rollawaythedew»

    I regret not really getting into it back when I first heard about it, around 2010.

    I was too busy playing World of Warcraft at the time, never again!

    Same here, for the same reason. And that's really the only thing I regret.
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    posted a message on Purchasing Minecraft before Windows 10 ...

    Yes, i am on a Windows 10 right now, and the new version is awesome. Plus, a lot of other servers has upgraded to the new version and you will need that version to play.

    Um ... servers have not "upgraded" to the Win10 version, because it isn't an upgrade. It's a different game. In terms of comparison to the PC version, it's a downgrade -- it's mobile Minecraft on a desktop. This is a wonderful thing if you have a bunch of friends playing MCPE and you want to be able to play with them, but MC/PC servers are not switching over to becoming MCPE servers! That would just be silly.

    To reiterate:

    If you want to play with people playing regular Minecraft for Windows/Mac/Linux, get MC/PC.

    If you want to play with people playing MCPE on mobile devices, get MC/Win10.

    If you want to play with people on a console, get MC for that console.

    (and of course you have to have that exact same console)

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    posted a message on Purchasing Minecraft before Windows 10 ...

    As far as I know, yes. MC/PC and MC/Win10 are two totally different programs, just like MCPE or the console versions are. (I've bought three different flavors of MC myself, so I can relate)

    Also, remember that MC/PC and MC/Win10 have different multiplayer communities -- they can't play with each other. So before you pick one or the other for its multiplayer capabilities, be certain you know which one the people you want to play with are using.

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    posted a message on Purchasing Minecraft before Windows 10 ...


    The names really make this more confusing than it has to be (thanks, Mojang) but here's how it works out:

    • Minecraft/PC is the version that runs on every flavor of Windows, at least every flavor from XP on
    • MCPE (Minecraft Pocket Edition) is the version for mobile devices like phones, tablets, etc.
    • Minecraft/Win10 is basically MCPE ported to the PC.

    Advantages of the various editions:

    Minecraft/PC -- maximum flexibility, most stuff, most mods

    MCPE -- mobile, so you can get your MC fix anywhere

    MC/Win10 -- able to play multiplayer with MCPE players

    (there are also five flavors of MC for consoles and one for the Raspberry Pi, but I'm leaving those out)

    Basically, the only reason you'd want MC/Win10 is if you want to be able to play cross-platform with people who are playing the Pocket Edition. If you want to be able to play multiplayer with people playing the PC (including Mac and Linux, btw) version, you want MC/PC.

    Also, added to clarify: MC/PC can't play with MCPE or with MC/Win10 (or with MC/console). MC/Win10 can only play with MCPE or other MC/Win10, not MC/PC or MC/console.

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    posted a message on For those of you complaining about 12 year olds playing minecraft...
    Quote from tham97»

    minecraft is a game for little kids who have not yet discovered actual games like halo or call of duty....

    A. I'm not a little kid.
    B. I played Halo and COD before I played MC.

    I wear a creeper face pin on my hat IRL, and sometimes a Minecraft T-shirt, so as a result I meet a lot of Minecraft players. I have met every age from barely beyond the rugrat stage to a lady about 70 whose grandkids got her started playing, and when they quit she didn't. At the grocery store, the assistant manager of one department chats about game updates. At Costco, one of the food demonstrators always talks about redstone when she (yes, she) should be handing out food samples. There's more than one person at the counter at the used book store, can't forget them. A waiter at a restaurant a couple of weeks ago. My SMP server admin is about to graduate from college. I think you're getting the point. I have met literally dozens of Minecraft players IRL in the time I've been playing, perhaps a hundred or more, and (possibly because I am one myself) the overwhelming majority have been adults.

    Briefly addressing Roobish's statement that we should "...try helping kids to learn how to better interact with people...": No. I am not here to educate other people's children. It's not my job. It's not my place. And I don't want to do it. I expect everyone I'm playing with to act like a civilized human being -- and that goes for every game, not Minecraft -- no matter what their age. (I remember a long-ago ex-guildie in WoW who acted like he was 12 ... his son, an actual 12-year-old, was more mature than he was) I want to play a game, not be a teacher, a playground monitor, or a parent to other people's children. Mind you, I don't play on servers that are promoted as being for children -- it's just plain rude (not to mention wrong) to go into an environment that's one particular way and demand that it be changed to suit your wishes. That's true whether it's someone how goes on a child-friendly server and expects other players not to act like children or someone who goes on an adult server who expects other players not to swear because he's a child. When I have time to play, I want to spend it playing, not teaching other people's children the things their own parents should have taught them already.

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    posted a message on When do you think Minecraft will die out?

    Master of Orion II was released in 1996. I was playing it a couple of days ago, as I have been on and off since, well, 1996. From what I can tell from a quick online search, I'm not the only one. (it's a good game, btw, and you can pick it up for cheap at GOG) And that game has not been changed, modified, patched, or otherwise dorked around with in 19 years. Aside from the fact that Minecraft is not "getting worse", there's no reason to assume it is not going to have "legs" just as much as MOO2. So I'd guess that people will be playing it at least 19 years after its last update.

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    posted a message on Lets face it, Minecraft's glory days are over...
    Quote from DagamerYT»

    I think minecraft is going downhill SOOO much i was playing in the alpha days that was when you could play with friends no mods and no pvp you could just build and work together... When my brother showed me it it we played together for hours on end... Now thats gone, minecraft is ruined

    So why can't you play with friends now?
    Why can't you play with no mods now?
    Why can't you play with no PvP now?
    Why can't you just build and work together now?
    For that matter ... why can't you play Alpha now?

    The answer is simple: you can.

    But it's not who you played with or how you played that you miss. The thing that's changed isn't the game -- it's you. None of it's gone; it's right there waiting for you to play it. The person who played with your brother for hours doesn't exist anymore; he's past-you, and you're present-you. I'm not going to rewrite my whole long post -- it's back on page 3. Read it and assume I'm saying the whole thing again.
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    posted a message on Who cares if villagers are removed from the game?
    Quote from Armaan3103»

    I would be really angry if those long-nosed guys were removed(even though they make annoying sounds like,every second) because you can get really useful stuff by trading.

    I turned down the volume on friendly creature sounds -- it helps a lot with the villagers' sighing. (also with the fact that I have 64 cows in my basement)

    Villagers are important. Aside from populating villages, their trades add a bit to the later part of the game (and give you something to do with all that zombie meat!)
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    posted a message on Lets face it, Minecraft's glory days are over...
    Quote from gigapouch»

    I'm fairly new to Minecraft, as I jumped on the bandwagon at 1.8.2, so I'm not sure what to say. It does seem that the updates are not meaningful, and nobody seems to play it anymore.

    What??? There have been no updates since 1.8.2, just bug fixes and security patches. 1.9 is going to be the first update in ages.

    And nobody seems to play it anymore? What am I, chopped liver? What game am I playing? What are all the other people in this thread playing? What are the people I meet IRL (I wear a creeper pin on my hat) playing?
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