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    posted a message on [WIP][1.2.5] MLP:FiM Familiar Pack [pre-release v0.5]
    Oh, I really love this mod pack, please please please update it to 1,4,6 i beg you.
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    posted a message on [1.14] Pet Bats. Flying! Hanging! Fighting!
    I've seen many reviews about this mod and I really like it, but I won't be able to use it. I really want this mod to be able to be compatible without forge or with modloader. I really have troubles with forge, but not with modloader.
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    posted a message on Mine Little Pony v1.6.4.1
    Quote from darkster9757

    This is awesome :o and I hate my little pony so I can't belive I like this xD

    Hate? Why hate? You can dislike, but don't hate? Anyway, whatever you choice.
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    posted a message on Mine Little Pony v1.6.4.1
    Quote from Yves_Yu

    How about turn villagers to ponies ?
    So Villages becomes Ponyville...

    Verdana will definitely not do that or at least, if he does it, it will be in a different mod. This mod only changes your model and maybe skins, but I don't think he will add any more to it.
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    posted a message on Fairy Tail Roleplay!
    Fairy Tail Roleplay!

    So basically, I think there is no Fairy Tail Roleplay around the forum and I decided to make one. It is one of my favourite anime so it would be great if many people join this. If you don't know Fairy Tail and you love watching anime, you should go check it out and I'm sure you'll like it. This might be like an anime roleplay, but I don't want it to be one. It's only about Fairy Tail.

    Information about the Roleplay:

    So, the story starts with a new person (YOU) arriving to Fiore, you haven't joined any guild yet and your task is to learn magic and have fun on amazing adventures. You can join guilds, do magic and basically have fun! Maybe if the Grand Magic games happens again, you might join it.


    1. No Swearing - I think you all probably know what I meant.
    2. No God-Modding - It is when your characters are acting/being too great. I would say like overpowered.
    3. No Power-Playing - You're not allowed to go attacking other characters unless they say so.
    4. "Magic" - The word 'Magic' must be included in your application.


    Strikes is when you break on of the rules. Breaking rule #4 doesn't give you a strike, but I will not accept your application though.


    There are many Guilds in Fiore. You don't have to join Fairy Tail. You can join Sabertooth, Lamia Scale or Blue Pegasus etc.

    Fairy Tail - A guild full of epic fun adventures with amazing members. Party!
    Blue Pegasus - A clean rich guild with high technology items
    Lamia Scale - Quite a strong guild with many strong members
    (There are tons of amazing guild out there, give me 1 if you know with the information.)


    Your character can either be a mage or a foreigner.

    Mage - You are able to use magic. There tons of different magics. The mage can do task given by foreigners in fiore to earn money/jewels as a reward.
    Foreigner - You're just a normal person living in Fiore however you will have a chance of joining a guild. The other thing that foreigners can do is request for task to be done.


    Fiore is a huge Empire full of amazing fantastic guilds. Many adventures happen there
    (More Information will be added)


    Name: (Your Character's Name)
    Gender: (Male or Female)
    Character: (Mages or Foreigners)
    Appearance: (Picture or Description)
    Magic: (If you're a mage, what is your magic. Only 1 type of magic. Codes, Fire, Ice or Run Fast .etc)
    Backstory: (Some information about your character)
    Misc: (Anything else you want to include)

    ((Note: This is not a server roleplay!!! You roleplay here!))
    Have fun!

    Now I hope lots of you will join this roleplay. I wrote a lot and I don't want this to be a waste.
    Start Roleplaying!
    (More informations will be added as we go along)
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    posted a message on What is the noobiest thing you have ever done in Minecraft?
    When the first time I found bedrock, I spend like 5 minutes destroying it. I even used tnt.
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    posted a message on My Little Pony Roleplay Thread
    Shadow Star

    I was walking just around Ponyville, nothing really happened at that time. The place was clear. No clones! I looked up. "What's that?". I looked closer and I saw the royal transport from Canterlot to Ponyville, it was Lighteus, he just came to talk about a new Pony will come to help Ponyville. "I wonder who that Pony is?".

    ((My character will interact with Chaosed's character))
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    posted a message on The Enderdragon is a Girl.
    Notch said all the mobs have no genders. They can either be female or male. If you want it to be a male, then it's a male, but if you want it to be a female, then it is a female!
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    posted a message on 1.4.5 Pre-Release Available!
    I love Minecraft and that they fixed bugs, but please don't update minecraft quickly. Everytime there is a new update. Some of the mods will start updating and some of the mod owners decided not to update to 1.4.4 because 1.4.5 is coming. I updated to 1.4.4 and some other mod owners won't update to 1.4.5 because it's too fast either.
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    posted a message on My Little Pony Roleplay Thread
    Shadow Star

    I used quite a lot of magic. "I don't think I'm prepared for another fight with another clone". I went looking around when finally I saw this pony. I wasn't sure if it was a clone or not. It came and suddenly attacked me. "Ok, this seems like a clone". At that moment. He attacked me. He made a lighting from the sky that almost hit me. The lightning hit the ground too hard that it causes me to fell down and take damage. I tried standing up when another lighting was about to hit me. I cast a spell that creates a protection from the lightning. So far, I haven't attacked him at all. So I decided to do and offensive move. "You're pretty strong". I pushed him onto a tree that was almost damage by the lightning. I used my magic to cut the tree down which fell on the clone. "Now, that was cool". I thought the clone died already, but I was wrong. He jumped up from the tree and attacked me with many sharps branches that he got from the tree and attacked my wings. The branches were so sharp that it damaged by wings. I couldn't fly, but luckily I could still use magic. I was really mad that he hurt my wings so I cast a spell that makes a huge boulder fell from the sky. Finally, he died. I was so tired since I didn't get enough rest so I fell unconscious. I lyed down there for quite a long time waiting for someone to help me. I couldn't move. Luckily the clone died otherwise I would be dead by now.


    "Okay, this is worrying me. Ponyville is in a mess. Shadow Star needs my help and I'm here resting. I really think I should go there". I stood up from my bed and my back hurts a lot. "Oh, come on! I feel like I'm old now". I don't think I should go to Ponyville so I stayed there. *Some minutes later* "Okay, this is boring. And why does my back hurts anyway. I just overused my magic not fight a billion ponies. It must've be because of that fell when I was unconscious". I looked at the window and stared outside for awhile.
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