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    I have the 1.7.1 modpack from technic. I found out that sulfur clouds from the natura mod aren't enabled and don't appear at all (they only supposed to spawn in the nether). So I checked the Natura.cfg file and the sulfur clouds were disabled. So I changed the B:"Generate Sulfur Clouds"=false to B:"Generate Sulfur Clouds"=true (using Notepad++)

    Now I created a new world and went into the nether, it works fine no issues or bugs. What my issues is that I had a world BEFORE I made changes to the cfg file and is the one I intend to play on. The cfg file changes that I made do not appear in this world (all new worlds I create generate sulfur clouds, any previous worlds don't have them).

    So my question, is there a way to make these sulfur clouds appear on the world that I intend to play on? Is there any way I can tell minecraft to update this world based on the new cfg change?


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