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    So long story short guys.... couple of us guys made a server so my 10 yr old son could have a world to build in with all of us. He made a castle in about 3 minutes, first time fishing pulled spell books out, has about every lucky break we all wish for. He’s an rng blessed soul and doesn’t even know it.... and as a gamer since commodore, I’m jealous! I’ve never seen such magic rng in my life. No joke.

    So some random robbed him. No one should even be able to find the server! All his amazing stuff he’s worked for months on is gone. Def whitelisted our players since it’s our server and blocked everyone else on the server we play on, which is mainly for his enjoyment. Hindsight says I shoulda done that first. But... as a parent.... he’s gonna lynch me when he finds out! It’s def gonna be my fault. Can anyone help? Or is it hopeless and I just need to give him the first lesson of gaming... trust no one? I don’t know whether to suffer his wrath or fix it before he comes home tomorrow? Thoughts?!?

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